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Danté’s Pokémon – Part 7
By Mega Raichu

(Passage of time – two weeks and one badge)

            Without much trouble, and a lot of help from a friendly haunter that I captured that I named Darknyss, I was able to defeat Sabrina.  She had been in a good mood that day.  She had been very interested in my ability to communicate with my Pokémon directly, instead of the more conventional way: through body language.  She did a psychic scan of my mind and found the residual consciousness of the raichu.  She offered to remove it, but I wanted to keep it in there.  So after a quick stop to release Darknyss back into the tower, ghosts don’t like to travel much, we headed down through the docks and were on the path to Fuchsia.

            As we walked along the path we happened upon a well.  There was a sign next to the well that read “Wishing Well”.  I tossed a coin in with a wish to be able to get my revenge on Team Rocket someday.  I gave Electra a coin.  She sat in thought for a moment and then tossed the coin in.  She wouldn’t tell me what her wish was.  It really didn’t matter to me.  If she wanted to keep it a secret, then it must’ve been something really personal.

            Two days had passed since we stopped at the well.  Electra had been walking at a slower pace.  I guessed she was getting tired so I carried her for a while.  It was getting dark, so I set up camp.  Within ten minutes, I had a campfire burning and dinner cooking.  After we ate, Electra immediately curled up next to me.  My other pokémon retired to their pokéballs.  I stared up into the starry sky.  It was a clear night.  I could see all the stars tonight.  I just sat there and stared off into infinity.  Electra stirred.  She sat up.

“Pikaaaaachu… [I don’t feel so good…]”  She said.

I quickly pulled out my old beach towel and wrapped her in it so that she could be kept warm.  She was getting really cold.  I held her close to me as I moved closer to the fire.  She was shivering.  I was really worried about her.  Suddenly, her tail began to shine brightly.  Her cheeks began to shine as well.  Then her whole body began to shine.  I put her down on the ground quickly and stood back.  The light got so bright, that I had to shield my eyes with my arm.  When the light finally died down, I looked back towards Electra.  Electra wasn’t there anymore!  In her place was a naked girl wrapped in my old beach towel.  She had a kind face and deep blue eyes.  She had long brown hair.  She was the girl I had dreamed about!  Then it hit me.  She looked so much like Electra!

“Um.  Electra?”  I asked.

“Danté.”  She said weakly.

We just stared at each other for a long time.  She was so beautiful.  I never thought that a girl this good looking would be sitting across from me.  Then I realized that she needed clothes.  I quickly burrowed into my backpack and pulled out some of my spare clothes.  I turned around as she dressed herself.

“It’s okay.  You can look now.”  She said.

I slowly turned around.  She was exactly as I had seen her in my dream.

“Electra.  What happened?”  I asked.

“My wish came true.”  She said.

“What wish?”  I asked.

“When we stopped at the wishing well.  I wished to be human.”  She said.

“But why?”  I asked, but I already knew the answer.

“For you.”  She said.

She came up to me and put her arms around me.  I put my arms around her waist as she drew me in for a kiss.  It was a long passionate kiss.  We slowly lowered ourselves to the ground while kissing. 

            It was already late morning when I woke up.  Electra, still a human girl, was sleeping across my chest.  With every detail of last night’s activities still fresh in my mind, I began to lightly rub her back.  She opened her eyes and looked at me.  I smiled at her.  She smiled back.    With every movement she made, her body responded smoothly.  She was absolutely perfect.  She even looked good in my clothes.  We headed back down the path to Fuchsia.  We walked along the path silently while holding hands.  I had never imagined that something like this would ever happen to a guy like me.  No girl had ever really liked me.  But now it seems, Electra had loved me all along.  But I couldn’t stop wondering if she was going to stay this way.  I wanted to ask her but I was afraid I might jinx this opportunity.  But the question kept nagging me: how long would she stay this way?  I had to ask her.  Jinx or no jinx, I had to ask.

“How long are you going to stay human?”  I asked.

“Not for very long.  Maybe a few more days.”  She said.

We walked on in silence for a few more minutes.

“Are you eager for me to be a Pokémon again?”  She asked with a giggle.

“No… yes… uhhh, yes and no.  You’re the best Pokémon on my team but now you’re this beautiful girl, so…”  I said.

She giggled again.

“Guess you got the best of both worlds huh?”  She asked.

I nodded, not saying anything.  We reached Fuchsia that evening.  I treated her to dinner and a nice evening in a nice hotel.  When I woke up the next morning, I found that Electra had become a Pokémon again.  She woke up and looked down at herself and frowned.  I picked her up and hugged her.

“It doesn’t matter what form you are in Electra.  Just so long as you stay by me.”  I said.

That seemed to cheer her up.  After a badge battle with Koga, we boarded a ship for Cinnabar Island.  The ship made a stop at the Sea Foam Islands.  The ship was going to be docked there for a few days so the trainers were allowed to explore the islands, catch Pokémon, or battle.  Everyone else just rested on the beach.  Electra and I found a cave.  There was a sign in front of the cave that said “Do Not Enter”.  There was no one around so we entered.  The cave was cold.  There was a river running through the cave.  We walked around the cave, and had Wett navigate the river.  There were a lot of water types, so Electra was having a great time.  We had climbed up on a rock platform that looked down on an underground lake.  There was another platform near us that had a large nest with a strange looking bird sitting in it.  Wett had pointed it out to me.  I pulled out my Pokédex.

“Articuno.  The legendary bird of ice.  This Pokémon is rarely seen and some trainers have spent their entire lives just trying to get a glimpse of it.”  The Pokédex said.

“I’ve got to catch it.”  I said softly.

“Marill, marmarmarril. [Send Electra, I’m not fighting that.]”  Wett said.

I let myself down off of the platform I was on, down to the platform that Articuno sat in.  Articuno noticed me and stood.

“How dare you approach me without my permission.  Which I surely didn’t give you.”  Articuno said.

“I’ve come for a battle.”  I said.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve been challenged, very well!  Prepare to feel the burn of intense cold!”  Articuno said.

“Go Electra!”  I shouted.

Electra stepped up to Articuno.  Articuno flapped its wings and hovered into the air.  Electra didn’t need orders from me so she battled on her own.  Electra let loose with her thunderbolt attack.  The attack hit home and Articuno fell back to the ground.  Articuno shot out an ice beam attack.  Electra dodged and the place where she stood became a block of ice.  Electra began to throw small stars at Articuno.  Articuno couldn’t dodge and got pummeled.  Articuno flew up to the ceiling of the cave and dived down at Electra.  Electra tried to dodge but Articuno hit her from behind.  Electra was knocked over and rolled until she hit the wall.  She quickly got up and released another thunderbolt.  Articuno got electrified.  Articuno shot another ice beam at Electra.  Electra had nowhere to go and got hit by the beam.  She became a block of ice.  Articuno made a soft landing on the platform as I rushed over to Electra.

“Looks like I win.”  Articuno said.

Electra began to give off light.  The light got brighter.  Soon the entire cave became filled with the bright light.  I had to shield my eyes again.  When the light died down, Electra stood there, no longer in the block of ice.  She had melted the ice with her electricity.  Articuno was stunned.  Electra let loose with a massive thunderbolt attack.  Articuno didn’t try to dodge and the attack slammed into it.  I monopolized on the opportunity and threw a Pokéball.  The Pokéball made contact with Articuno and drew it in.  The ball fell to the ground.  The button had turned red and the ball was shaking.  I stood there, holding my breath.  The ball continued to shake for a long moment.  It suddenly stopped and the button turned gray.  I sat down and let out a sigh of relief.

“Pikapi! [That was fun!]”  Electra said as she hugged me.

Wett had fetched the ball and handed it to me.

“Marrilmarril! [What a great battle!]”  He said.

“That was a great job Electra.”  I said as I scratched her head.

We made our way back to the boat.  No one had missed us.  No one had any idea that I had just caught Articuno.