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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 3 From Pallet to Viridian
"YEAH! Kentucky fried spearow!" - Trey

Pikachu and I walked onto the path unchallenged. Pikachu kept a diligent watch as we
walked. He seemed to want to prove himself to me or maybe to himself. The day pressed on and
I thought maybe we had taken the wrong path. My watch beeped noon time. We sat down to
lunch. As we were eating a spearow floated down. I tossed it a piece of bread. While it was
distracted I tapped pikachu on the head and motioned towards the spearow. Pikachu nodded and
stepped in front of the spearow.
"Pikachu!" Pikachu said. The spearow just stared at him, head cocked to the side.
Since this was my first battle I pulled out my pokedex.
"Spearow. A tiny bird pokemon. Eats bugs in grassy areas. It has to flap its short wings at high
speeds to stay airborne." Dexter said in its digital voice.
"That's all fine and good but what do I use on it?" I asked.
"A birds weakness is electricity and rock types." Dexter said.
"Good. Pikachu! Thundershock!" I yelled.
Pikachu looked at me and nodded. He crouched over and began to charge his cheeks with
A bolt of electricity came from pikachu and smashed into spearow.
"YEAH! Kentucky fried spearow!" I yelled as the spearow fainted.
"Pipikachu!" Pikachu gave the peace sign.
I pulled a pokeball from my belt and threw it at the spearow. The spearow gave no resistance as
it was pulled into the ball. The ball shook for a moment, the button was red. But after a few
shakes the button turned gray and the ball remained still.
"I caught a spearow!" I yelled!

How did I end up here? I followed this pokemon until I could no longer run with it. So I pulled
out fearow and flew after it. Yeah. Flying with a fearow is the only way to use Fly.

"You think that just because you can fry a spearow that you're really something special huh?" A
voice from behind me.
I whirled on my heals and came face to face with a young trainer. He wore a grey beret on his
head, a black shirt and jeans with white tennis shoes. He was sporting a boulder badge on the
"Heh. I'm more than a match for you. See this?" He pointed to the badge. "This means I'm
you're senior as a trainer."
"Who are you?" I asked. Pikachu took up position next to me.
"You don't need to know my name. I am a trainer like you but I'm at a higher level than you.
I've been waiting here to attack new trainers from Pallet." He said.
"I'm not from Pallet. I'm from Lavender." I said.
"Oh so you've got a ghost then?" He asked but I remained silent.
"All trainers from Lavender have at least a gastly." He said. "But I see you only have a pikachu
and a fried spearow."
The things this guy didn't know. I smiled.
"What are you smiling for? My rock pokemon are too much of a match for your pikachu." he
"You just made your second mistake." I said, trying to sound like Caleb from Blood 2. "You
stuck around."
"Oh and what was my first mistake?" Apparently this guy played Blood 2 as well.
"You told me what type of pokemon you have." I said with a grin. "That's a fatal mistake.
Everyone knows that."
"Do you have fifty bucks?" He asked.
"Yeah." I said
"Good. Then that will be the prize for our battle." He said.
He reached into his pocket and produced a small pokeball which grew to normal size when he hit
the button.
"Geodude! Go!" He then threw the ball towards me. I jumped back to give the pokemon some
room. Pikachu jumped back with me. Geodude materialized in front of me.
"Stay back pikachu." I said as I grabbed for bulbasaur's ball. I threw the ball.
"Bulbasaur! Go!" Bulbasaur materialized in front of the geodude.
The trainer's jaw dropped.
"Hey that's no fair! You didn't tell me you had a grass type!" He yelled.
"I didn't have to." I said.
"Geodude! Tackle attack!" He yelled.
Geodude launched itself at bulbasaur. The attack sent bulbasaur rolling. But bulbasaur picked
himself up. This bulbasaur was a good bulbasaur.
"Bulbasaur! Vine whip attack!" I yelled.
"Bulbasauuur!" Bulbasaur yelled as two vines shot out from the bulb on his back. The vines hit
dead on and great precision. The geodude spun like a top. The trainer stalled. I smiled.
"Bulbasaur! Tackle attack!" I yelled quickly.
Bulbasaur lowered his head and charged the spinning geodude and made contact. The fight was
over. Geodude was a wreck. The trainer called back geodude, gave me the fifty bucks, and
walked away without saying a word. I bent down and patted bulbasaur on the head.
"Good work bulbasaur." I said.
Pikachu came up and patted bulbasaur too. I called bulbasaur back into his ball. We then walked
down the path towards Viridian city. We went unchallenged for the rest of the day. We arrived
in the city just after night fall. Nurse Joy put bulbasaur and spearow into the rejuvinator. I
looked at Nurse Joy with a confused look on my face.
"I know. I look just like the Nurse Joy in Lavender Town don't I?" She asked. I nodded.
"She's my second cousin." She said with a smile.
Pikachu and I laid down in the sleeping chambers of the Poke Center and fell into a deep sleep,
exhausted from our expedition. But before I fell asleep I made a mental note to call home in the morning.

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