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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master Addendum to Chapter 14

Journal entry no. 25
Pokemon Entry
Ivysaur. According to Dexter, ivysaur is the seed pokemon. When the bulb on its back grows large, it appears to lose the ability to stand on its hind legs. Ivysaur has been with us since the beginning of my journey. Pikachu picked bulbasaur to be my first (official) pokemon. Bulbasaur helped me win my very first trainer battle and he got me my first badge. Ivysaur has been a great asset to me and my team. Besides pikachu, ivysaur is one of my strongest pokemon. But now that we are in Fuchsia, there appears to be a lot of plant pokemon around so using ivysaur is not something I need to do considering that he is a plant pokemon. He was a great help in the rock cave and when we made our way through Diglett's Cavern. Pikachu and ivysaur get along really well. They fight together as two pokemon should. Ivysaur really seems to know what he is doing in battle and I wouldn't question his ethics for a second. Although he's not my number one pokemon, he will be on my team indefinitely.

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