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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 26 To capture a rare pokemon

"Go mewtwo!" - Trey LaJaunie


"This is my house. It's not much but I call it home." I said as I walked through the front door.

"Home. How strange that sounds after running for so long." Mewtwo said as he stepped through the door.

"Where have you been young man?" Mom asked from the kitchen. "And why didn't you call...."

Mom stood in the kitchen doorway, took one look at mewtwo and shrieked. Dad came running into the room.

"What's going on here?" Dad asked. "And what the heck is that?"

Mom's eyes were wide open. Dad was glaring at me. Mewtwo didn't seem to be paying any attention. Raichu jumped up on the recliner, curled up and started snoozing.

"Mom, dad, this is mewtwo." I said.

"Mewtwo?! That pokemon that escaped from Cinnabar?!" Dad asked.

"Yeah. He's gonna be with me for awhile until we find mew." I said.

"Oh. It's fine honey. It's just another pokemon that he caught." Dad said to mom.

Mom and dad retired to the kitchen.

"If you don't mind I'd like to get started with our search as soon as possible." Mewtwo said.

"We will. I'll just make a few phone calls and all of the pokemon community will be on the search." I said.

"How will you accomplish that?" Mewtwo asked.

"I've got my connections." I said. "But until then, let's relax."

I dropped onto the couch as mewtwo took a seat on the floor. He closed his eyes, crossed his legs and began to levitate.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"Meditating." Mewtwo answered.

Raichu looked up and started staring at mewtwo with great interest.

"Churaichu." Raichu said.

"Wishing won't get you anything." Mewtwo said.

"What?" I asked.

"Raichu was just commenting on how he wishes he could do this." Mewtwo said.

"You can understand him?" I asked.

"Of course. I am a pokemon after all." Mewtwo said.

Clefairy came into the room and hopped up on the recliner to watch mewtwo levitate with raichu. I picked up the TV remote and began flipping through the channels. I stopped on a channel that was showing a commercial.

"Attention all pokemon trainers! The Pokemon Catching Arena is coming to your town soon!" The announcer said. "Do you think you have what it takes to catch the rarest pokemon in the world?"

Mewtwo looked up at the TV and began listening intently.

"Only the best trainers can catch the pokemon in our arena!" The announcer said. "We'll be coming to your town soon!"

It seemed as though the Arena was coming to Lavender in only a few days.

"You think they have mew?" Mewtwo said.

"They said the rarest pokemon in the world. That pretty much describes mew in detail" I said.

"Hmmm... if they do have mew then we won't have to do much searching now will we?" Mewtwo asked.

"Not much at all. But we need to be the ones to capture mew. But I think I can even those odds a little bit." I said.

"How so?" Mewtwo asked.

"I have a few friends in this town. They would gladly help us out if they knew the story." I said.

"Then lets go tell them." Mewtwo said.

"Alright. Andrew and Ian hang out at the arcade. We can go talk to them first." I said. "Lets go raichu."

Raichu hopped down from the recliner and the three of us went down to the arcade. The arcade had recently installed some upright cabinet arcade machines and a few pool tables. I found Ian hanging out at the arena and Andrew at the games.

"Woah! What kind of pokemon is that?" Ian asked referring to mewtwo.

"This is mewtwo. Look we need your help, and Andrew's too." I said.

"Okay. What's in it for me?" Ian asked.

"Mewtwo here is the most powerful psychic pokemon in the world. I'll let you battle him if you like." I said.

Ian had always been the type to take on all challenges. He had always wanted to fight the strongest but always came up with wannabe's.

"You sure this is the most powerful?" Ian asked.

"Yup." I said.

"Alright! If I win, I ain't gotta help you. If you win, I'll help. Deal?" Ian said.

"Deal." I said.

Ian and I took our positions on the arena. An announcer stated the rules of combat.

"Ian, the current champion, has accepted a challenge from Trey, the challenger and former champ of this arcade. Only one pokemon can be used. No items, no time limit." The announcer said. "Let the battle begin."

"Go mewtwo!" I said.

Mewtwo took his position in the arena.

"Psychic types are weak against ghost types! Gengar go!" Ian yelled as he tossed out his gengar.

Ian's gengar appeared in the arena. Mewtwo looked down at the gengar.

"Gengar! Night shade!" Ian said.

Gengar released a large ball of gas that enveloped mewtwo. The ball of gas instantly became a large, black, smooth sphere around mewtwo. It shattered and the pieces fell to mewtwo's feet. Ian had a look of surprise on his face but he quickly recovered.

"Gengar! Confuse ray!" Ian said.

Gengar shot a bright light at mewtwo but mewtwo raised his hand and reflected the attack right back at gengar. The confusion ray hit gengar dead on and gengar became confused.

"What!? No way!" Ian said in disbelief.

"Way. Mewtwo! Psychic!" I said.

Mewtwo's eyes glowed as gengar was lifted into the air and then crumpled up as if by invisible hands. Suddenly there was a flash of blue light and gengar fell to the ground, fainted. Mewtwo smiled.

"Unbelievable. That really is the most powerful psychic pokemon in the world." Ian said.

"There might actually be one stronger." I said.

"Really? Where?" Ian asked.

"The Pokemon Catching Arena that's coming here soon. We have reason to believe it's in there." I said.

"Then I'm gonna catch it!" Ian said.

"Uh. That's the problem." I said.

I explained to Ian the whole story about mewtwo and the importance of finding mew and getting them to Pokemon Island. Andrew came around and I had to explain the whole thing to him. They both agreed that if one of us should catch mew we would take mew and mewtwo to Pokemon Island. I let Alexia in on our little plan. She agreed to help as well. So we rested up until the Arena came to Lavender. Once the Arena opened Ian, Andrew, Alexia and I signed up. A few other people signed up as well. We were shown the arena. It was a huge maze. It was made up of artificial plant life and large steel walls.

"The rules are, all of you are to go into that maze with a special pokeball that we will give you and capture the rare pokemon in the maze. Return with the rare pokemon and we will give you the prize money of $1000. We plan on giving away $10000 before this is over." A man had told us. "Of course you'll have to return the pokemon to us."

Mewtwo and I were talking it over in the locker room later on.

"If they don't let us keep it then we'll never get mew to the island." Mewtwo said.

"Don't worry, I've got a plan." I said.

"What kind of plan?" Mewtwo asked.

"Alright raichu, you can spit it out now." I said.

Raichu spit out a miniaturized pokeball into my hand.

"Yuck. Pokemon spit." I said as I wiped off the ball.

I hit the button and it grew to normal size.

"This is an ultra ball I smuggled in. I suspected they wouldn't let us keep the pokemon we catch so I'm gonna cheat a little. We may not be able to get the prize money, but we'll get the pokemon." I said.

"I never would have thought of that." Mewtwo said.

We were ushered into a lobby. The room was fairly large. The walls were a drab neutral color with no pictures or anything. There were only two doors. One that led into the maze and the other back into the locker rooms. The doors were electronically locked. There was an air vent in the ceiling. We were told to wait until the buzzer sounded and then head into the maze to begin our search. Suddenly the buzzer sounded and the doors to the maze opened. We headed into the maze and immediately split up. Mewtwo took the lead as he could sense the pokemon's presence. He led us through the corridors and through the artificial plant life seemingly at random. Suddenly he stopped. He looked around and then at me.

"It's around here somewhere." He said.

We looked around but all we found was a fake tree, a fake bush, a few steel walls and an odd looking rock. We sat down to catch our breath. Raichu tried to sit on the rock. When he did, the rock shot out from under him and went around the corner. We took up pursuit. Mewtwo took point again and led us through more corridors and soon stopped. We saw the rock again but this time it seemed to be trembling. Mewtwo went up to it.

"This is not mew. But I suspect it is the pokemon we are looking for." Mewtwo said.

"Chu? Raichu?" Raichu approached the pokemon.

The pokemon uncurled and revealed it's identity. It was small and snake-like but it was not an ekans. It had a white round nose and two ears and a dot on it's forehead.

"It's a dratini." I said.

"And it's dead scared." Mewtwo said.

"Why is it so scared?" I asked.

"Tini... Dratinitini." The dratini said slowly.

"She says she's been doing this for sometime against her will." Mewtwo said.

I pulled out the ultra ball.

"What are you doing?" Mewtwo asked.

"I'm going to do the right thing." I said. "I'm putting these people out of business."

Suddenly we heard some voices from around the corner. The dratini quickly curled up and raichu stood in front of her, blocking the view. Mewtwo and I turned towards the corridor as two other trainers walked through.

"See it yet?" One of the trainers asked.

"Nothing yet. But I'm hot on it's trail.... I think." I said.

The other trainers walked off, seemingly pleased with my answer.

When I was sure that they were gone I turned to the dratini.

"Look, we can get you outta here but you gotta cooperate with us." I said.

The dratini uncurled and slowly nodded her head. I pulled out the ultra ball.

"I'm gonna capture you with this pokeball and smuggle you out of here." I said.

The dratini nodded. I tossed the ball at her. The ball made contact and the dratini gave no resistance as it was pulled into the ball. The ball fell to the ground and began to shake for a few moments. Then the ball remained still. I picked up the ball. I had successfully captured the dratini. I picked up the ball and let it miniaturize. I motioned for raichu to come closer.

"Raichu. Put this in your mouth and don't swallow." I said softly.

Raichu nodded and put the pokeball in his mouth. We waited until the buzzer rang again. We made our way back into the waiting area, through the locker rooms, and were ushered into the lobby. When they examined the pokeballs we were issued, all of them were empty.

"Oh well. I guess the pokemon evaded you guys this time, but feel free to try again. We won't leave until we've given away $10,000." The man said.

We made our way out of town and into a small forest area. Andrew, Ian, and Alexia followed us.

"Well, did you see mew in there?" Ian asked.

"Mew was not in there." I said. "All that was in there was a dratini that was in there against her will."

I got the pokeball from raichu.

"Dude. That's stealing." Andrew said.

"What they were doing is even worse." Mewtwo said.

No one argued with mewtwo. I dropped the pokeball and the dratini materialized. I picked up the pokeball and flipped open a small hatch on the back. Behind the hatch was a little switch. I flipped the switch. A light came from the pokeball and enveloped the dratini. The dratini stood there looking a little confused.

"You're free to go." I said.

"You're letting it go?" Ian asked.

"Yup." I said.

The dratini bolted into the forest. We made our way back to the arcade. When we got there a TV was showing an emergency broadcast. Officer Jenny and the man we saw at the Arena was on it.

"We are looking for a dratini that was stolen from the Arena very recently. If anyone has any information as to the whereabouts of the dratini contact..." Ian had shut off the TV.

"Well I didn't see anything." Ian said.

"About what?" Andrew asked.

"At least we did the right thing." Alexia said.

"Still it's kind of a bummer the pokemon wasn't mew." I said.

"Yes. It really is a let down." Mewtwo said.

"Guess I'd better get on the phone. I've got a lot of calls to make." I said as I left the arcade.

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