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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 23 Post Tournament Adventures II

"What's he so mad about?" - Trey LaJaunie

Alexia and I were walking around town. It had only been a month since we defeated the Elite Four at the Indigo Plateau and we were still active pokemon trainers. We turned onto a dirt path that led into a field that was abundant with pokemon. We walked down the path and soon met with the same peddler that we met outside of Vermillion. The old man recognized me and went straight into his sales pitch.

"Can I interest you in some home made potions young man?" He said. "I also carry only top of the line pokeballs."

"You got ultra balls?" Alexia asked.

"Of course I do. I just got a shipment straight from Silph." The old man said.

"I'll buy some." Alexia said.

The old man began to rummage through his bag. He pulled out an over sized comb, a book entitled "How to become a pokemon master", a stuffed pikachu, a picture book, a kazoo, and then finally pulled out the ultra balls. Raichu picked up the kazoo and started playing it.

"I thought I already sold you a kazoo." The old man said.

"It kinda melted." I said.

"These are great! I'll buy the lot of them!" Alexia said.

"And the kazoo too." I said.

"If it's music you're interested in then I've got a real treat for you. The man rummaged through his bag. A green hand shot out of the bag, but the old man slapped it and it went back in. He rummaged some more and pulled out a strange looking flute.

"This is a pokeflute. It has special properties. They say the right song can cure any status ailment." The old man said.

"Cool. I'll buy it." I said.

We paid the man and moved on. Raichu played the kazoo as we walked. Alexia's raichu danced along with the tune that my raichu played. We soon entered an area of forest. We walked along a bank of a dried up river.

"That's strange. Only last week this river was flowing." Alexia said.

We walked on and soon heard a loud snoring. We followed the noise and soon found ourselves face to face with a very large, sleeping pokemon. I pulled out Dexter for an explanation.

"Snorlax. The sleeping pokemon. Very lazy. Just eats and sleeps. As its rotund bulk builds, it becomes steadily more slothful." Dexter said.

"So what are we supposed to do? That snorlax is blocking the river!" Alexia said.

"I'll capture it!" I said. "Go raichu!"

Raichu jumped in front of the snorlax.

"Raaaaaichu!" Raichu said.

The snorlax kept sleeping.

"Maybe you should wake it up first." Alexia suggested.

"Hmmm... the old man said that the right song will cure any status ailment." I said.

Raichu picked up his kazoo and started playing it loudly. The snorlax didn't budge. I pulled out the pokeflute.

"Here Alexia, pipe us a tune." I said as I handed the flute to her. I didn't know how to play the flute.

Alexia lifted the flute to her mouth and began to play a soothing melody. The snorlax stirred but did not wake up. Alexia played a more upbeat tune and the snorlax scratched its stomach. Alexia tried another fast tune. The snorlax woke up, rolled over and went back to sleep. The snorlax was still blocking the river. Alexia gave it one more try but this time played a soft low tune. The snorlax woke up and swiped at us.

"That got 'im!" Alexia said.

We all dived for the grass when the snorlax got up. We got out of the river just in time. The water rushed from behind the snorlax. The snorlax stood in the flowing river in a grumpy rage.

"What's he so mad about?" I asked.

"If you were awakened rudely would you be very happy?" Alexia asked.

"I suppose not. Go raichu!" I said.

Raichu went to the river. The snorlax still stood in the river. The snorlax swiped at raichu but raichu quickly dodged. As quickly as raichu had dodged, the snorlax launched itself at raichu in a massive body slam attack. Raichu dodged but the snorlax hit Alexia's raichu instead. That infuriated my raichu. Raichu hit the snorlax with a massive thunder attack. The snorlax shrugged off the attack and tried for a double edge attack. The snorlax jumped up over raichu in an attempt to flatten him but raichu was quicker than the snorlax. The snorlax hit the ground hard and hurt itself. Raichu's tail began to glow very brightly. Alexia and I shielded our eyes as raichu did his flash ability. When the light died down the snorlax was blinking its eyes. Raichu jumped up and did a devastating mega kick to the snorlax's head. The snorlax fell over but got back up and tried for another body slam attack. Raichu dodged and the snorlax hit a tree instead. The snorlax was in a rage. The snorlax swiped at raichu over and over. Raichu dodged and shot an electric attack after each swipe. Raichu went in for a quick attack. Raichu hit the snorlax over and over with quick hits. Raichu jumped back and let loose with a swift attack. The shooting stars hit the snorlax all over. The snorlax suddenly fell back and fell asleep.

"What the heck!? It put itself to sleep!" I said.

The snorlax woke up a moment later and seemed totally rejuvenated. The snorlax came at raichu with a renewed strength and rage. Raichu was fatigued but didn't let up. Soon the snorlax and raichu were matching each other blow for blow. Raichu tried a mega punch and the snorlax swiped at raichu. The snorlax swiped at raichu again and finally hit raichu. Raichu was knocked back and fell over. The snorlax launched into another body slam but was interrupted by a thunder shock from Alexia's raichu. The snorlax stalled and my raichu got up and moved out of the way as the snorlax slammed into a nearby tree. Raichu began to charge up. As raichu charged, the snorlax sat still and a look of total concentration came to the snorlax's face. Raichu let loose with his patented gigashock attack as the snorlax let loose with a hyper beam. The two attacks met halfway and there was a large explosion. When the smoke cleared, raichu and the snorlax were still standing. Raichu was really fatigued now. The snorlax swiped at raichu but raichu dodged. I knew raichu couldn't keep this up forever. Then, in desperation, raichu bolted for the river. The snorlax turned to pursue. Raichu let loose with a thunder bolt into river and a large wave erupted. Raichu jumped into the water and was soon on top of the wave, surfing on his tail. The snorlax was totally taken aback at the sight of raichu using the surf attack. The wave slammed into the snorlax. The snorlax fell over and was soaking wet. Raichu saw this opportunity and let loose with a thunder bolt attack. The snorlax got electrocuted. The snorlax didn't get up. Raichu sat down and tried to catch his breath.

"Is it fainted or asleep?" Alexia asked.

"Lets just hope its fainted." I said as I threw a pokeball.

The pokeball made contact and drew the snorlax inside. The ball closed and fell to the ground. The button had turned red and the ball shook for a moment. The ball stopped shaking and lay still. The button then turned gray. I picked up the pokeball.

"Yeah! I caught a snorlax!" I said. I went over to raichu and scratched him behind his ear. "Way to go raichu!"

"How did raichu do that surf attack? Only water pokemon are supposed to know that attack." Alexia asked.

"Sometimes pokemon do things like that in desperation. When raichu first used gigashock, he was in a desperate situation." I said.

We walked away from the river and back towards town. A jeep pulled up in front of us. It was officer Jenny.

"Hey! What are you kids doing out here. Don't you know that a snorlax has been terrorizing this area lately?" Jenny asked.

I pulled the pokeball containing snorlax off my belt and showed it to officer Jenny.

"You mean this snorlax?" I asked.

"You captured it?" Jenny asked.

"You'd better believe it. It was one heck of a battle!" Alexia said.

"Well then. You've done Lavender town a great service young man." Jenny said. Then she drove off. We walked back to town and went to my house. We sat and watched tv for a few hours and then the phone rang. My mom answered it.

"Hello? Yes he's right here. Trey, it's for you. Some guy called Lance?" Mom said as she handed me the phone.

"Hello?" I said.

"Trey! This is Lance from Indigo Plateau. Listen. You've got to get over here quickly! We're trying to get a force of pokemon trainers to capture those pokemon murderers from Team Rocket." Lance said.

"Really? I'll be over there in no time!" I said as I hung up the phone.

"What did he want?" Alexia asked.

"I'll explain on the way. Mom I'm going to Indigo Plateau. Don't know when I'll be back." I said.

"Okay but try to be back by Saturday. Don't forget about the company picnic." Mom said.

Alexia and I went outside. I released fearow and she released pidgeot. Raichu climbed on fearow and her raichu climbed on pidgeot. We flew off towards Indigo Plateau.

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