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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 25 What? Capture Mewtwo!? Why not?

"What kind of pokemon are you?" - Trey LaJaunie

It must have been at least three years before we did anything exciting again. Me and Alexia traveled around of course but nothing really big ever came our way. But one time we came around to Cerulean again. Along the road to Cerulean I noticed a cave that I hadn't seen before. I figured that it would be a nice distraction to the monotony of defeating weak trainers that challenged us all the time. The cave was quite warm and had an underground river running through it. We walked through the cave and saw many powerful and rare pokemon such as venomoth and chansey. Pretty soon we came to a dead end. We looked around but saw no other way around except through the water. Luckily I had thought ahead and brought along a dewgong I got from Sea Foam. We surfed around until we found another dead end. It was a stone platform that seemed to come right out of the water. We got off the dewgong and sat down on the platform.

"Well this was a waste of time." Alexia remarked.

"We did get to see lots of pokemon." I said.

Our raichus were a little uneasy. They kept looking around nervously. I paid it no mind. Then I heard a noise from behind me. I quickly got to my feet and stared into the shadows. Alexia stood next to me and our raichus took position in front of us. In the shadows I could see two blue glowing eyes.

"Who are you!" I said.

"Hmpf. What do you care?" The figure said.

"Step into the light!" Alexia said.

"And if I don't?" The figure said.

Alexia's raichu answered the figure's question with her flash ability. The bright light filled the entire cave. Once our eyes adjusted to the light we saw a strange pokemon standing in front of us. It was quite tall. It had pale skin, a purple lower torso, a long tail, and it stood on its toes.

"What kind of pokemon are you?" I asked as I pulled out Dexter.

"Mewtwo. No data available." Dexter said.

"Mewtwo!?" I asked in surprise.

"Is there a problem human?" Mewtwo asked.

"You're mewtwo!?" I asked.

"So?" Mewtwo asked.

"I heard about you in Cinnabar island." I said.

"What? Cinnabar! What do you know about Cinnabar!?" Mewtwo demanded.

"I know it all." I said. "I've got Blaine's journal."

"Hmpf. You only know HIS side of the story." Mewtwo said.

"His side?" Alexia asked.

"He didn't know the pain I went through. He and the rest of the scientists tortured me with those stupid experiments. I'm just lucky that magmar went berserk." Mewtwo said.

"So what are you doing here?" Alexia asked.

"Waiting." Mewtwo said.

"For what?" I asked.

"For mother." Mewtwo said.

"Mother?" Alexia asked.

"Mew. She is my mother." Mewtwo said.

"But I thought you were cloned from Mew's DNA." I said.

"No. I was born. I was genetically enhanced in the womb. I was conceived as a mew but I was born as a mewtwo." Mewtwo said.

"Maybe we can help." I said.

"You can't help me. Leave now." Mewtwo said.

"You won't accept our help? Why?" I asked.

"You humans did this to me. You are lucky I don't kill you now." Mewtwo said.

"You can't judge us from the actions of a few!" Alexia said.

"Wanna bet!?" Mewtwo asked. "Leave now or face my wrath!"

"Raichu!" Raichu stepped forward.

"Hmpf. You pathetic creature. You dare call yourself a pokemon when all you are is this humans slave." Mewtwo said.

"Chu! Raichu!" Raichu shook his head.

"You actually think you are his friend? You actually think he needs you for more than pokemon battles!?" Mewtwo asked.

"Raichu." Raichu nodded.

"Hah! How pathetic!" Mewtwo said.

Mewtwo's eyes began glow brightly. A blue aura formed around raichu and raichu was lifted into the air. The display was interrupted by an electric blast from Alexia's raichu. The aura around my raichu disappeared and raichu landed on the ground.

"Chu! Raichu!" Her raichu said.

Mewtwo laughed.

"What's so funny!?" Alexia asked.

"She just told me not to pick on her boyfriend." Mewtwo said with a chuckle. "How..."

"Cute." Alexia said.

"Disgusting. Love is not a thing for pokemon." Mewtwo said.

Raichu stepped forward and Alexia's raichu stood next to him.

"You actually want to take me on?" Mewtwo asked.

Our raichus nodded their heads.

"Very well then. It is your funeral." Mewtwo said.

Raichu took the initiative and launched a quick attack but was deflected by a psychic barrier. Alexia's raichu tried a thunderbolt but the attack was deflected by a flick of mewtwo's hand.

"Give it up. You can't win." Mewtwo said.

Our raichus were about to launch another attack when I stopped them.

"Wait. He's right. He'll deflect everything we throw at him. It seems we're at an impasse." I said.

"So it seems. Now leave before you get hurt." Mewtwo said.

We turned to walk away. But I stopped and turned back to mewtwo.

"But you know. I had heard a lot about you. I never believed such a pokemon could exist." I said.

"So?" Mewtwo asked.

"I had heard a rumor about you. I heard that no pokeball in the world could capture you." I said.

"You heard right." Mewtwo said.

"Frankly I don't believe it. You see my personal philosophy is I don't believe it until I see it." I said. "Maybe you could let me attempt a capture. You know, let the pokeball hit you and then you can escape so that I can see that the rumor is true."

"If it will satisfy your stupid little curiosity then I think I will prove to you that no man made contraption can hold me." Mewtwo said.

Alexia knew what I was going to do as soon as she saw the master ball in my hand. I looked at mewtwo.

"Here goes nothing." I said.

I threw the ball at mewtwo. I hope that Bob knew what he was doing with this thing, I thought as I threw the ball. The ball made contact on mewtwo's chest. The ball pulled him in. The button on the ball turned red. The ball fell to the ground and the ball shook for a few moments. We all held our breath as the ball shook. In a moment the ball stopped shaking and the button turned grey. I slowly walked over to the ball. The button became red again and it began shaking again. I took a step back. The ball shook for a few moments more. We were still holding our breath. The ball stopped shaking and the button became grey again. I reached down and grabbed the ball. We all let out our breath.

"I caught mewtwo." I said slowly.

"You caught mewtwo!" Alexia screamed.

"Raichu!" Raichu exclaimed.

I tossed the pokeball to the ground and mewtwo materialized. Mewtwo's eyes were glowing and he did not look happy.

"How did you do that!?" Mewtwo asked.

"No pokeball in the world can capture you except for the master ball. The master ball has a one hundred percent catch rate." I said.

"You tricked me!" Mewtwo said.

"You're going to let me help you whether you like it or not." I said.

"How can a human help me?" Mewtwo asked.

"There is an island in the pacific known as Pokemon Island. It is a pokemon paradise. Trainers and scientists aren't allowed there. Only photographers. There is only one person who remotely goes there and he is simply a caretaker." I said.

"That place can't possibly exist." Mewtwo said.

"Of course it does. My friend Todd recently came back from a photo safari on that island." I said. "All we do is find mew and I'll release you two on that island and you won't have to run from the Cinnabar Island scientists anymore."

"How do I know you'll keep your word?" Mewtwo asked.

"How do you know I won't?" I asked.

"I can't trust humans." Mewtwo said.

"Then you'll just have to learn how. Mewtwo return." I said as I called mewtwo back into the master ball.

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