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Danté’s Pokémon – Part 9
By Mega Raichu

            The entire incident on New Island had been documented.  Somehow, Articuno got a hold of the file from a laboratory Pokémon he knew from Cinnabar Island.  I scanned the information in the file.  The cloning technology that Mewtwo had used had been replicated and was suitable to clone humans.  But because of the dangers of human cloning, the human-genome cloning project had been aborted.  The only one who could help me was Mewtwo.  Somehow, I knew that he could recreate the lab he used on New Island to clone my body.  All I needed was some DNA, which I had in the form of blood samples.  Without a second thought, we headed for Cerulean city, where Mewtwo had made his home in a cave guarded by powerful Pokémon.

            The cave was huge.  There was an underground river flowing through it.  The Pokémon seemed friendly enough, and did not attack probably because they didn’t know I had been a human before.  They paid us no mind as we walked through the cave.

“Mewtwo is dangerous.”  The Raichu in my head stated.

“He’s my only chance.”  I thought.

The Raichu didn’t answer.  Electra walked along with us without a word.  I was tempted to ask what was on her mind, but it would probably spark a fight from the other Pokémon in the cave.  It took us half an hour to get to the back of the cavern.  Once we saw that we could go no further, we sat down to rest.  My feet were hurting from all the walking.

“My aching feet!”  I said aloud.

“Hey don’t forget you’re walking for two now.”  The Raichu said.

The others sat down, thankful for the rest stop.  Suddenly, there was a sound from behind us.  I shot to my feet and looked around.  I couldn’t see much.

“Eeevee!  [There’s something in the shadows!]”  Corey shouted.

I focused my attention to the darkness before me, but I couldn’t make anything out.

“Electra.  Use your flash ability and light up this cave.”  I said.

Electra complied.  Her tail and cheeks flashed a bright white.  Mewtwo stood where the shadows once were, covering his eyes with his arms.

“It’s Mewtwo.”  The Raichu said.

“Who are you?”  Mewtwo finally asked.

“I’ve come seeking your help.”  I said.

“Why should I help you?”  Mewtwo asked.

“Because you’re the only one who can!  I was once a human.  But my consciousness was transferred into this Raichu while my human body died.  I need you to clone my body so I can live as a human again.”  I said.

“Why do you think I could do something like that?”  Mewtwo asked.

“You did it on New Island.”  I said.

“New Island?!  How do you know about that?”  Mewtwo asked.

“I read the reports.  The human-genome cloning project was aborted, but you can still recreate the equipment that is necessary for cloning right?”  I asked.

“Cloning humans is a dangerous prospect!”  Mewtwo said.  “Even I know that!”

“Pika!  Pikapikapipikachu! [Please!  You have to help him!]”  Electra said.

Mewtwo looked at Electra.  His eyes flashed a bright blue, but only for an instant.  He looked over at my other Pokémon and did the same.

“It seems as though your Pikachu is the only one who doesn’t want you to change back.”  He said.

Electra was taken aback, but said nothing.

“I’m telling you, he’s dangerous.  He just read all their minds!”  The Raichu said.

“Will you shut up?” I thought.

I looked over at Electra, but she wouldn’t meet my gaze.  I looked up at Mewtwo.

“This isn’t something we haven’t done before.  I’m sure she will get over it.”  I said.

Mewtwo looked over at Electra.

“There is a reason she doesn’t want you to change.”  The statement was directed at me.

“What reason?”  I asked.

I shifted my gaze from Mewtwo to Electra and then back to Mewtwo.

“It is pretty obvious.”  Mewtwo said.

He turned around and went to the edge of the underground river, sat down and stared into the water.  I looked over at Electra.

“Even I can see it.”  The Raichu said.

I didn’t respond.  I looked over at Electra.  I couldn’t see what they meant.

“Need a hint?”  The Raichu said.

“Shut up.”  I thought.

“Touchy.”  The Raichu said, with a sarcastic tone.

I looked at Electra for a long time.  No one said a word.  Mewtwo looked over at me and saw that I was looking at Electra.

“You fool.  She’s pregnant.”  Mewtwo said.

“Pregnant!?”  I shouted as I fell over backwards.

Electra came over to me, I was still on my back.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”  I asked.

Electra simply blushed and turned away.

“The baby Pokémon is going to need a father.”  The Raichu said.  “I’ve had a few of my own.”

I slowly got back up on my feet.  Electra was still turned away from me.

“How long have you been like this?”  I asked.

“Pikapikapipikachu.  [It shouldn’t be long now.]”  Electra said slowly.

“You should have told me!  This is something I need to know!”  I said.

I looked over at Mewtwo.

“This is something I’ll handle on my own.  But I need a definite yes or no from you.  Will you clone my body so I can be human again!?”  I was slowly losing my patience.

“No.  I will not.”  Mewtwo said and stared back at the river.

I opened my mouth to say something but the Raichu stopped me.

“It’s not worth it.  He won’t give in.”  The Raichu said.

“I have to try.”  I thought.

I looked over at Electra and then over to Mewtwo.

“You know, you and I are much alike.”  I said.

“And how’s that?”  Mewtwo asked.

“We’re both victims of consequence.  You were cloned with the only intention for being a weapon.  I didn’t ask for this.”  I said as I waved my arm in front of my body.  “I didn’t ask to die.  I only ask for a chance at life.  You were given that chance.  They fought for your life.  They failed several times but you eventually lived.  I just want a chance at a normal human life again.  Like one I used to know.”

I turned around.

“But I guess you wouldn’t know what its like to really live.”  I said and I began to walk away.

“Wait.”  Mewtwo shouted.

I turned to face him.  We stood there for a long moment in silence.

“I’ll need a DNA sample.”  He said.

I smiled.  The Raichu let out a sight of relief.

“I have blood samples.”  I said. 

            Within a few days, the laboratory was set up.  We were in Bill’s lighthouse.  Bill found this a perfect opportunity to study this new Pokémon, Mewtwo.  Plus Bill was excited to be able to finally get some research done on Pokémon cloning technology, so he was glad to lend us the use of his lighthouse.  Mewtwo was tapping on a keyboard while Bill was checking some gauges.

“You know, you were wrong.”  Mewtwo said.

“About what?”  I asked.

“About me not knowing what its like to really live.”  He said.

“How’s that?”  I asked.

“I still have memories of when I was a Mew.  I was a Mew over two thousand years ago.  The land was pure and unpolluted life was good.  I lived in a community of my kind.  I had a mate and several children.  I long for those days.”  Mewtwo said.  “But its just foolishness on my part.”

“Actually it’s rather natural for you wanting to go back to the good times.  Everyone does.  Every happy memory someone has, they want to relive it.  Either in their imagination, their dreams or whatever, everyone finds a way to relive those happy moments.”  Bill said.  “Some people keep a diary and reread those happy moments they wrote down.”

“Still, I really wish I could go back.”  Mewtwo said.  “Oh, and don’t tell anyone I said that.  I do have a reputation to keep.”

“And you say I talk too much.”  The Raichu said.

I remained silent, but a wry smile shot across my face.  Mewtwo picked up one of the vials with my blood in it and placed it in a small slot next to him.  Mewtwo turned to me.

“We’re all set.”  He said.