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Memoirs of a Pokemon Master
Addendum to Chapter 12

Before we left Celadon I bought a small journal to not only document my travels, but to document special pokemon that I run across. The first entry is as follows :

Journal Entry no. 1 :
Pokemon Documentation :
Pokemon number 25. Pikachu. Pikachu is the electric mouse pokemon. According to Dexter, when several of these pokemon gather, their electricity could build and cause lightning storms. That would be a sight to see. Pikachu and I have been through a lot thus far. I saved him in Lavender from Lt. Surge and his raichu. I can't believe how much stronger pikachu has gotten in such a short time. Prof. Oak tells me it's because of him being out of the pokeball for so long. Pikachu gains experience from battling. He defeated the Cerulean sisters, Lt. Surge, taken out countless trainers, and we have defeated Team Rocket a number of times and had a lot of fun doing it too. They tell me pikachu is a rare pokemon. I can't blame them for wanting to steal him from me. Of the things I have seen pikachu do I think that defeating Lt. Surge's raichu was the best. Even I would want to steal pikachu from me! It has been at least two months since I left home with pikachu at level one. Nurse Joy (That's one heck of a family resemblance!) at the Celadon pokecenter says that pikachu has grown to a level of 40! Wow. Only two months. Perhaps someday pikachu may become a raichu and get even stronger, but that is his decision. Of the four badges I have collected, two of them rightly belong to pikachu. Now we head towards Saffron, then onto Fuchsia.

"Come on Trey! Quit writing in that thing and lets get a move on!" Andrew said.
"Yeah. If we hurry, we can make it to Saffron by nightfall." Jason said.
"Okay, okay. Just let me write down this last little bit." I said. Then I continued writing.

On a more personal note, I had a little trouble explaining to pikachu and the guys why Alexia took off. I told them that her being with me would be a distraction to her (but more to me) and she left to concentrate on being a pokemon trainer. Pikachu seemed a little depressed that his girlfriend, Alexia's pikachu, had left. I reassured him that we would see them again. He was quite content to hear that. I had to pop Andrew for not believing me. He understood just fine after pikachu shocked him good. For some odd reason pikachu doesn't shock me that much anymore. I hope he's okay.

"Lets go guys." I said as I closed my journal.
We continued down the path to Saffron city.

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