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Dragon Rage

By Mega Raichu


It was storming outside as the Gyrados slept inside his ocean cave.  He had had a very long day of scouring for food and fighting off the Tentacool that keep trying to take his cave.  He slept uneasily as he was having a dream that he had been having over and over again for a long time.  In his dream he was laying on a rock staring up at a Tentacruel.  The Tentacruel would raise one tentacle and just as it is coming down on him, a shadow would fly by and lift Gyrados up in the air and slowly place him in the ocean.  Then when Gyrados would look to see his savior, he would awaken.  Gyrados woke with a start.  He had the dream again.  He looked around.  He saw nothing out of the ordinary.  He was laying on a rock.  He looked to the mouth of his cave and saw that it was morning.  He moved outside of his cave and looked around for the Tentacool.  A few Tentacool came up from under the water and faced off with Gyrados.  Gyrados didn’t need to ask what they were doing here.  Those Tentacool were always jealous of his cave as it was protected in a harbor.  It was a perfect place for the Tentacool to make their nest.  Gyrados did not want to give up his home so he fought the Tentacool.  There were three of them.  Gyrados slammed into the first one.  The attack hit home and the Tentacool was sent flying into the sky.  Gyrados turned to another Tentacool and ducked as the Tentacool shot a blast of acid at him.  Gyrados did another slam attack and the Tentacool went flying.  The third Tentacool, realizing that he had no chance against a Gyrados by himself, tried to run.  Gyrados reared back and shot a hyper beam attack at the retreating Tentacool.  The attack hit home and the third Tentacool was sent flying as well.  Gyrados chuckled to himself as he swam away in search of food.


Dragonite was flying around as he usually does.  Suddenly three Tentacool flew past him.  He suddenly thought, “Tentacool can’t fly.”  Dragonite followed the Tentacool.  The Tentacool had landed in the middle of the open ocean.  Dragonite floated down to the Tentacool.

“You do know that Tentacool can’t fly right?”  Dragonite asked.

“Well we can if we get hit hard enough.”  One Tentacool said.

“That Gyrados is such a meanie!”  Another Tentacool said.

“Pooty want that cave!  Wahhh!”  The third Tentacool said.

“What cave?”  Dragonite asked.

“Pooty want that cave that the meanie Gyrados has!  Wahhh!”  The third Tentacool said.

“That Gyrados is so mean.  He won’t share his cave with the rest of us!”  The first Tentacool said.

“All we wanna do is make a nest for Tentacruel.”  The second Tentacool said.

“Now papa Tentacruel is gonna be mad at Pooty!  Wahhh!”  The third Tentacool said.

Dragonite decided that he would try to convince the Gyrados to share the cave with the Tentacool.  Dragonite flew in the direction the Tentacool had come.  Soon he spotted the Gyrados swimming inside the cave.  In the distance he saw a large Tentacruel heading his way.  He rushed down to the cave and confronted the Gyrados.

“Give up MY cave?”  The Gyrados asked.

“Not give it up.  Share it.”  Dragonite explained.

“No way.  Do you know what it’s like to live with Tentacool?  They’re full of acid and filthy ink!  And the Tentacruel can use electricity!  I’m a water dragon!  I can’t live with electricity!”  Gyrados said.

Suddenly something started beating on the cave.

“Hey Gyrados!  Come out and fight!”  It was Tentacruel.

Gyrados moved to leave the cave but Dragonite stopped him.

“Wait a sec.  You said that Tentacruel can use electricity.  You won’t stand a chance.”  Dragonite said.

“He challenged me, I have to accept the fight.”  Gyrados said.

Gyrados went outside to face the Tentacruel.  The Tentacruel towered over him.

“You like to pick fights with my little Tentacool huh?”  The Tentacruel said.

“You seem to like trying to steal my home!”  Gyrados shot back.

The Tentacruel answered Gyrados’ remark by swiping at Gyrados with one of his tentacles.  Gyrados dodged and opened up with a hyper beam attack.  The attack hit home but the Tentacruel didn’t seem phased.  The Tentacruel wrapped its tentacles around Gyrados’ body and threw Gyrados towards the shore.  Gyrados landed hard on a rock.  Gyrados looked up as the Tentacruel was lifting a tentacle.  The Tentacruel swung downward with its tentacle and hit the rock that was once occupied by Gyrados.  Gyrados found himself flying threw the air over the ocean.  Slowly he was placed back in the water.  He looked up and saw that Dragonite had carried him to safety.  The Tentacruel was heading at them at full speed.  Gyrados and Dragonite were on the same mental track and initiated the ultimate dragon attack : Dragon Rage.  Gyrados roared loudly as Dragonite began flying in a circle around Gyrados.  Several other Gyrados came up from under the water and the group of Gyrados began to swim in a circle.  A large water tornado formed.  Dragonite was flying around it really fast.  Dragonite was moving so fast, he was a blur.  The Tentacruel recognized the attack and tried to retreat but his forward momentum was too great so he couldn’t slow down.  Tentacruel tried to turn but was sucked into the tornado and thrown into the air.  Tentacruel disappeared over the horizon shortly afterwards.

“Why did you help me?”  Gyrados asked.

“I realized what Tentacruel and the Tentacool were doing were wrong.  They can find their own home.”  Dragonite said.  “Besides, we both call the ocean our home.”

“I guess I should thank you.”  Gyrados said.

“Maybe.  But I was going to side with the Tentacool so I guess thanks really isn’t necessary.”  Dragonite said.

“Well thank you anyway.”  Gyrados said.


Far off beyond the horizon, the Tentacruel and the Tentacool were settling down in their new home not far from a port town.

“Wahhh!  Pooty want to live in that cave!  Wahhh!”  The little Tentacool said.

“Shut up and go to sleep.  They’re building some kinda amusement park here.  All we got to do is scare them off and we’ll have an even better place than that cave.”  The Tentacruel said.