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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 6 Mount Moon to Cerulean

"I've got a clefairy and you don't!" - Trey LaJaunie

Both Andrew and I woke up to pikachu's electric shock. Andrew apparently didn't like to be awakened before noon either. We ate breakfast then headed out. After we left, Andrew had come up with an interesting question.

"So where do we go from here?" He asked. Luckily I had come prepared for just such a crisis and pulled out a map.

"Boulder said the next badge is in Cerulean. But the only way to get there is through Mount Moon." I said. So we set off for Mount Moon.

"What kind of pokemon live on Mt. Moon anyway?" Andrew asked.

"I dunno." I replied. "I guess we'll have to wait and see."

So we headed off, after asking for directions, to the path to Mt. Moon.

We found the path with great ease. Soon we were at the entrance to the mountain. Luckily I had thought ahead and brought a lighter. I grabbed a stick and formed a makeshift torch. We walked through the cave. The cave was full of pokemon. The sandshrew burrowed into the ground and the paras scuttled away at the very sight of us. The scenery didn't change much as we marched on. It seemed as though we were going on an incline. We emerged from the cave on a ledge high up on the mountain. The ledge was large so we sat down to eat. Pikachu noticed something, tugged on my shirt and pointed. I saw it too. A tuft of white hair poking above a small boulder. I quickly pulled out dexter.

"Clefairy. The fairy pokemon. Its magical and cute appeal has many admirers. It is rare and found only in certain areas." Dexter said.

"Cool." I said. I pulled out a small piece of fruit to lure it closer to us. It poked its head above the rock.

"Come on. I'm not gonna hurtcha." I said.

"Are you gonna capture that thing?" Andrew asked.

"Why not." I asked, not turning my attention from the Clefairy.

"It's a pokemon for girls man!" Andrew said.

"It's also a rare pokemon." I said. Andrew did not answer.

The clefairy jumped on top of the boulder.

"Clefairy?" It asked.

"Yeah. Come on." I said, beckoning to it.

It jumped down to the ground and snatched the fruit from my hand and jumped back on the boulder to eat it. I sat back. Pikachu jumped up on the rock and began to have a conversation with the clefairy.




"Fairy. Clefairy."


"Clefairy. Fairy."


"You ever wonder what their talking about?" Andrew asked.

"I don't know." I said as I slipped a pokeball into my hand. "But I know one thing for sure."

I threw the pokeball at the unsuspecting clefairy. The pokeball made contact and drew the clefairy into it. The button turned red and the ball shook. Soon the button turned grey and the ball remained still. I walked over to the ball, picked it up, and looked at Andrew.

"I've got a clefairy and you don't!" I said. Then I turned to pikachu. "We've got a new friend pikachu."

"Pipikachu!" Pikachu was excited.

Andrew seemed upset but he didn't say anything. We walked back down into the mountain with a new torch, a new pokemon and an angry Andrew. We soon found the path to the other side of the mountain and got on the path to Cerulean. We were walking a good pace when all of a sudden the ground beneath us gave way. Andrew, pikachu, and I fell into a hole.

"What kind of moron would dig a hole in the middle of the path! When I find them, I'm gonna make some trouble!" Andrew yelled. I put my hand to my face because I knew what was coming.

"Trouble?" Two voices asked.

"Prepare for trouble!" Lilly poked her head over the edge of the hole.

"And make it double!" Kirby poked his head over the edge. I started climbing out of the hole.

"To protect the world from devastation!" Lilly said.

"To unite all people within our nation!" Kirby said.

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!" Lilly said. By this time I had climbed out of the hole and pikachu had climbed out as well.

"Denounce this!" I said as I delivered a roundhouse to the side of Kirby's head. Pikachu hit Lilly with a thunder shock.

"Hey you didn't let us finish our entrance!" Kirby said.

"Murderers like you deserve nothing but a butt kicking!" I said.

I punched Kirby in his stomach as hard as I could. He doubled over. Lilly threw her pokeball and the Beedrill materialized. Andrew had finally climbed out of the hole and realized what was happening and joined in the fray. He threw out a pokeball and a charmander materialized. Andrew told charmander to attack the beedrill. Kirby threw a voltorb. Pikachu attacked it. The pokemon were fighting freely as Kirby lunged at me. I quicky dodged but he landed on her feet and turned around quickly but it wasn't quick enough. His face met my foot. I kicked him hard in the head. He stumbled back.

"Why you little!" He said as he came at me again.

He threw a punch but I caught it with my hand. Without letting go of his fist I kicked his head and twisted my body around and gave him a good old-fashioned judo throw. But I still hadn't let go of him. I then stepped over him, positioned my body so that his arm was between my legs and I fell back and pulled on his arm as hard as I could. He screamed in pain. I got up as Lilly was coming at me. I wasn't prepared. But luckily for me, a blast of fire engulfed Lilly. After the fire died down, Lilly was covered in black soot. The beedrill lay on the ground, fried. The voltorb had fainted. Kirby and Lilly were in shambles. They both stood up and called back their pokemon and took off for dear life. Kirby was holding his arm as he ran. Lilly was dropping ash as she ran. I was too tired to give chase.

"What was that all about?" Andrew asked.

"Those were the guys who killed Boulder's pokemon." I said.

"Oh. You should have told me. I would have used my nuclear suplex move or used my mambo-tango-foxtrot martial arts on him." Andrew said.

"Those aren't real! You're just using stuff you read out of EarthBound!" I said.

"Well anyway, they got away. What do you wanna do now?" Andrew asked. Pikachu sat down next to me.

"They won't be bothering us for a while. But I suspect they're gonna tell their boss about me." I said. "Nothing we can do about that now. Cerulean is just a ways ahead."

We walked on without talking. I began to regret what I had done. But it had to be done, I kept thinking. They deserved it, I thought. With that in mind we walked into Cerulean, found the pokemon center, put our pokeballs in the rejuvinator, and went to sleep. We were all exhausted from the traveling and the fight. I fell into a deep sleep and began to dream.

I stood on a platform in a large room. A podium stood before me. There were people crowding the room. They began asking me questions.

"Why should we help you?"

"How could we find them?"

"Yeah we don't even know where they are right now?"

"Even if we do find them what do we do with them?"

More and more questions came at me. But try as I might I could not answer. I looked at the podium before me. A notebook sat on it. I tried to read the label on the notebook but all I could make out was a red letter "R".

I woke up with a start. I looked at my watch. It was two a.m. Pikachu was snoozing next to me and Andrew was lightly snoring in the next bed. I laid my head down and went back to sleep.

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