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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 11 Return home to leave

"How can you guys go in such a creepy place?" - Jason Thayer

It took us several days of traveling to finally reach Lavender. Andrew and I felt good to be back home, but Jason was worried that we would get lost. We reassured him about our knowledge of the city and moved on. Andrew left to go to his own home. I went to my home and my parents gladly accepted Jason as a guest. I told my parents about the trainers I had fought and showed them the badges I earned. I showed them the pokemon I caught. My mom fell in love with the clefairy so I let her keep it. My dad told me about a new pokemon arcade in town. I wanted to go but it was late. We had dinner. Jason had gone outside after eating. Pikachu and I followed. The outside air was warm. It was still the middle of summer. The sky was clear as we lived in the suburbs. We could see many stars but we could see more when we were in the field. Jason was looking at the stars.

"I hear that Lavender is known for its ghost pokemon." He said.

"Yeah. There's a tower to the north that's just full of them." I said.

"I wanna train my abra, but the only attack it knows is teleport. It can't gain experience from running away all the time." He said.

"Well how about we go to the tower tomorrow. The ghosts love a good fight and ghosts are weak against psychic types." I said. "And pikachu can help too."

"Really? You mean it?" He asked.

"Yeah. We'll do that and then go to the arcade." I said.

The next morning we started out to the tower. Andrew rejoined us and told me that our friend Ian was going to be at the arcade all day. Ian had been a trainer a little longer than I. I was anxious to see him but I had promised Jason that I'd take him to the tower. Andrew decided to help as well. We walked towards the tower and were soon in front of it. We talked as we walked to the tower.

"You gave your mom the clefairy?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah. She really seems to like it." I said.

"What other pokemon do you have Trey?" Jason asked.

"Well let me see here." I said as I checked my team. "Pikachu, bulbasaur, spearow, and squirtle."

"Wow. All I have is abra and rapidash." Jason said.

"You brought the rapidash with you?" Andrew asked.

"Yeah." Jason answered. "It is my pokemon after all. What pokemon do you have Andrew?"

"Lets see." Andrew said as he checked his team. "I have a metapod, a pidgey, a geodude, and charmander."

"Took your time in the Viridian forest huh?" I asked.

We finally reached the tower. It loomed before us. We could hear the cries of the ghost pokemon resonating from the inside.




I opened the double doors in front of us. The squeaked loudly. I motioned for Jason and Andrew to follow. Andrew walked in but Jason seemed a little scared.

"Come on Jason!" I said.

"But what about the ghosts?" He asked.

"You wanna get abra stronger?" I asked.

"How can you guys go inside such a creepy place?" He asked.

Andrew and I looked at each other. I threw my head back and laughed. Pikachu laughed too.

"We've been living with these ghosts all our lives. We've been all over this tower. Trust us. There's nothing to be afraid of." Andrew explained.

We eventually got Jason inside. Once inside he seemed to calm down a bit. Then the first ghost came down.


"Hello gastly." Andrew and I both said.

The gastly instantly recognized us and called for haunter and gengar. They were happy to see us too. They floated, and bounced around. Haunter produced a bomb and blew himself up. We all laughed.

"See? They just wanna play." I said. Jason relaxed.

I explained the situation to the ghosts. They thought for a moment. Then haunter and gengar nodded their heads. Gastly bobbed up and down. Jason dropped his pokeball. It opened and the abra materialized. It was asleep. Haunter looked the abra over and nodded. He grabbed his tongue and wrapped it around his head. Then he let it go and he spun like a top. Apparently he was trying to wake up the abra. We laughed at haunter's hijinx. Gastly floated above the abra and positioned itself on the abra's head. Since gastly is mostly gas, it looked as though abra had a head of a gastly. We laughed again. The abra woke up, noticed the ghosts and teleported away.

"This is what I was talking about guys." I said. "Every time something threatens abra, it runs away."

The ghosts nodded and disappeared. The lights went out. We heard some cries coming from all over the place. We could hear the ghosts but Jason heard his abra. Jason was about to panic when something materialized in front of him. I pulled out my pokedex.

"Kadabra. The PSI pokemon. It emits special alpha waves from its body that induces headaches just by being close by." Dexter said.

The lights came back on and Jason finally saw the kadabra.

"Abra?" Jason asked.

"Kadabra!" Kadabra said.

"Trey! What kind of attacks does kadabra have?" He asked.

"Kadabra's attacks. Teleport, confusion, disable, and psybeam." Dexter said.

The ghosts appeared again. They were all laughing.

"You guys did this for me?" Jason asked.

Haunter and gengar nodded. Gastly bobbed up and down.

"Great job guys. We'll see you later." I said as Jason collected his kadabra and we walked out. Gastly stopped me. He bobbed up and down for a while. Then pikachu jumped up and grabbed one of my pokeballs. I got the idea so I took the pokeball and gastly allowed himself to be captured.

We walked on and soon we found the pokemon arcade. Inside we found a pokemon mart and a rejuvinator. There was lots of books on pokemon and video games. But the first thing I noticed was the pokemon arena. Ian noticed us and walked towards us. He immediately challenged me to a match. We moved onto the arena. Ian tossed out a pokeball and a raticate materialized. I sent pikachu into battle. Someone announced the battle over the intercom.

"A trainer battle is about to begin. Each trainer can use only two pokemon. Ian, from Lavender, the reigning champ, chooses raticate. Trey, also from Lavender, the challenger, chooses pikachu. No time limit. Items are allowed. Let the match begin!" The announcer said.

The raticate launched itself at pikachu. Pikachu saw this coming and was able to dodge away. Pikachu shot a blast of electricity at the raticate. The shot hit home but the raticate did not fall. It launched itself at pikachu again. Pikachu wasn't able to dodge. Pikachu was sent rolling.

"Pikachu! Agility!" I yelled.

Pikachu began running and picked up speed. He began running circles around the raticate. But the raticate was quick and did not lose sight of pikachu.

"Pikachu! Quick attack!" I yelled.

"Raticate! Quick attack!" Ian yelled as I yelled.

Both pokemon went into a fury of quick hits landing on each other. It seemed for a second that pikachu had the upper hand, then raticate, then pikachu, then raticate and so forth and so on. Pikachu tried another electric blast. The blast hit the raticate on its big teeth. The raticate was electrocuted. It stood stunned for a moment. Pikachu launched another quick attack. The raticate fell and lay still. Ian called it back and tossed another pokeball out. A machoke materialized in front of pikachu. I pulled out dexter.

"Machoke. The superpower pokemon. The evolved form of machop. Its muscular body is so powerful, it must wear a power save belt to regulate its motions." Dexter said.

I knew pikachu couldn't stand against a machoke so I called him back. Pikachu was glad to get out of the arena. I sent out gastly. The machoke tried a karate chop, but its hand went right through gastly. Then the machoke tried a low kick. The attack didn't even phase gastly.

"Gastly! Hypnosis!" I yelled.

Gastly began to move in a hypnotic pattern. Soon the machoke was asleep.

"Gastly! Dream eater!" I yelled.

Gastly then disappeared. The machoke began to twist and turn and soon screamed and fainted. Gastly reappeared.

"Trey, the challenger, has won the match!" The announcer said.

Ian was stunned. But he accepted the loss. He congratulated me on my win and started off to leave town. I didn't stop him. But Andrew tried to pick on him. Ian smacked Andrew in the side of the head. Ian then left. I knew I would see him again. We spent the rest of the day getting supplies and battling our pokemon in the arcade. Once it was dark Andrew went home. Jason and I went back to my house as well.

"I can take you as far as Fuchsia. But no further. I know the way. But once we get there I need to return to the ranch. They're gonna need me there." Jason said. "But first we need to get to Celadon. I got a friend there I want you to meet. And the next gym is there."

We agreed. Once we would reach Fuchsia we would part ways. I called Andrew and told him. He agreed also. We then slept. Tomorrow's destination would be Celadon city.

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