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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 15 From the gym to the sea

"Nice going dummy!" - Trey LaJaunie

The next morning we went on to face the gym leader, Yoshio Mishima. The gym looked like a japanese temple. We went into the gym unchallenged. In fact it seemed as though the place was abandoned. We went through many hallways that seemed to twist back and forth and soon we ended up back where we started. Determined to find the gym leader we went back in only to find that the layout of the gym had changed. We followed the hallways until we found ourselves back at the front door. We went back in to find it had changed again. This time we followed the hallways and when we got to the front door, we didn't exit, but instead walked out backwards and saw the walls move silently.

"Alright! Come on out! We don't have time or patience for these stupid games!" I yelled.

A section of the wall in front of us slid up and revealed a secret room. We stepped inside. A man walked into the room. He looked at us.

"If you can get to me, you may have the honor of battling me." He said and stepped into another room.

We started forward but we were stopped by an invisible wall. We felt our way around the walls and entered the room the man had entered. We were surprised to see that the room was slanted. Andrew and I lost our balance and fell over. The man laughed and walked out of the room. We crawled towards him but found more invisible walls. We carefully navigated the room and went into the room the man entered. It was full of mirrors! We tried to navigate the mirrors but we became easily confused. Luckily pikachu knew the difference between a pokemon and his own reflection. We walked into a room and found that there were mirrors all around us in a circle. Each mirror had a reflection of the man. Pikachu sniffed him out and zapped him. He scrambled into another room. We followed him. When we entered the next room we found that it was pitch black. The lights suddenly came on, temporarily blinding us. When our vision cleared we saw the man standing on a small platform over a pokemon arena.

"You passed my trials. I am the one you seek. I am the great ninja master Yoshio Mishima." He said.

"It's about time." Andrew whispered.

"This will be a tag team pokemon battle!" Yoshio said.

"The two of us against you? That doesn't seem fair." I said.

"I will use two pokemon. The each of you shall use one." Yoshio said.

"Alright! We accept!" Andrew shouted.

"Venomoth go!" Yoshio shouted as he tossed out a pokeball.

"Go pikachu!" I shouted. Pikachu went over to the venomoth.

Venomoth tried a tackle attack on pikachu, but pikachu easily dodged it. Then venomoth flew high and started to sprinkle some dust. Pikachu sneezed. Then pikachu zapped venomoth with a thunder bolt. The attack hit home and the venomoth was sent sprawling. Pikachu sneezed again. Venomoth swooped in for another tackle attack. I thought pikachu would dodge but he didn't. The attack hit hard. Pikachu went rolling and stopped at my feet. I bent down to see what was wrong. Pikachu sneezed and got up slowly. I pulled out Dexter.

"Pikachu. Status. This pokemon is poisoned." Dexter said.

"Poisoned!" I yelled as I pulled out an antidote potion.

I sprayed pikachu with the antidote and he immediately perked up. He ran back into battle and launched a quick attack on the venomoth. The venomoth didn't see it coming and got pounded. Yoshio was about to call venomoth back when pikachu zapped it with one final thunder bolt. The venomoth fell to the ground and lay still. Pikachu had won the battle. I tagged Andrew in as Yoshio threw out his next pokemon.

"Muk! Go!" He yelled as he threw his pokeball.

The muk appeared and we were all overwhelmed (even Yoshio) by the rancid stench. Pikachu held his nose as best he could and Andrew tossed out his charmeleon. Charmeleon didn't care for muk's smell either so he shot a blast of flame to extinguish the smell. But instead of extinguishing the smell, the fire ignited the natural gas and a small explosion occurred. We were all covered in soot.

"Nice going dummy." I said.

"Sorry." Andrew replied. "Charmeleon! Fire spin!"

Charmeleon let out a large blast of fire that became a large tornado of fire. The tornado swept up muk and tossed it around a bit until it dissipated and there was only a fainted muk left behind. We had defeated the ninja trainer Yoshio Mishima! There was a celebration that very night. There were lots of dancers and fireworks. It looked as though a festival had started. Later that evening we were talking to Yoshio about getting to Cinnabar.

"The only way to get there from here is by sea. The only boat to Cinnabar won't be back for at least two weeks, but I have another mode of transportation that you can use." Yoshio said as he produced a pokeball. "This pokeball holds lapras. You may borrow this pokemon and in return you must lend me on of your own."

I thought about this for a moment. This would be a great opportunity to get haunter to evolve because haunter evolves in the trading machine. I had my mind made up. I wanted that gengar.

"I will trade haunter for lapras, but just for a short time." I said.

"Very well. When you reach Cinnabar Island, just have the nurse at the pokemon center teleport my lapras back here and I will teleport your pokemon back to you through remote trading." Yoshio said. "But be warned. Lapras is a ferry, not a fighter. Do not let lapras fight any pokemon battles. You must go through the Seafoam Islands to get to Cinnabar Island."

We made the trade. He put his pokeball in the machine and it changed the owner of lapras from him to me. I put haunter's pokeball in the machine and it changed the owner of haunter from me to him. The machine suddenly stopped, made some buzzing noises and then continued with the trading process. Yoshio picked up haunter's ball and let haunter out. Haunter materialized and instantly evolved into gengar.

"Gengar! Gengargengar!" Gengar said.

"Right now Yoshio is your trainer until I reach Cinnabar. You think you can behave until then?" I asked gengar. Gengar nodded his head.

"Gengar's best attack combo is hypnosis and then dream eater. It works wonders on physical pokemon." I said to Yoshio.

Andrew and I went back to the pokemon center. Tired from the battle and the celebration, we fell into a deep sleep. In the morning we would head out for Seafoam and then onto Cinnabar Island.

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