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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 27 Much ado about Mew

"Do all of Team Rocket's members have to say that?" - Alexia Lhouve

    It took me a week to get the word about mew to the pokemon community. Pokemon League can move really slowly if it really tries. I decided that the best course of action I should take is to search myself. I gathered my things and Alexia, Andrew, Ian and I caught a ride to Pallet town. We decided that from Pallet we would move in opposite directions and meet back in Lavender to report any findings to each other. Andrew and Ian headed for Cinnabar as Alexia and I headed for Viridian city. We went down the beaten down path. As I had expected we saw many pokemon trainers. They instantly recognized us and did not challenge us. None of the trainers on that path had even seen mew. We noticed that a few pictures of mew were nailed to some trees. At least the trainers knew what mew looked like.

    We made it to Viridian shortly after nightfall. We slept in the Pokemon Center. The next morning we headed to the forest. When we entered the forest we were confronted by an Agent of Pokemon League. He informed us that he had a small force of trainers combing the forest. Satisfied that he had everything under control we let out our bird pokemon and flew to Pewter City. We made a quick visit to Boulder. He had rebuilt his gym and was teaching Brock how to be a gym leader. Brock's father hadn't returned yet. We went on to Mount Moon. There was no one searching the mountain so we decided to search it ourselves.

    The inside of the mountain had not changed much since I had last been there. The sandshrew and paras were still as abundant as ever. Alexia had thought ahead and started drawing up a map of the caves. We went through every cave we found. Eventually we had searched them all and came up empty. We found a secluded section of the cave and rested there for the night. The next morning we headed out of the mountain and towards Cerulean city. The hole me and Andrew had fallen into on the road had been filled. As we were walking along two figures jumped out in front of us. They were both young men. One of the young men seemed a bit muscular while the other looked a little wiry. The muscular one had crew cut hair while the other had his hair to his shoulders. They each had blue eyes. The one with the longer hair held a rose. They each wore a black uniform with a large red letter R on the shirt.

"Oh great. Team Rocket." Alexia said.

"What fun." I remarked.

"That's right." The muscular one said.

"We're Lilly and Kirby's replacements." The wiry one said.

"Wonderful." I said sarcastically.

"Allow us to introduce ourselves!" The wiry said.

"Prepare for trouble!" The muscular one started.

"Make it double!" The wiry one followed.

"To protect the world from devastation."

"To unite all peoples within our nation."

"To denounce the evils of truth and love."

"To extend our reach to the stars above."



"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light."

"Surrender now or prepare to fight."

"Do all of Team Rocket's members have to say that?" Alexia asked.

"Yeah. It comes with the uniform." Jared said.

"So you got to try and take our pokemon right?" I asked.

"Yup. That's about it." Jace said.

"Alright then, let's get this over with." I said.

Raichu stepped forward. Alexia's raichu stepped forward too. Jared and Jace pulled out their pokeballs. Jared threw his first. A charizard appeared. Jace threw his. A raichu materialized. Jace's raichu looked over at Alexia's raichu and grinned. My raichu stood in front of Alexia's.

"All you have to do is hand over mewtwo and we'll leave. Once we find mew our job will be done." Jared said.

"There's no way I'm giving you mewtwo." I said.

Jace's raichu stepped forward. My raichu stepped forward as well. Alexia's raichu faced the charizard. The charizard looked down at her raichu. My raichu and Jace's raichu were staring each other down. I took the initiative.

"Raichu! Body slam!" I yelled.

Raichu shot forward and slammed into the other raichu. Jace's raichu was thrown back but it got up quickly.

"Raichu! Mega punch!" Jace yelled.

Jace's raichu let loose with the mega punch and made contact. My raichu stumbled back. Alexia's raichu was dodging flame thrower attacks from the charizard.

"Raichu thunderbolt!" Jace yelled.

"Raichu thuner!" I yelled at the same time.

Both of the raichu's let loose with their electricity. The attacks made contact in mid air but my raichu's attack had more power and went through the thunderbolt. Raichu's attack hit home. Jace's raichu stalled. Raichu began to charge up.

"Go for it raichu! Gigashock!" I yelled.

"Raichu! Thunder wave! Paralyze it!" Jace yelled.

Alexia's raichu had let loose with a thunder attack on the charizard and the charizard fainted. Raichu continued to gather energy. Jace's raichu let loose with the thunder wave attack but my raichu absorbed it.

"Raichu! Body slam!" Jace yelled.

Jace's raichu leapt at my raichu but my raichu dodged out of the way. Jace's raichu quickly turned and tried again but my raichu dodged. While Jace's raichu was distracted, Alexia's raichu attacked it with a thunder bolt. For a moment, Jace's raichu didn't know which opponent to attack. But it was a moment too long as my raichu let loose with his gigashock attack. The attack hit home and Jace's raichu was sent flying into a tree. The tree broke with a loud crack. Jace's raichu laid in a crumpled heap, fainted. Jared and Jace called back their pokemon and ran off. Raichu stood triumphantly on the broken tree.

"Raiiiiiiiiichu!" Raichu said.

"It looks as though we have some new friends." Alexia said.

"Yeah. And I think raichu's head has gotten a little bigger." I said.

Raichu laughed.

    We headed into the city and checked in with the gym leaders. They had trainers scouring the area for mew. So we moved on. We headed down to Celadon city. In the city we saw the sites, battled in the pokemon arcade, and checked in with Erika. She too had her trainers searching for mew in the city. We moved on to Saffron. We walked into Sabrina's gym. As we walked into the arena Sabrina walked over to us.

"You are searching for mew." She said.

"Yes. We are. Have you seen it?" I asked.

"I haven't even looked." Sabrina said.

"What!?" Alexia asked.

"I will not search until I get my rematch." Sabrina said.

"You know you will lose." I said.

"I will not lose." She said.

"Fine. Win or lose you have to help us find mew." I said.

"Very well." She said as she walked to the opposite end of the arena.

The little girl produced a pokeball.

"We have a new pokemon for you to play with!" The little girl said.

A slowbro materialized. I pulled out dexter for an explanation.

"Slowbro. The hermitcrab pokemon. The shellder that is latched onto the slowpoke's tail is said to feed on the host's left over scraps." Dexter said.

I pulled out mewtwo's ball. I tossed the ball into the arena. Mewtwo materialized. Sabrina's eyes widened.

"Slowbro! Psychic attack!" She said.

The slowbro lifted its arms and there was a bright blue flash. When the light died down, mewtwo stood as though unharmed. Mewtwo's eyes flashed blue quickly and the slowbro was slowly lifted into the air using mewtwo's psychic powers. Suddenly the slowbro hit the ground with a loud thump. The slowbro stood up again.

"Slowbro! Head butt!" Sabrina yelled.

The slowbro did not make a move.

"Slowbro!" Sabrina yelled.

The slowbro fell over, fainted.

"How, how can this be?" Sabrina asked.

I called mewtwo back into his ball.

"Now you have to help search for mew." I said.

"Alright! Just get out of my gym." She said.

    We walked out of the gym and headed east. As we were walking we chanced upon Jason. He was happy to see us. He had been training his kadabra very well. He had also captured a few other psychic pokemon such as drowzee and exeggcute. He had entered his rapidash in a race and had easily won. We told him about our search for mew and he assured us that he would let the other ranches know about it and he would keep us informed. We slept at the ranch and moved on to Lavender town. During our travels, we met up with our new friends from Team Rocket several times. We met up with Andrew and Ian in Lavender. All the traveling we did had lasted at least a month.

"Anything?" I asked Andrew and Ian.

"Nothing." Andrew said.

"Nothing but these." Ian said as he produced two pokeballs.

"What are those?" I asked.

"We came by this small group of islands and he caught two pokemon that are not on the pokedex!" Andrew said. "I caught a cubone."

Ian tossed the two pokeballs on the ground. A pink and a blue pokemon materialized. The pink one almost looked like a dog wearing a dress. The blue one looked like a blue circular mouse. I pulled out Dexter. I first pointed it at the pink pokemon.

"Snubble. A normal type pokemon. No data as of yet." Dexter said.

I then pointed Dexter at the blue pokemon.

"Marril. A water type pokemon. No data as of yet." Dexter said.

"Wow." Alexia said. "These must be those Neo-Pokemon I've been hearing about."

"What? I never heard anything about Neo-Pokemon." I said.

"Neo-Pokemon are newly discovered pokemon. Pokemon League is still studying them." Alexia said.

    We talked about our adventures and what we had heard from other trainers and the gym leaders. We told Andrew and Ian about our encounters with the new members of Team Rocket. There were still many different places to search. While we were talking, my raichu and Alexia's raichu talked with the Neo-Pokemon and the cubone. They seemed to be getting along quite well. Even with all the people searching and all the leads we got on mew's whereabouts, it would take another five years of searching before we got a solid lead on mew. That lead took us straight to the Vermillion boat harbor.

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