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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 28 Endgame

"You do realize you don't stand a chance." - Trey LaJaunie

        The hitmonlee's foot shot out. Raichu ducked and shot a quick electric attack stunning the hitmonlee. Raichu charged up and let loose with a thunder attack. The hitmonlee took the full brunt of the attack and fell backwards. It slowly got back up. Once it was back on its feet, it attacked with a flurry of quick kicks. Raichu dodged as many as he could. He took a few hits but quickly recovered. The hitmonlee jumped backwards then did a hi jump kick at raichu. Raichu dodged out of the way. The hitmonlee flew through the air and landed on its feet. Raichu hit it with a thunderbolt before it had a chance to turn around. The hitmonlee was thrown forward. Raichu jumped in the air and did a massive body slam right on top of the hitmonlee. The attack hit hard and knocked the wind out of the hitmonlee. Raichu let the hitmonlee get up. All the while the hitmonlee was regaining it's bearings, raichu was charging his electricity. The hitmonlee tried for a mega kick but raichu dodged out of the way. The hitmonlee suddenly shot forward and tried to hit raichu with its flurry of kicks. The attacks did little damage as raichu was charging his electricity. The hitmonlee tried for another hi jump kick. Raichu quickly dodged and the hitmonlee flew through the air and crashed. Raichu took advantage of this and let loose with the gigashock attack. The electricity flew through the air and slammed into the hitmonlee. When the attack subsided, the hitmonlee lay motionless. The hitmonlee's trainer was in total awe of my raichu's power. The trainer called back his pokemon and walked away. We had set no prize for the fight. He just wanted to fight. It was alright with me. Besides, I was broke. Alexia had been watching and cheering for me the whole time. Her raichu was cheering as well. I scratched raichu's left ear.

"Good job raichu!" I said.

"Chu! Raichu!" He replied.

        It had been eight years since I had gotten this pokemon. Prof. Oak said that I should put him out to stud, but raichu wasn't showing his age yet and he still wanted to battle. Me, him, and mewtwo had made a promise : we would all be there when we found mew. Alexia walked up next to me.

"That's the fourth one this week." She said.

"Guess they're tired of losing to Andrew and Ian." I said.

Since Ian and Andrew had taken over the arcade, they had become quite good at battling and had become quite infamous in Lavender as well as in the trainer community.

"Guess so." She said.

        We were standing in my front yard. Trainers were coming around to my house just for a battle. They had heard of how powerful my raichu had gotten from Prof. Oak and they wanted to see it for themselves. I didn't mind. It kept me and raichu busy while we weren't following up on any leads to find mew. Pokemon League had finally gotten into gear about two years ago and started a world wide search. While we searched on this continent, other agents were searching in other countries. Since I had started this search, Team Rocket wanted in because of the money that Cinnabar was gonna pay them if they brought mew back. I was able to get that out of Jared and Jace. Those two still hang around even after five years. When there's nothing much to do, me and raichu go walking around the field around town. Sometimes Alexia tags along. She kept talking of how she wanted to go see another country. I told her that I'd like to stay here but if she went I'd gladly go with her, for her own protection of course.

        This day was not unlike any other day. Alexia and I were walking around in the field. We had come to know this area quite well. There was a small forest to the north and a cemetery to the west. A group of ghost pokemon hang around the cemetery. To the east is the road back to town and to the south is the route to Fuchsia. We headed into the forest for some shade. We found the small camp area we always use out here and settled down for another lazy afternoon. Or at least that's what I thought. We were sitting there quietly, our raichu's were snoozing when something hit me on the head. I jumped to my feet, Alexia and our raichu's stood next to me. I was face to face with a young girl trainer. She was scrawny, had red hair, and was holding a fishing pole.

"Hey! Who do you think you are, coming around hitting people on the head!?" I asked.

"Are you Trey?" The girl asked.

"Yeah so?" I said.

"Trey do you know this person?" Alexia asked.

"No. I have no idea who she is." I said. "Who are you anyway?"

"You beat my sisters eight years ago! I'm here to get revenge!" She said.

"Oh boy." Alexia said.

"Who are your sisters?" I asked.

"The three fabulous cerulean sisters!" She said.

"So you must be little Misty." I said.

"Yeah! Now defend yourself! My water pokemon are more than a match for you!" She said as she threw a pokeball. "Starmie! Go!"

The starmie materialized. Raichu stepped forward.

"You do realize you don't stand a chance." I said.

"I do stand a chance! Starmie! Hydro pump!" Misty yelled.

The starmie let loose with a large blast of water. Raichu barely dodged and let loose with a thunderbolt attack. The starmie fainted quickly. Misty called back her starmie and sent out her other two pokemon : staryu and goldeen. Those two pokemon fell the same way that the starmie did.

"This is impossible!" Misty cried. "You're not supposed to win! I am!"

"You didn't train these pokemon very well. You probably just caught them on your way here huh?" I asked. "It doesn't matter. When I beat your sisters, it was a fair match. Pokemon battles aren't about who's better than who. Pokemon battles are tests of skill. You can't hold a grudge, like a few other trainers I happen to know. You aren't supposed to get mad. If you get mad, you are not a good trainer."

"Well said." Alexia said.

"Alright then. I'll get stronger. And next time you won't stand a chance!" Misty said as she called her pokemon back and ran off.

"Well that was odd." Alexia said.

"Strange at best." I said.

        Suddenly my pager went off. I checked the number : Pokemon League. We headed back to town. When we got to my house I called Lance. He informed me of a sighting of mew at Vermillion harbor. Alexia and I boarded our bird pokemon and flew off to Vermillion City. When we reached the city, it was midday but the rain clouds overhead made it look like late afternoon. We walked down to the harbor. I had a suspicion that we were being watched. Suddenly, two figures jumped down in front of us. It was Jared and Jace.

"We can't deal with you guys right now." I said.

"Yeah. We're kinda busy." Alexia said.

"Well we're busy too." Jared said.

"Busy stopping you from finding mew before us!" Jace said.

"Alexia. Think you can take these jokers while I go check out the harbor?" I whispered to Alexia.

"Sure. This will be a good workout." She said as she slipped her starmie's pokeball into her hand.

"Just wait for me in the pokemon center." I whispered to her.

Her raichu stood ready for battle.

"Sorry guys, but I've got pressing business to take care of. I'll see you later!" I said as I took off.

        Jared and Jace were about to run after me but thought otherwise when Alexia threw her pokeball, initiating the battle. They had no choice but to release their pokemon. I could hear them starting their motto as raichu and I ran towards the harbor. When we had finally reached the harbor, I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I did notice a truck parked on the harbor. When raichu and I approached the truck, something shot out from under it and into the sky. Raichu and I bolted in the direction it flew. Soon I realized that it was impossible to catch it on foot. I released fearow and fearow carried us in the direction the pokemon flew. Fearow flew as fast as it could and in a few moments we were catching up on the pokemon. I could see clearly that it was mew. Mew dived and a suicidal angle towards a small forest area outside of Fuchsia. Fearow dived as well. As we landed, the skies opened up and it started to rain. We saw the mew run into the forest as I called fearow back. We ran into the forest after her. Raichu was able to follow her trail and soon he led me straight to mew. Mew was standing at the top of a hill. We were just outside of Fuchsia city. Mew was staring at me. I approached the pokemon slowly as not to scare it off again. On closer examination I could see that it was exhausted. Mew was breathing very hard.

"Raichu?" Raichu asked.

"No raichu, not this time." I said.

I reached onto my belt and pulled off mewtwo's ball.

        So this is where I stand now. Raichu at my side and mewtwo's ball in my hand, staring down the one pokemon that could make me the most famous pokemon master of all time. At first glance mew looks as though she could take off at any moment. But a closer look reveals that she is tired. Very tired. Perhaps she has given up running? Or has she realized that I won't stop chasing her? Either way, I have to do something now.

"Mew. Listen. We're not going to hurt you." I said.

Mew took a step back.

"Raichu. Churaichu." Raichu said.

Mew took another step back with a fearful look on her face.

"Raichu, back off." I said softly.

Raichu doesn't argue and steps back. Mew seems to relax.

"Mew. I have mewtwo. He's been searching for you. I've been helping him." I said.

Mew looks at me questioningly.

"I'm going to let him out of the ball now. Please do not run." I said.

        Mew makes no move to run. I drop mewtwo's ball and mewtwo materializes. Mew and mewtwo sit there staring at each other. I notice that mew's eyes are glowing a slight pink, and mewtwo's eyes are glowing a light blue. I then realize that they are communicating through telepathy. Mewtwo suddenly turned to me.

"She says she's been on the run since the whole thing began eight years ago. She's totally exhausted. She's never slept in the same place twice. That's why she's so exhausted. I told her about the pokemon island. She agrees with the proposition." Mewtwo said.

"You said all that in just a few seconds?" I asked.

"You can say a lot if you don't use words." Mewtwo said.

I pulled out an empty pokeball.

"Are you ready?" I asked.

Mew slowly took a step back.

"Trust me. I will do as I promised." I said.

"He is a man of his word." Mewtwo said.

Mew looked at mewtwo and then looked at me.

"Mew." Mew said as she nodded her head.

        I tossed the pokeball at mew. The ball made contact and mew was drawn into it. The button turned red and the ball shook for a moment. The ball then stopped shaking and the button turned gray. I picked up the ball. A grin came to my face. Suddenly my knees became weak and I had to sit down. The rain was really coming down now. It was cold and the rain was stinging. We just sat there. My mind was still trying to contemplate what had just happened. I don't know what I was more : happy or excited. But I knew I was one of the two.

"We really should go." Mewtwo said.

"Raichu." Raichu said.

        I nodded my head. I released fearow. I called mewtwo back into his ball. Raichu and I climbed onto fearow and we flew off to Vermillion city. We landed outside of the pokemon center. I called fearow back into the ball. We entered the pokemon center. Once I walked in, Alexia noticed me immediately.

"Where have you been!?" I've been worried sick!" Alexia said.

I just stood there with a big grin on my face.

"What are you grinning about?" She asked.

I grabbed a hold of her and planted a big kiss on her lips. Once I let her go she took a step back and blushed. Some trainers were staring at us. Nurse Joy was shaking her head. Alexia smiled.

"What was that for?" She asked.

"Listen up everyone! I am the greatest pokemon master in the world!" I yelled.

"Oh yeah? What makes you so great?" One of the trainers asked.

"I'll show you." I said.

I grabbed mew's ball and tossed it on the floor. Mew materialized. Everyone looked at mew in silence. Alexia's eyes went wide. Even Nurse Joy was looking at mew. Mew looked around.

"Ohhhh it sooooo cute!" Alexia exclaimed. "Can I hold it?"

"Sure. Mew this is my girlfriend Alexia. She's really nice." I said.

Alexia bent down and picked up mew. Mew smiled.

"Mew!" Mew said happily.

"Oh you're soaking wet." Alexia said.

        Nurse joy produced some towels. I tossed one to raichu and I used one on myself. Alexia used one to dry off mew. We decided that we should head back to Lavender after the storm passes before we go to the island. I figured that mew could use the rest. The storm passed early the next morning and we headed to Lavender. Once we got home I introduced mew to my family. I had already told my parents about my plans to take mew and mewtwo to Pokemon Island. We all crashed in the front room. Alexia and I flipped through the channels on the TV while raichu, clefairy, and mew snoozed. Mewtwo was doing his levitation thing. We laid around all day and showed mew to my friends. Mew was happy to have made some new friends. The next day we headed to Pallet. I had already informed Prof. Oak about our need to go to Pokemon Island. He agreed to let me and Alexia go as long as we did not bring any pokeballs except the ones that held mew and mewtwo. Of course our raichu's were allowed to go too. Prof. Oak had a private boat and got us to Pokemon Island within a few hours. We arrived at the island around noon. The sky was clear and we could see the entire island from the beach. It was a beautiful place. Much more beautiful than my friend Todd had told me. There was a large forest and a big volcano. The beach bordered the entire island. The pokemon were running freely. They seemed to be in paradise. Then the thought occurred to me : what if raichu wants to stay here? I pulled out the pokeballs that contained mew and mewtwo. I released mew and mewtwo. Mew and mewtwo stared at the island in awe.

"It's beautiful." Mewtwo said.

"Mew." Mew said.

I opened the little hatches on the backs of the pokeballs and flipped the release switches. Mew and mewtwo were enveloped in red light. When the light died down, mew and mewtwo stood there, unhurt.

"You're free to go." I said.

Mew looked to the forest. Mewtwo came up to me and put his hand on my shoulder.

"Thank you for everything." Mewtwo said.

Mew and mewtwo flew into the air and into the forest. We spent the day on the beach with the pokemon. We never saw mew or mewtwo the rest of the day. I had to talk with raichu. Alexia let us have our private conversation.

"Raichu. Would you like to stay here?" I asked.

"Chu?" Raichu asked.

"You could live out the rest of your life here. You'd be among your own kind." I said.

"Raichu!" Raichu shook his head and grabbed on to me.

"So you wanna stay with me?" I asked.

"Raichu!" Raichu nodded.

I hugged raichu. Later that evening, Prof. Oak took us back to Pallet on his boat.

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