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Mistakes and Consequences - Part 2
The Encounter
By Mega Raichu

The psychic pokémon, Mewtwo, stood in the rain, facing a strange human that seemed to only want to aggravate him. The human took one step forward. Mewtwo held his ground.

"Who are you?" Mewtwo managed to ask.

"I'm like you. A freak of nature." The man said.

He was a young man, probably in his early twenties. His blonde hair was cut short and was pasted to his head due to the pouring rain. His eyes were small round circles and, in the darkness, seemed to be all black. His smile sent a chill down Mewtwo's back. Mewtwo knew something was wrong. No human had ever made him feel this way. This was a new sensation to Mewtwo. This was fear. What was it about this human that made Mewtwo afraid? Mewtwo tried to push this feeling away as the man took another step forward. Unconsciously, Mewtwo took a step back.

"I am not a freak of nature. I am unique. I was created to be powerful." Mewtwo said.

"So was I." The man said.

Those three words sent a chill throughout Mewtwo's body. Mewtwo called forth his power. A blue aura formed around him. His eyes turned a bright blue.

"Fair warning. Leave this place now or forfeit your life." Mewtwo said.

The man took another step forward.

"Are you calling my bluff?" Mewtwo asked.

"Let's just say I have doubts about the all powerful Mewtwo." The man said.

"How can you doubt my power?" Mewtwo asked.

"Because I am more powerful than you." The man said.

A wicked smile crossed the man's face. Mewtwo moved back two paces. The man stepped forward.

"Scared?" The man asked.

"I don't know the meaning of the word." Mewtwo said as his aura enlarged.

Mewtwo's aura caused the wind to whip, making the rain sting the man's face. The wind increased in power and the man had to put his arms over his face to protect himself from the stinging rain. Soon, the wind was so strong, the man was beginning to be pushed backwards. The man began to push himself against the wind. Abruptly, Mewtwo made the wind stop, and the man fell face first into the mud. Mewtwo smiled. This human is nothing, he thought. The man was lying still in the mud. Mewtwo stared at the man. Slowly his smile turned to a confused frown. The man had not moved since he fell. Mewtwo was about to investigate, when the man moved. His entire body began to shimmer. Suddenly, his body morphed into a large glob. Mewtwo was shocked by this sight and moved backwards, losing his concentration and losing his aura. The glob took the shape of the man and solidified. The man stood, unharmed and clean. Mewtwo tried to talk but his voice would not respond. He had never seen a human being do that. The man produced that wicked smile again. Mewtwo then found his voice.

"What are you?" Mewtwo asked.

The man's neck suddenly elongated and his head moved to the vicinity of Mewtwo's personal space.

"What's the matter? Don't like Ditto's?" The man's head asked.

Mewtwo reached back with his arm and punched the face. The head was thrown back to the body. The neck shrunk and the man took on a normal human form again.

"Thank you." The man said.

Mewtwo's aura formed again.

"For what!?" Mewtwo asked, now enraged.

"Your DNA." The man answered.

Before Mewtwo could react, the man's body began to shimmer again. His entire body began to turn into the glob-like substance that was Ditto. The glob got larger and began to take shape. The Ditto material then solidified in the shape of Mewtwo. Mewtwo took a step back. The Ditto-Mewtwo looked over its new body.

"Impressive." The Ditto-Mewtwo said. "So much power. I really must thank you. Now I have all the power I need."

The Ditto-Mewtwo smiled that wicked smile again.

"But now your usefulness has ended. You must die!" The Ditto Mewtwo shouted.

The Ditto-Mewtwo called forth its psychic powers and formed a blue aura around itself. Mewtwo further strengthened his own aura and formed a psychic barrier around himself. He knew his own weaknesses, he just hoped that this Ditto imposter didn't. The Ditto Mewtwo raised his arm and released a psybeam attack. Mewtwo raised both arms and released a psywave attack. Both attacks hit dead on and exploded in a huge psychic explosion. The Ditto-Mewtwo put up a barrier of his own. Mewtwo had never seen this type of barrier before. It had a mirror-like sheen to it. Mewtwo unleashed his deadly psychic attack, that slammed into the barrier. Mewtwo's attack was then amplified in the barrier and it backfired on him. Mewtwo was caught completely by surprise and got hit by his own, amplified attack. Mewtwo was sent flying by the force of the attack and hit a tree. Mewtwo lost his concentration and his aura. The Ditto-Mewtwo floated over to Mewtwo. Mewtwo was tired. He hadn't been beaten like this before.

"Mirror Coat." The Ditto-Mewtwo said. "A little something I picked up on Johto."

Mewtwo coughed up some blood and looked up at his attacker.

"Pity you have to die now. You would have made an excellent drone." The Ditto-Mewtwo said as he raised his hand.

Mewtwo summoned all his strength and flew off quickly. The Ditto-Mewtwo did not pursue. Mewtwo had never retreated before. This new type of Ditto had really put a beating on him. He looked around for a place to rest. Then, just below him, he saw a small village. He had never seen this village before, and he had flown over this area many times before. He needed a place to rest and hide. Mewtwo hoped the people would be kind as he made his way to the village.

When Mewtwo landed in the village, there were several people staring at him. But Mewtwo found himself staring. These people weren't people. At least not normal people. They had characteristics of pokémon. They looked to be Pokémon/human hybrids. An old Alakazam-human approached Mewtwo.

"Who are you and how did you get here?" The Alakazam-man asked.

Mewtwo could not answer. He was too weak, and passed out.