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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 18 The battle with Blaine

It looks as though you've scared the begeezus out of my friend. - Trey LaJaunie

Pikachu decided that today would be a good morning to wake us up with an electric shock way before noon. It didn't hurt me much but Andrew got shocked pretty bad. After a quick breakfast we headed towards Blaine's gym. The outside of the gym was bland. It had a neutral color. It was a tall building with no windows or any type of entrance except the front door. The door was solid steel. I banged on the door. I heard some computer sounds and the door slid open with a hydraulic "pssshhh" sound. We walked down a long hallway towards a set of large red iron double doors. There were cameras all along the hallway. No one had come to greet us. We saw no one in the gym. Along the hallway were smaller doors made of wood. We came up to the iron doors and pushed them open. They were surprisingly light and I saw that they were at least two inches thick. Once inside the chamber, we saw a huge pokeball. The pokeball slowly opened and two magmar statues rose out of it. When the ball opened completely a large head appeared. It was the head of an old man : balding, mustache, and glasses. The magmar statues shot out large streams of fire.

"WHO DARES DISTURB THIS PLACE!?!?!?!?!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"We do!" I said.

"AND WHO'S 'WE'?" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

I turned around and Andrew was gone. The iron doors slammed closed behind me. I saw that pikachu had taken cover behind me.

"It looks as though you've scared the begeezus out of my friend." I said.

"FOOL! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM?!?!?!?!?!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"Let me guess." I paused for a second, "The Wizard of Oz, right?"

"FOOL! YOU DARE MOCK THE GREAT AND POWERFUL PROFESSOR BLAINE!?!?!?!?!?!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"Hmmm. Let me think for a min-yes!" I said with a sarcastic tone.

"YOU MOCK ME AND YET YOU ARE ALONE!!!!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"Pi?" Pikachu came out from behind me.

"OOH!!!!! A POKEMON!!!!!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"PIIIIIII!!!!" Pikachu ran back behind me.

"And I guess you are the leading expert on pokemon huh?" I asked sarcastically.

"YES I AM!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"So I guess you know everything about Mewtwo?" I asked.

"UH. WELL. THAT IS. MEWTWO DOES NOT EXIST!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

I dropped my back pack and rummaged through it for a second and pulled out Blaine's journal.

"This says otherwise." I said.

"AND WHAT IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!" The head bellowed. The magmar statues shot out more fire.

"Your journal." I said.

There was a long pause. The head disappeared, the magmar statues sank into the ball, and the ball closed.

"Mewtwo is my dark little secret." Blaine came out of a concealed room behind me.

"No kidding." I said.

"All mewtwo's records were supposed to have been destroyed in that fire." Blaine said.

"You started that fire?" I asked.

"No. That was coincidence." Blaine said. "Where did you get that?"

"I salvaged it from the fire." I said. He snatched the journal from my hand.

"Hmmm. Yes this is my journal alright. No one is to know about mewtwo." He said.

"To bad I already know about him and I have a copy of your journal. All pokecenters come fully equipped with a photocopier." I said.

"Mewtwo is a threat to everyone and even himself." Blaine confessed.

"And you created him." I said.

"Mewtwo didn't care about anything or anyone!" Blaine said.

"Neither did you!" I snatched the journal from him and flipped a few pages. "I quote 'but the advancement of science is crucial.' If anyone doesn't care it's you!"

He took the journal from me again. "Mewtwo has been released unto this world and I only have myself to blame."

"No kidding! So why don't you do something about it!?" I asked.

"Are you crazy? Nothing can stop mewtwo! No pokeball can hold him!" Blaine said. "But enough about that! I see you came in search of a badge. That I can help you with."

We went into another door and emerged into the arena. The arena was elevated and made completely of reinforced stainless steel. We entered the arena. Pikachu had a little trouble scrambling up the stairs. I picked him up and carried him to the arena. There was a large flame painted on the floor of the arena. Blaine stood at one end of the arena. He stood on a raised dias. The floor beneath me began to rise. It stopped at the same height of Blaine's.

"This is an official battle for a Pokemon League Badge!" Blaine said. Blaine tossed out a pokeball. A ponyta materialized. Pikachu went to the ponyta. I wasn't about to argue. The ponyta neighed.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

"Ponyta! Ember attack!" Blaine yelled. The ponyta began to run around pikachu. As the ponyta ran, it released small flames from its mane and tail.

"Pikachu! Thunderbolt!" I yelled.

Pikachu let loose with a large electric attack. The ponyta had nowhere to run and got shocked.

"Ponyta! Stomp attack!" Blaine yelled.

The ponyta neighed and reared up on its hind legs and stomped its front hooves down towards pikachu. Pikachu tried to dodge but the ponyta had stomped down on his tail.

"Piiiii!" Pikachu screamed.

As is natural for pikachu to do, whenever something strange grabs, or in this case stomps his tail, pikachu let loose with a thunder bolt attack. The attack surged through the ponyta. The ponyta backed off and released pikachu's tail.

"Pikachu! Thunder wave!" I yelled.

Pikachu let loose with a large blast of electricity that engulfed the ponyta. When the electricity subsided, ponyta seemed unharmed.

"Hah! You'll have to do better than that!" Blaine yelled. "Ponyta! Fire spin!"

Ponyta didn't budge.

"PONYTA!! FIRE SPIN!" Blaine bellowed.

Ponyta remained still.

"Hah! Ponyta is paralyzed!" I yelled. "Pikachu! Quick attack!"

Pikachu leapt at the ponyta and hit it with a succession of ten well placed quick hits. The ponyta fell over, fainted. Blaine called the ponyta back and tossed out another pokeball. A magmar appeared. Pikachu came back to me as I let squirtle out.

"Magmar! Flamethrower!" Blaine yelled.

"Maaaaagmaaaaaar!" Magmar yelled as it let loose with a flame shot. Squirtle ducked and covered. The flames hit home but squirtle wasn't affected that much.

"Squirtle! Hydro pump!" Squirtle pulled his legs and arms into his shell and let loose with a very large blast of water. The attack hit the magmar dead on. The magmar stumbled and fell down. But then it got back up and let loose with another flamethrower attack. The attack hit squirtle hard. Squirtle fell back and landed on the back of his shell. Squirtle was having problems getting back up. The magmar let loose with another flame shot at squirtle. The attack hit squirtle and squirtle was flipped over. Squirtle lay face down on the floor. Blaine was laughing. Magmar was laughing too. I was speechless. But then squirtle began to move. Then the magmar went over to squirtle and put on foot on squirtle's shell, holding squirtle down.

"Squuuuuuiiiittle!" Squirtle yelled.

Magmar and Blaine were laughing. Suddenly squirtle began to glow. Squirtle's tail began to get wider and his shell took on a new shape and color. A pair of ears grew on his head.

"Waaaaartortle!" Squirtle had evolved into wartortle!

With his new found strength, wartortle shoved the magmar off his back. Wartortle got up and rushed at magmar head first and smashed his head into the magmar's gut. The magmar stumbled back. Before the magmar could react, wartortle let loose with a water blast. The magmar was soaked. Then wartortle pulled his head into his shell and let loose with a hydro pump attack. The attack sent the magmar flying. The magmar hit a wall and slid down to the floor and lay there motionless.

"Yeah!" I yelled! I started laughing. Blaine called back his magmar.

"You may be laughing now. I didn't want to resort to this. Charizard! Go!" Blaine yelled as he tossed another pokeball. I knew wartortle wasn't in good shape after that battle with the magmar. Pikachu went to the charizard as I called wartortle back.

"You think that little rodent can defeat my charizard?" Blaine yelled with a chuckle.

But before I could answer the charizard had started attacking pikachu. Pikachu, being smaller and faster, was dodging easily.

"Pikachu! Thunder!" I yelled.

Pikachu ran behind the charizard, charged up for a few seconds. When the charizard was about to launch an attack, pikachu jumped up and let out a large blast of electricity. The lights in the room exploded. The sounds of electric crackling filled the room. When the attack was over, Blaine turned on the emergency lights. The charizard had fainted.

"I thought you knew that charizards are weak against electricity." I said.

Blaine was speechless. Once things had been cleaned up, Blaine presented me with the volcano badge.

"Man you really earned this one. You really surprised me with that thunder attack." Blaine said. He sounded chastened. "The final gym is in Viridian city. You can get there once you get through Pallet town. All you do is sail due north. There's a boat that leaves in three days to Pallet."

Blaine also promised me that he wouldn't scare my friends when they come for badges. Ian and Andrew won their badges with ease. Blastoise mopped the floor with the magmar and Andrew's geodude evolved during battle. We decided that we would stay in the city until the boat came. So we went back to the pokecenter and planned the next three days.

"We could go back to Seafoam and fight pokemon." Andrew said.

"Or we could just stay here and fish off the coast." Ian suggested.

"It's times like these I wish Team Rocket would come around so we'd have something fun to do." I said.

Eventually we decided that relaxing and fishing would be best. So we rented some rods, went to the coast, plopped our lines in the water, and kicked back.

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