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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 14 Onward to Fuchsia

"Do you want to get a mankey mad?" - Trey LaJaunie

The road to Fuchsia was a long one. Eventually our packs became heavy so Jason let rapidash out and got it to carry our things. Pikachu rode on top of our things. The rest of us walked. Soon we entered a forest area. There were many different types of pokemon in the forest. A mankey dropped out of the trees in front of us. It didn't seem angry, yet, so it started sniffing around. We sat down to rest. Pikachu and the mankey began to talk.






I pulled out some fruit and gave some to pikachu and the mankey. The mankey became very friendly. We moved on. The mankey jumped into the trees and followed us from there.

"Aren't you going to catch that mankey?" Andrew asked.

"Do you want to get a mankey mad?" I asked.

"I see your point." Andrew said.

We stopped after it got dark and made camp. We had already been in this forest for three days but it felt like a week. The mankey hung around us. It was a joy to have around. It was very cheerful, as long as we gave it food. I then introduced mankey to haunter. Mankey and haunter did all kinds of things. It was pretty entertaining. So while mankey was distracted, I slipped a pokeball into my hand. Pikachu saw what I was doing and went over to distract mankey even more. I threw the ball. The ball made contact and the mankey was drawn into it. The ball shook for a moment, but then it popped open and the mankey was released! The mankey was furious. It rushed at me but was stopped short by a thunderbolt from pikachu. I picked up the pokeball and used it again on mankey. This time it worked. I had caught a mankey. I picked up pikachu and hugged him. The rest of the trip went pretty uneventful. I caught more pokemon and they were instantly teleported back to Prof. Oak's lab. We were two weeks into our journey into the forest. Our food supplies were getting low. Pikachu was low on electricity. I knew that if we didn't find a pokecenter soon, pikachu would faint and I didn't have any revive potions. We had quickened our pace. Three more days in the forest. We avoided as many pokemon as we could. I had used my last repel spray. Pikachu was getting very tired. Then the last thing we wanted to happen, happened. Two figures jumped out in front of us.

"Prepare for trouble!" Lilly said.

"And make it double!" Kirby said.

"Look can you guys come back another time, this really isn't a good time. I said.

"Too bad!" Kirby said.

"Yeah, we come around when we want to!" Lilly said.

Rapidash neighed. Jason slipped kadabra's pokeball into his hand.

"You know, I want to be just like you guys." Jason said.

"Oh really?" Lilly asked.

"Yeah. I figure all I need is a lobotomy and a pair of tights." Jason said as he threw out kadabra.

Andrew tossed out geodude. Pikachu jumped down in front of me. I figured that if pikachu felt good enough to fight team rocket right now, I wasn't going to argue with him. Lilly and Kirby threw out their pokemon. Beedrill materialized but I was surprised to see that an electrode materialized next to beedrill. Kirby's voltorb had evolved! Beedrill launched a pin missile attack. The attack did little to geodude. Pikachu was charging up his cheeks. I could tell he was charging for a really big attack. Kadabra shot a psybeam at electrode. Electrode used its swift attack on kadabra. The attack hit home, but kadabra used its recover ability and was as good as new. Geodude launched itself at the beedrill and hit dead on. The beedrill was knocked back a ways. The beedrill launched into a tackle attack but the attack was not effective against geodude. Geodude and kadabra backed off as pikachu jumped into the fray and released a large electric blast. Pikachu had used his thunder ability again. Electrode exploded and team rocket was sent flying into the air. As they flew, I heard a familiar cry.

"Look's like team rocket's blasting off again!"

Pikachu passed out. I picked him up. I heard a rustling in the nearby bushes. Kadabra and geodude got ready for battle. But we all relaxed when Alexia and her pikachu stepped out of the bushes. Alexia treated pikachu with a revive potion. We set camp and caught up on our adventures. Alexia had apparently humiliated Sabrina with her pikachu. I told her how my gastly had evolved into haunter in the middle of battle. We all talked about this and that and eventually Andrew and Jason fell asleep. Alexia and I went to talk more privately.

"Please don't run off again." I said.

"I have too. I want to stay but I can't." She said.

We looked over to our pikachu's. They were sitting on a log with their tails entwined.

"Would you deny them time together?" I asked pointing to the pikachu's.

"They look cute together, but my pikachu understands why we have to be apart. You know there's not a day goes by that I'm not thinking about you." She said.

"And you're my reason for going on." I said.

We kissed. She gathered up her things, picked up her pikachu and left. Pikachu was happy to be able to see his girlfriend again. The next morning we went on at our normal pace. The revive potion Alexia used on pikachu gave him an extra bit of energy. Another few days in the forest and we were finally out. Another day on the road and we reached Fuchsia city. Jason told us about the Safari Zone before he departed on rapidash after we rested in the pokecenter. Nurse Joy gave me a letter that Alexia had left for me. Alexia had already defeated the gym leader, Yoshio Mishima, and was on her way to Cinnabar Island. A small green leaf was drawn in green crayon on the bottom of the back of the page. We went to check out the Safari Zone. We payed to get in and they gave us some special pokeballs that they called Safari Balls. They said we could catch the pokemon but we weren't allowed to fight them. We walked around in the Safari Zone all day, catching pokemon. By the end of the day, we had run out of Safari Balls and had to leave. I made a good haul : a chansey, pinsir, tauros, and slowpoke. Andrew did good too. He got an exeggcute and a doduo. We saw a kangaskhan but it ran off before we could try to capture it. Exhausted from our trip into the Safari Zone we slept in the pokemon center. My mind was on only two things that night : Alexia and the Soul Badge.

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