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Part 1 - Unforseen Consequences

On a large, uninhabited island off the east coast of the continent of Kanto, a large laboratory-colony had been established. This lab-colony was to investigate the mysteries surrounding Pokémon, through any means necessary. We brought several Pokémon of every type along with us, even one of the dark types from the continent of Johto. One of the many experiments that we were conducting was to study the evolutionary properties of the evolutionary stones.

"Hey, bring that." A young man in a lab coat said.

An older man picked up a small box and brought it to the young man. The older man inspected the box. It held a single object : a small, yellow, transparent stone with a small lighting bolt engraved in it. The older man handed the box to the younger man.

"Hard to believe that these are made naturally. This engraving almost looks artificial." The young man said.

The older man said nothing and went over to a computer console. A small microphone popped up.

"Bring in the subject." The older man said into the microphone.

A door at the end of the lab opened with a hydraulic "pssh" and another young man in a lab coat pushed a small cart with a small creature on it towards the older man. Without a word, the second younger man left. The older man inspected the small creature. It was well groomed and recently cleaned. He could detect the sanitary smells of the soap they used to clean these creatures. It was a small yellow creature with two pointy ears that had black tips. It had two small circles on it's face. The creature smiled as the older man picked up the creature.

"Pikachu!" The creature said happily.

The older man brought the pikachu over to a small chamber as the younger man put the small stone into a tube that led to the chamber.

"What is it that this thing does again?" The older man asked.

"We're going to be recording data as the pikachu evolves. This machine will be able to view all aspects of the pikachu's anatomy, all the way down to the genetic level." The younger man said.

"Well. The pikachu is all set." The older man said.

"Pikachu." The pikachu said with a contented tone.

The two men left the room. A speaker in the room began to make feedback noise. The pikachu held his ears down until the sound subsided.

"Okay Pikachu. This won't hurt you one bit. All we are going to do is expose you to a thunderstone. You'll become a raichu of course, but that is necessary for this experiment." The voice said.

"Pika!?" The pikachu shouted in a panicked tone.

"Now don't worry, it won't hurt a bit." The voice said. "Let's start powering up. Power levels to one hundred percent...electro-spectrometer to eighty five percent."

"Eighty five percent? Are you sure?" Another voice asked.

"It is a bit of a gamble, but the administrator wants the increased resolution." The first voice said. "Genetic marker viewers to ten times viewing capacity...and now we launch the stone."

The pikachu didn't understand what those men were talking about, but he didn't like it. A hatch opened up and the small stone fell out of it. The pikachu immediately began to release electricity. There was a large explosion. Men were screaming. Things were collapsing outside of the chamber. Then there was an explosion inside the chamber.


"Is thing on? I've been recording what has been happening here. There has been some kind of... cascade scenario here, for lack of a better term. Something...something terrible has happened in the evolution chamber. I don't know what happened or even how it happened. But the resulting explosion has sent waves of radiation throughout the colony! The people have to change. We're becoming... oh gawd... I can't believe this. I'm looking in the mirror now. I've become... oh my gawd! We can never return to Kanto like this! Society will never accept us like this. We must remain here and survive on our own. We must hide."

That was twenty years ago.

Mistakes and Consequences

By Mega Raichu

Present day. The place : Cerulean City. In a cave, just north of the city, a lone figure can be seen lurking trudging through the ankle deep water and mucking through the mud. This man, at first glance, is not different from any other person. But his mission is different from that of any ordinary person. His endless search has brought him to this place. His mission is to seek out the one pokémon that would complete his mission : Mewtwo. He reached onto his belt and pulled off a small flashlight. He clicked it to the on position and began to look around. He found a footprint in the mud that was not his own. Three toes, no heel. A smile came across the mans face. He followed the footprints until he came to a dead end. He turned back and forth with his flashlight, looking for any sign of life. Suddenly, he heard a loud footfall. He turned in time to see a large object moving away, quickly. The man took up pursuit. Soon, the man realized that the object he was pursuing was Mewtwo. The man smiled again. The pursuit quickly led to the entrance to the cave. When the man emerged, he looked up and saw Mewtwo flying away.

"Not today my friend." The man muttered as he produced a pokéball.

The man tossed the pokéball on the ground and a large, eagle-like bird, a pidgeot, appeared. The man got on the Pidgeot's back and the Pidgeot flew into the sky. The man pursued Mewtwo until he was almost on top of Mewtwo. The man then ordered his pokémon to attack Mewtwo. The Pidgeot complied by diving at Mewtwo. Mewtwo tried to dodge but got clipped instead. Mewtwo fell towards a large island. The man frowned at Mewtwo's choice of landing places, but followed nonetheless. The man landed on a beach, called back his pokémon and ran towards the forest, in the direction that Mewtwo fell. Soon, the man found where Mewtwo had fallen. Mewtwo stood there, waiting for him. Thunder roared in the sky and in a moment, the clouds opened up on them and the rain began to pour.