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Mistakes and Consequences - Part 10
End Result
By Mega Raichu

Raichu sat behind his desk looking at Mewtwo, who sat across from him. Mewtwo had come in only a few moments earlier and had proposed something that Raichu could not believe. Raichu had thought he had heard Mewtwo wrong.

"You want me to what?" Raichu asked.

"I need you to let me in there with him. Only for a few moments." Mewtwo said.

"Why?" Raichu asked.

"Because he knows the location of Mew. I won't set him free. I'll just read his mind and I can't do that through the force field." Mewtwo said.

It had been a long day. This was the last thing that Raichu needed to hear. He rubbed his eyes. He was visibly fatigued from the recent battle.

"You know as well as I do that you can't open that force field." Raichu said. "As soon as we open it, he'll attack. He'll turn into a monster or a gun or something and attack us right off."

Mewtwo sat in silence.

"This is true." Mewtwo said. "But I have to find Mew. He has her."

"There has to be another way." Raichu said.

They sat in silence for a long while.

"Maybe there is." Mewtwo said.

Ditto sat in his cell, awaiting his fate. He saw a large shadow on the floor. He looked towards the door of his cell and saw Raichu standing there. Ditto stood and went to the door to face Raichu.

"What do you want?" Ditto asked.

"I want to know where Mew is." Raichu said.

"I won't tell you unless you release me." Ditto said.

"That's a real shock. But is that really a good thing?" Raichu said sarcastically.

Raichu nodded slowly and walked away. In a moment Mewtwo was in his place. Mewtwo's body was surrounded by a bright blue aura. Then Ditto noticed that his own body was surrounded by the same blue aura. He was slowly lifted into the air. He suddenly felt like he was being squeezed from head to toe. The pain was agonizing. Ditto cried out in pain.

"Now tell me where Mew is or I'll crush you. You're better off dead anyway. They don't care whether you live or die, but if you tell me where Mew is, I'll spare your insignificant life." Mewtwo said in a deep low voice.

Ditto tried to struggle out of Mewtwo's psychic grip, but found that he could not. The pain was becoming unbearable. The pain was shooting through his arms and legs and all over his torso and his head felt like it was being squeezed in a vice grip.

"Okay! Okay!" Ditto cried in resignation.

Mewtwo immediately released his grip on Ditto. Ditto fell to the floor. He slowly picked himself up. Mewtwo watched him as he stood.

"Now tell me where she is." Mewtwo said.

"In my lab." Ditto said in between gasps. "She's in the very back. Just operate the panel on the wall to find a secret door in the wall."

Mewtwo turned and walked out of the room.

Mewtwo shot through the skies. His aura was extended to accommodate Raichu, so the two of them were flying high above the water.

"This is so cool!" Raichu exclaimed. "Sheena doesn't know what she's missing!"

Mewtwo had offered to bring Sheena along for the ride but she said she had things to do. Raichu had jumped at the opportunity to fly. But it was a short lived flight as Mewtwo landed in front of the ruins of Ditto's lab. It was already late at night and they could hardly see in the darkness. Raichu had thought ahead and brought a flashlight. They entered the ruined building and found it to be full of debris. There were several holes in the ceiling and much of the steel foundation was showing. They worked their way to the back of the building. Much of the electrical equipment was completely destroyed. Even with the flashlight, the two had a lot of trouble navigating the debris. There were several large pieces of concrete that were once the ceiling of the building scattered around the area.

"Man, this place sure turned into a dump after we trashed it." Raichu said.

Mewtwo shook his head and said nothing as they made their way to the back of the room. Mewtwo quickly found the panel that Ditto had mentioned.

"There's no power. We can't use the panel." Mewtwo said.

"Let me try." Raichu said.

Mewtwo backed away as Raichu approached the panel. He put his hand on the panel and released a small surge of electricity into the panel. A section of the wall suddenly slid open with a hydraulic "psssh". The two quickly entered the newly found room. Inside was another lab area that had large pieces of debris scattered around. Mewtwo searched the area and found a small, untouched box with holes in it, tucked away in a dark corner. Mewtwo popped the lid open and he found Mew laying unconscious in the box. He slowly lifted her out of the box.

"Is she alive?" Raichu asked.

"Just barely." Mewtwo said softly.

Sheena stood over the unconscious pokémon. Raichu and Mewtwo kept their distance behind her. Sheena pulled out a revive potion and used it on Mew. Mew almost instantly woke up. Sheena then treated Mew with a curing potion. Mew quickly perked up. Mewtwo smiled as Mew stood up. She floated over to Mewtwo. There was no need for words. Mewtwo turned to Raichu.

"I'm forever in your debt." Mewtwo said.

"You helped us get Ditto under control. Consider us even." Raichu said.

They all went out to the village square. Raichu turned to Mewtwo.

"You know, you could stay here. You'd be hidden from society and you'd be well taken care of." Raichu said.

"No. Mew and I have some unfinished business to settle." Mewtwo said. "I've also looked into your problem with changing. You should watched the adrenal glands before the time of change. I believe you may find your catalyst there."

Mewtwo turned and flew into the air. Mew followed him. The two Pokémon flew off into the night sky. Raichu and Sheena watched them until they were out of sight.

"You got that written down?" Raichu asked.

"Do you have to ask?" Sheena asked.

AUTHOR'S NOTE : Well that's it for another series. I really liked writing this one. It was totally different from anything I've ever written. Plus I'm really getting into Mewtwo's head now. The whole idea of him having old memories from when he was a Mew is really intriguing to me. I want to write a follow up to this story that really delves into Mewtwo's mind a whole lot further.

Mega Raichu is a college student at Nicholls State University, in Louisiana that goes home to three cats, a dog, a sister, and brother.