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This is my first try at a fan fiction so please read it!!!!!


Memoirs of a Pokemon master CHAPTER 1 The beginning of the end
"Enjoy the spring semester while I'm on the road" - Trey LaJaunie

All I can think of now is that pokemon sitting right there in front of me. Yeah. That
pokemon and the stinging rain. Me? I'm Trey LaJaunie. An official Pokemon League Pokemon
Master. Here I am on top of a hill, just outside of Fuscia City, in the stinging rain staring down a
pokemon I've been after for at least eight years. Eight whole years.
"Raichu?" Raichu, my number one pokemon standing ever at my side.
"No Raichu... not this time." I say.
Man, when was the last time I stood in the rain trying to catch a pokemon? I know the
answer. It was two years ago when I caught Sea King. Yeah. That pokemon gave Raichu a run
for his money.
"I know exactly who I'm gonna choose for this battle." I say. Then I reach onto my belt and pull
off a pokeball that has the letter "M" engraved on it.

It was eight years ago that I got my licence to be a pokemon trainer from Professor Oak.
My family has always been close to the Oak family. Although I've never lived in Pallet town or
studied under Professor Oak, I got my license from him anyway.
Raichu and I know each other better than I know my own parents. We've been on the
road for eight years. Well except for the winter time when I went to school. Yeah. I'm eighteen
years old now and I'm still catching pokemon. Kids make fun of me because I train pokemon. I
get them back by saying "Enjoy the spring semester while I'm on the road." Heh heh, it gets them
so mad. I remember when I got my first pokemon. It was a Pikachu. I live in Lavender so
ghosts and electric pokemon are abundant. My dad always said I would wait until I passed my
first pokemon exam before I got my license. Well I never did pass that exam because I caught a
pokemon before I got my license. Well I didn't catch it. It more or less followed me home.

I was sitting on a rock just outside of town. I loved to watch the pokemon run around.
Sometimes they would run away from me. But this day was a bit different from the rest. I was
just sitting there looking to see if I could see a pidgey or two when it happened.
"PIKAAAAAA" a sound from not far away!
A pikachu ran out of the grass, looked at me then collapsed. I picked the poor thing up, it tried to
shock me but it was just too weak. It looked as though it was just beaten pretty badly. I heard
some sounds coming from the direction the pikachu came from so I hid the pikachu in some tall
grass behind the rock I was sitting on.
"Did we lose it?" A man's voice said.
"Chuuuuu." A pokemon's voice answered.
"If it's gone you're gonna get it!" The man said.
A large brown pokemon jumped out of the grass.
"Raiiiiichu!" It said. It was a Raichu!
It looked around as if looking for something. Then a man dressed in army fatigues came out
behind the raichu.
"Hey kid." the man said "Did you see a little yellow pokemon come by here?"
"Who... who are you?" I asked.
"I'm Lieutenant Surge. I just built a pokemon gym in Vermillion city. I'm looking for that
pikachu so I can train it and make it into a raichu like this one here." He pointed to the raichu.
This guy didn't sound like he was in his right mind. Plus that pikachu looked badly hurt so I lied.
"I saw it run that way into the tall grass." I pointed away from the rock.
"Thanks kid." He said and they ran off.
I turned around half expecting the pikachu to have run off but it was still there. Only now it had
fainted. I guess I felt sorry for the thing so I took it to the pokemon center.

"How can you train a pokemon until it faints like this?" Nurse Joy was scolding me.
"It's not exactly mine." I said under my breath.
She put the pikachu in the rejuvinator, which kinda looked like a microwave with holes in it, and
in a moment the Pikachu was revived.
"This pikachu is at a very low level of development. You'd better be careful with it." She said.
"A low level?" I asked.
"Yes. Pokemon at higher levels of development take more time to revive than those at lower
levels. I'd say this pokemon is at his first level." She said as she handed me the pikachu.
"Pikachu." The pikachu was smiling.
"Uhh. Thanks." I said as I took the pikachu and left the pokemon center. "Wow a level one

I had always read in biology books that if you capture an animal or pokemon, you must release it
in the place where you captured it. I took the Pikachu back to the rock and put him on the
"I guess you can go now." I said
"Go. Look I'm no trainer. I can't even pass the pokemon exam." I said. I turned to walk away.
"Chu!" The pokemon had grabbed the pants leg of my jeans. I bent down to look at him.
"What is it?" I asked, not expecting a real answer.
"Pipikachu!" It jumped on me and I fell back. It stood on my chest looking at me with a smile on
its face.
"Pikapikachu!" It said.
"You want to come home with me? Is that what your trying to say?" Pikachu nodded.
"My dad is gonna kill me." I said, but I took the pokemon home with me anyway.

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