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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 17 Squirtle in the spotlight

"They've escaped! They've escaped! Run for your lives!" - Cinnabar Scientist

We woke the next morning to a slight shock. But it wasn't from pikachu. Ian had apparently been in Cinnabar a few days and had been fishing off the coast when we had arrived but we did not notice him. Ian had been training hard and had collected many new pokemon. He showed us his team : Blastoise, ninetails, gengar (he is a trainer from Lavender after all), pidgeot, electabuzz, and exeggutor. We caught up on our adventures since we met in Lavender. We told him about our recent victories and he shared his with us.

"Yeah I really mopped the floor with Yoshio. He was a real pushover." Ian said. "Blastoise really took care of that muk."

While we were chatting, a large explosion occurred. We ran outside and saw that a large laboratory in flames. I grabbed squirtle's pokeball as Ian grabbed for blastoise. We ran to the lab with pikachu and Andrew hot on our heels. We made it to the lab. We could feel the intense heat emanating from the building. Ian let out blastoise and I let squirtle out.

"Blastoise! Water gun!" Ian yelled.

"Squirtle! Double team!" I yelled.

Blastoise let loose with two blasts of water from the cannons in it's shell. Squirtle opened his mouth and let loose with a water blast. They shot their water at the building's front door. The flames that were coming from the door subsided and we went in.

"Let's split up!" I said. "Salvage what you can and help out any stragglers!"

Ian and Andrew were not about to argue with that. Ian went up some stairs and Andrew went into a nearby hallway. I went forward, pikachu and squirtle followed. I found some files scattered on the ground so I quickly swept them up and stuffed them in my backpack. We searched around for awhile, squirtle paved the way by dousing fires here and there. Then a scientist ran from a room screaming.

"They've escaped! They've escaped! Run for your lives!" He yelled as he ran past me.

I ignored him and forged onward. As I turned a corner a flame shot over my head. I saw a large orange pokemon standing in front of me. I pulled out dexter.

"Magmar. The spitfire pokemon. Its body always glows with an orange glow that enables it to hide perfectly among flames." Dexter said.

"Maaagmar!" Magmar said as it shot another flame at me. I rolled out of the way. Squirtle and pikachu jumped in front of the magmar.

"Squirtlesquirt!" Squirtle said.

"Pikachu!" Pikachu said.

Maaaagmar!" Magmar shot a flame at pikachu, but pikachu was quick to dodge. Squirtle opened up with a bubble beam attack. The attack hit home and the magmar reeled back. The magmar recovered and shot a flame at squirtle. The attack hit squirtle but it had little to no effect. Squirtle did a water gun attack. The magmar was soaked. I saw this opportunity.

"Pikachu! Thunder bolt!" I yelled.

Pikachu let loose with a large electric attack. The blast hit the soaked magmar and electrocuted it. The magmar fainted. I threw a pokeball at it. The pokeball made contact and pulled the magmar in. The button turned red and it shook for a moment but then it lay still. I had captured a magmar! But the electric blast had done more damage than I had thought. I saw a large set of computers beginning to give off electricity. They were about to explode. I ran forward and scooped up pikachu and squirtle and rolled forward just as the computers exploded. The explosion created a fire wall that I was sure no one could get through. We looked around in the area we were in. It seemed that this is where the explosion came from. There were many charred areas. I looked around and saw several cages. All of the cages were broken. I saw that there were name plates on the cages. Two of the plates caught my eye. They had the names "POKEMON # 151 - Mew" and "EXPERIMENTAL POKEMON #150 - Mewtwo" written on them. The cages had been ripped open. There was no where else to go. The room was on fire and I knew that this section was about to collapse. Squirtle went over to the fire wall and began to spray it with water. It seemed to be having little effect. But squirtle kept spraying. Soon the fire wall began to diminish, little by little. Soon it was weak enough that we could jump through it. I scooped up pikachu and squirtle again and jumped through the fire wall just in time. The room behind us had collapsed. I started running as fast as I could while holding my pokemon. The area we were running through began to collapse. I kept running. Soon we made it back to the front area and I charged to the front door. Then a flaming beam fell from the ceiling and landed in front of us. Squirtle let loose with a water blast on the flaming beam and I hurdled it. I ran through the front door and stopped short of running into Andrew and Ian. I turned to see the building engulfed in flames. The Cinnabar fire department was already there. Blastoise and squirtle were helping out with extinguishing the flames. I went up to one of the scientists and handed him the pokeball that held magmar. He took it happily and ran off to another lab before I could give him the files I had scooped up. I decided I would give them to the scientists later. Later that evening in the pokemon center, I pulled out the files I had collected. I was surprised to see that included with the files was the journal of Professor Blaine! I read the journal. Apparently Prof. Blaine is the gym leader and the Administrator of all the labs on Cinnabar. A few entries caught my eye.

One of the entries read :

We have captured a brand new species of pokemon. We have named it Mew. It appears to be a very friendly pokemon. Perhaps we can clone it and see what we can do with a pokemon with this much potential.

Another entry read:

We were successful in cloning the pokemon Mew. Although the cloning process is not exactly perfect, we have created a new pokemon that is very close to Mew. We have named the new pokemon Mewtwo.

The next entry read:

Genetic test five has been completed. This test was to prolong the life span of a pokemon. Most pokemon have a life span of about 8 to 10 years. This new gene therapy will increase those numbers by 5 or 6. On another note, these test seem to be having large side affects on Mewtwo. He has doubled in size and is becoming less and less cooperative and more and more violent. We must find a way to curb his violent tendencies. I am afraid to think of what may happen if he is let loose...

One entry read:

These side affects are getting worse, but the advancement of science is crucial. Mewtwo has gained the ability to speak english. He has threatened many of my employees and is becoming a bother. Also there seems to be some strange energy waves emanating from him. I do not like the look of this. But we must keep testing. Experiment fifteen will commence in a few days.

I closed the journal. This was very sickening. The terrible things they had done to an innocent pokemon. I was going to tell Ian and Andrew what I had just read, but I decided not to. In the morning I was going to confront Blaine about a badge and then about this Mewtwo business. These crimes against nature must be taken care of.

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