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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 7 The pool

"Yeah, so no chickening out!" - Cerulean Sister

We woke up, this time without pikachu's help, and walked out into the city. We looked around and when we were satisfied that Team Rocket wasn't around we went on to the Cerulean gym. It really wasn't much to look at, except for the lifesaver that hung on the door. I contemplated that as we walked into the gym. It stunk of chlorine. My eyes began to burn as they always do in the presence of chlorine. I rubbed my eyes and went into the main arena. It was a pool! It was 10 feet wide and 30 feet long. The shallow end was a mere 4 feet deep while the deep end was 12 feet deep. The water was crystal clear. The bottom was made of tiles which, I could only assume, were ceramic. They were red, blue, white, yellow, and black and made a pattern of a goldeen and a pokeball. There was a diving board next to a high dive at the far end. Three girls were standing on the high dive looking at us.

"I think we're in the wrong place." Andrew said. "Izzat so?" I said. Andrew was always good at stating the obvious.
"This has got to be where the three fabulous Cerulean sisters practice their dives." He said.
"The three who?" I asked. Andrew popped me in the back of my head.
"The three fabulous Cerulean sisters you idiot! Don't you watch the Olympics?" he said.
"No, but I watch the Pokemon Super Ball Tournament every year." I said.

The three girls jumped off the high dive. We watched them free fall through the air. They twisted and turned and flipped and did all kinds of acrobatic stunts before they hit the water with a small splash. They swam up to us.

"Hello." They all said in unison.
"Uhh. Hi." I said. Andrew didn't respond.
"Pika." Pikachu said.
"Ohhh how cute!" One of the girls exclaimed and scratched pikachu's left ear.
"Pikapipikachu!" Pikachu said with a smile.
"Uhh. I hate to break up the moment but we're looking for the gym leader." I said. I nudged Andrew and he nodded.
"Well you're looking at them!" One of the other girls said. They climbed out of the pool and struck a pose.
"We are the three fabulous Cerulean sisters!" They all said in unison. "And we just happen to be the gym leaders here."

Suddenly there was a cry from the back of the gym. The three sisters looked at each other, frowning.

"Okay. Who's turn is it to look after Misty?" One said.
"Not me." Another said. "I looked after her last time."
"Liar!" The third said. "I watched her last time!"
"Your both wrong!" The first one said. "I watched her last time!"
They kept on arguing on who was going to watch Misty.
"I didn't know they had another sister." Andrew whispered to me.
"HEY!" I yelled. They became quiet and looked at us. "Why don't one of you go look after Misty and the other two fight us for a badge?"
They looked at each other and nodded. One of the girls ran off to the back of the room and the other two fetched their pokeballs.
"Very well." One said. "This is an official battle for a pokemon league badge."
"Yeah, so no chickening out!" The other said.
The first sister tossed her pokeball into the pool. The other threw hers on the edge. Andrew threw out a pokeball and a charmander materialized. A goldeen poked its head above the surface of the water. A staryu materialized on the edge of the pool. I sent pikachu. Pikachu jumped up to the edge of the pool to challenge the goldeen while Andrew's charmander challenged the staryu.

"Goldeen! Horn attack!" The girl yelled. The goldeen launched itself at pikachu, horn first. Pikachu dodged it easily.

"Ack! Goldeen! Bubble beam!" She yelled. Goldeen shot a stream of bubbles at pikachu. Pikachu couldn't dodge that ant was knocked to the wall. Pikachu picked himself up quickly.

"Pikachu! Thunder shock! NOW!" I yelled. Little did I know what I just did. Pikachu charged up and let out a large stream of energy. Electricity filled the entire room. The goldeen was fried fish and the staryu was done cajun style. Charmander somehow escaped unharmed. But the rest of us got quite an electrifying experience.

"Not that much....pikachu." I said as I hit the ground.
"Pikapikachu." Pikachu said while scratching his head.

The girls got up and tossed out another pokemon each. Seel and Seadra. Charmander took the seel while pikachu challenged the seadra. I had never seen a seadra before so I pulled out Dexter.

"Seadra. A water dragon. Capable of swimming backwards by rapidly flapping its wing-like pectoral fins and stout tail." Dexter said.
"Seadra! Water gun!" The girl said. The seadra shot a blast of water at pikachu, but pikachu easily avoided it.
"Pikachu! Thunder shock!" I yelled and I braced myself. But pikachu knew what e was doing this time and concentrated his attack on the seadra instead of all of us. The attack hit dead on. The seadra fainted with a cry. The seel had fainted from charmander's fire.
"We admit defeat." The girls said.

High up in the stands, over looking the arena, Misty watched as her sisters pokemon were defeated one by one.
"Someday I'll become a pokemon trainer and beat that guy for what he did to my sisters." She said to herself.

"It was a good battle." One of the girls said as she handed me a cascade badge.
"Yeah. You guys really deserve these." Another said as she handed Andrew a badge.
"If other trainers are as good as you guys, we're gonna have to work harder." The third said while she scratched pikachu's left ear. "He's soooo cute."
"Piiiikachu." Pikachu said with a smile.
"You'll find the next gym in Vermillion. If you take route 5 you'll find a tunnel that takes you directly there." One said.

With that Andrew, pikachu, and I walked back to the pokemon center.
"You know what the best part of that was?" I asked.
"The fact that Team Rocket never showed up?" Andrew answered.
"Exactly." I said. We laughed all the way back to the pokemon center.

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