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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master EPILOGUE

So that's it then. My adventures in the land of pokemon are over. Or are they? Today Alexia told me about a continent where all the neo pokemon have been discovered. She told me that gyms are popping up all over the place over there. I guess it's time to go there and see what these new trainers and new pokemon have got. I went to the airport just yesterday and booked us a couple of seats on a plane to that continent. We are to meet a man named Prof. Utsugi at the airport.

Trey LaJaunie
Pokemon Master


As with most things I write I always have something to say about it. If you couldn't tell, I used the blue/red version pokedex. I also used a few other references to other games. Here they are if you haven't figured them out already.

Chapter 3 - "You just made your second mistake. You stuck around." "Oh and what was my first mistake?" Those lines are from Monolith's awesome 3D shooter Blood 2. (The real response to the second line is "Letting me live.")

Chapter 6 - "Nuclear Suplex move" and "Mambo-Tango-Foxtrot Martial Arts" Those two are from Earthbound when you fight the Onett Police Force.

Chapter 10 - (There's a bunch of them.)

-1/35 SOLDIER - This one is from SquareSoft's Final Fantasy 7

-The large q-tip and the tongs with the hands on the ends are from Lucas Arts' great game The Secret of Monkey Island.

-Of course the cards are the Pokemon TCG cards (duh)

Chapter 13 - The people in the mansion are working on Pokemon for Gameboy (duh). PLEASE DO NOT e-mail me saying "That mansion is supposed to be in Celadon! Not Saffron!" I know I know! Lets just say that they were started in Saffron but then moved to Celadon later.

Chapter 23 - The book "How to become a Pokemon Master" is a real book. It was written by Hank Schlesinger.

Anyway, I really enjoyed writing this and I know that a bunch of people have read it and they have said a lot of good things about it. I really appreciate the criticism (both good and bad) that I have received from everyone. The only people I can really thank are my friends Andrew and Ian, my cousins Jared and Jace, Mega Mewtwo and everyone on her message board and of course Nintendo for making the greatest RPG this side of Final Fantasy III.

Mega Raichu

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