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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master CHAPTER 2 A free Pokemon
"I think he wants to keep me." - Trey

I came home and told my parents what had happened.
"YOU WHAT?" my dad yelled.
My dad was always a big man. He studied pokemon but never went on a journey. My parents
had always felt nervous when I spoke of going away to catch pokemon.
"It just followed me home." I said.
"So take it back!" he said.
"I can't." I answered.
"Why not?"
"Because it just follows me where ever I go." I looked at pikachu. He was munching on an apple
I gave him earlier.
"Pipikachu!" he said with his mouth full.
"I think it's cute." My mom said. She was always the understanding type.
My dad sighed. "Well... lets see what Prof. Oak has to say about this." My dad dialed Prof. Oak
on the phone.
"So do you want to keep it?" my mom asked.
"Pikapikachu." pikachu said.
"I think he wants to keep me." I said.
"From what it sounds like is that you saved his life. He seems dedicated to you now." She said.
"Saved his life?" I asked.
"From what people tell me Lt. Surge is a brutal trainer."
"Brutal." I thought of how bad pikachu looked when I found him.
"Pikachu..." pikachu said.
My dad hung up the phone. "Well it seems you've just caught your first pokemon son." He
seemed a bit defeated but I could sense the pride in his voice.
"Professor Oak wants to see you right away." he said.

It was about an hour's drive to pallet town. My dad knew a short cut. He was mad because
pikachu's electricity shorted out the radio.
"You're gonna have to learn to control that thing you know!" he said.
Pikachu jumped into the back seat of the car, mostly in fear for his life, and started to mess around
with the clothes I had packed.
"Hey get out of those!" I yelled.
"Pi?" Pikachu said.
I tossed him an apple and he kept quiet for a while then fell asleep. I woke him up as we reached

We were let into the lab of Professor Oak. There were many computers around. On many of the
screens were several different types of pokemon. I recognized a few from my studies. Bulbasaur,
Charmander, Squirtle, Pidgey, and Rattata. There was one that I couldn't put a name too. My
dad saw which one I was looking at.
"That's a Dratini son. No one has ever seen one of those in a long time. If someone were to find
it, that person would become a great pokemon master." he said.
"Yes, indeed." Professor Oak had walked into the room. "Sorry for the delay but I had a phone
call from Pokemon League."
"Was it something serious?" my dad asked.
"No. It just seems that we have a new gym in the league." Professor Oak said.
Professor Oak stood about five feet tall. He had large probing eyes and a generous mouth. He
had brown hair and was an active pokemon trainer at that time. He always wore a lab coat.
"Let me see this pikachu you have here." He said.
"Pika!" Pikachu seemed a little excited.
Prof. Oak looked pikachu over.
"Yes. It seems you have a rare pokemon here."
"Rare?" both me and my dad said.
"Yes. It is a rarity to find a pokemon at such a low level of development. If you were to train
this pokemon it would become a very powerful pokemon in the future." Prof. Oak explained.
"Wow. How powerful can it get?" I asked.
"A pokemon's level of development ends at one hundred. This pokemon will make a fine
example of a level one hundred pokemon." Prof. Oak said.
"Pikaaaa." pikachu said.
"But I can't let you go on a pokemon journey with a level one pikachu, oh no. I'm going to give
you another pokemon to help pikachu raise his level." Prof. Oak said.
"Now hold on a sec Professor. I thought all trainers only get one pokemon to start with." my dad
"Well yes, but this is a very special case." Prof. Oak said. "Trey, you may have a choice between
bulbasaur, charmander, and squirtle."
"Ummm. Pikachu? What do you think." I asked.
"Pika." Pikachu pointed to the picture of bulbasaur.
"Hmmm. Bulbasaur. Good choice." Prof. Oak said. He handed me a pokeball that held a
bulbasaur. Professor Oak then instructed me on how to catch a pokemon, using pikachu as an
example. Pikachu didn't mind being caught. I let him out of the ball afterwards. Prof. Oak
handed me five pokeballs and a pokedex.
"Pokemon marts sell pokeballs and other items you will need on your journey. By rules and
regulations of pokemon league, if you defeat another trainer, her or she must give you some
money as a prize. Or you can ask your mom and dad for cash. If the trainer has no cash, you
must collect an IOU. It's the rules. All the rules are explained in the pokedex. The pokedex is
also known as Dexter." Prof. Oak explained.
My dad led me to the path to Virmillion city.
"Well this is where you go out on your own. Don't forget the boxing lessons I gave you." he
"Yes dad." I said.
"Don't forget that you're a brown belt in Tae Qwon Do. Just in case you get into a real fight." He
"Okay dad." I said.
"And..." he started.
"Dad! You're starting to sound like mom!" I said.
"Sorry. Just be careful and call home when you reach Viridian." he said.
"Ok dad. Come on pikachu." I said.
"Pipikachu!" Pikachu said.
We went on down the road into the tall grass, and soon we found ourselves at a crossroads : One
path seemed beaten down, the other seemed not used so much. I looked down at pikachu. We
were on the same track. We both took the road that seemed unused.

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