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Danté’s Pokémon – Part 5
By Mega Raichu

            Prof. Oak’s apartment was fairly large.  He kept an apartment in each city for just such an occasion.  It was getting late.  He put Electra and me in one of the bedrooms as he retired into his.  Electra hadn’t said a word since we left the hospital.  I was starting to get worried.  I became even more concerned when she climbed into bed with me.  I didn’t say anything.  My new raichu body seemed to act on it’s own.  She had cuddled up next to me.  She was much closer than she had ever been.  Perhaps she was attracted to this raichu body?  I looked down at her.  She was sound asleep.  I looked over towards an open window.  The night sky was clear.  I stared at a single bright star: the North Star.  I didn’t know why, I just felt like staring at it.  Electra stirred next to me.

“Pikapipikachu. [A penny for your thoughts.]” She said.

“I would think that my thoughts are a little more expensive.”  I said.

She giggled.

“Pikapikapi? [Enjoying your new body?]” She asked.

“It’s a little smaller than what I’m used to, but I can manage.”  I said with a smile.

She smiled back to me.

“Pika, pikapipikachupipipikachu.  [At last, we can have a normal conversation without the language barrier.]” She said.

“I agree.”  I said.

“Pipikapipikachu. [We’ve had so much fun together on this trip.]”  She said.

“Yeah.”  I responded.

“Pikachupika. [I wish you didn’t have to change back.]”  She said.

“Why not?”  I asked.

“Pikapipikachu. [I like you better this way.]”  She said as she squeezed me.

I hugged her back.  She then licked my cheek, and snuggled up closer to me. 

            I was up bright and early, as usual, and was going through my things.  Electra was asleep on the bed.  I was able to pull out my pokéballs and my pokédex.  I opened up my pokédex and aimed it at myself.

“Raichu.  The electric mouse pokémon.  Raichu is the evolution of Pikachu.  Pikachu evolves into this pokémon through use of a thunderstone.  Raichu stores up electricity in its body, and then suddenly releases it to surprise and shock everyone.  It will store so much energy that it must use its tail as a ground to avoid shocking itself.”  Dexter said.

Electra stirred in the bed.

“Pikachu? [What are you up to?]” She asked.

“I just wanted to see if I could fool my pokédex.  Guess not.  It recognizes me as a raichu.”  I said.

“Pikapipikachu? [What were you expecting?]”  She asked.

“I dunno.”  I said as I put away my pokédex.

“Good morning.”  Prof. Oak had come in the room.  “I think it’s time to do a little training.”

“Training?”  I asked.

“So you can get oriented in your body.”  Prof. Oak said.

We headed out into a nearby park.  There were lots of kids running around, others were battling their pokémon.  I had a strong urge to go fight, but that was the raichu’s body talking.

“We’ll start you off with something easy.”  Prof. Oak said as he pulled out one of my pokéballs.  “Go… err… what did you name your marril?”

“Wett.”  I said.

Electra giggled.

“Right.  Go Wett!”  Prof. Oak shouted as he released Wett.

Wett looked around, trying to find me.

“I’m over here Wett.”  I said.

“Marril? [Where?]”  Wett asked.

“I’m the raichu.”  I said.

“Marillmar!? [What happened to you!?]”  Wett asked.

“It’s a long story.  But now I need to get oriented in this new body, so let’s battle.”  I said.

“Marill. [Gladly.]”  Wett said as he got into his battle-ready position.

“For now, you just take orders from Prof. Oak.”  I said.

“It’s been awhile since I’ve done this, but Wett, use your water gun attack!”  Prof. Oak said.

Wett opened up his mouth and shot a blast of water at me.  My body reacted before I could think and I dodged the attack.  I regained control of my body and rushed at Wett in an attempt of a tackle attack.  Wett saw it coming and dodged the attack.  I fell over but quickly regained my bearings.

“Wett!  Tackle!”  Prof. Oak said.

Wett charged at me.  The attack hit home and I was thrown back.  I quickly got up.

“Pikachupikapi! [Use your thunderbolt!]”  Electra hollered.

“I’m not sure how!”  I answered.

“Pikapikapikachupi!  [Just do it, don’t think about doing it!]”  She said.

I could feel the electricity flowing through my body and into my cheeks as they charged up.  It was a warm fuzzy feeling.  Something in the back of my mind went ‘click’ and I released the electricity I had been charging up.  My cheeks were feeling a little numb as the electricity was released.  My aim was perfect and Wett got electrocuted.  Wett fell over and gave me a quick thumbs-up before he passed out.

“Okay, ummm… what did you name your Pidgeotto?”  Prof. Oak asked.

“Wynd.”  I said.

“Right.  Go Wynd!”  Prof. Oak shouted as he released Wynd.

“Pidgeoooo!? [Where’s Danté!?]”  Wynd asked.

“I’m down here.”  I said.  “Everything will be explained later.  For now, lets just battle.”

“Pidgeotto. [Let’s rock.]”  Wynd said.

Some kids were gathering around us in a large circle.  It was a rare opportunity to watch Prof. Oak in a pokémon battle.

“Wynd, use your gust attack!”  Prof. Oak shouted.

Wynd flew up and started flapping his wings hard, creating a small tornado that slammed into me.  I fell back, but quickly stood back up.  Without thinking about it, I was charging up for another electric attack.  I released a thunderbolt right at Wynd.  Wynd tried to dodge but got clipped by the bolt and fell to the ground, partially shocked and paralyzed.  Prof. Oak called Wynd back.  Electra stepped into the ring.

“Pikapikachu? [Ready for a real challenge?]”  She asked.

“Bring it on.”  I said.  “Professor, she can battle on her own.”

Prof. Oak stepped back to give us some room.  Electra charged at me in a slam attack.  I quickly charged some energy and produced some small shooting stars, which I promptly threw at Electra.  My swift attack hit home and stopped her slam attack.  I jumped at her in an attempt for a body slam, but she moved away and I hit the ground.  I quickly got back up and attacked her with a mega kick.  She stopped my mega kick with a mega kick of her own.  We were both knocked back.  She suddenly disappeared and reappeared in front of me and hit me hard on my chin.  I fell back, rolled away and stood up, rubbing my chin.  Electra gave me a smile.  I could feel my body charging up a lot of electricity.  I quickly used a little of that electricity to use my flash ability, temporarily blinding Electra.  Electra rubbed her eyes while I charged my electricity.  I was charging so much that a little of it was being released out of my cheeks.  I could hear the crackling of the electricity.  I was waiting for the ‘click’ in my mind to tell me to release it.  I was charging up for a massive thunder attack.  Electra finished rubbing her eyes.  The crowd around us had increased in size.  Everyone noticed that I was charging up for a massive attack, so everyone started moving back, to give us lots of room.  Some dark clouds began to form overhead.  Rain started to fall.  Thunder began to roll in the clouds.


I leapt into the air and a lightning bolt shot out of the clouds and collided with my body.  I released all the electricity that I had charged up.  I felt the lighting bolt pass through my body, enhancing my thunder attack.  My cheeks burned with all the electricity.  My body started to go numb.  I heard a loud explosion and I felt my body hit the ground.  I slowly got to my feet.  The rain was still falling, and the thunder was still rolling.  There was a lot of dust that had been thrown into the air.  When the dust cleared I saw Electra standing there, with her tail embedded into the ground.  She was covered in charred marks.  She was covering her face and was shivering.  Everyone in the crowd stood in silent awe of the power I had released.  My body was tingling all over.  Electra uncovered her face, opened her eyes, and looked around.  She was standing in a large crater, where my attack had hit.  She was the only thing in the crater that had not been destroyed by my attack.

“Pika. [Wow.]”  She said.

I was totally exhausted.  Consciousness began slip from me and I fell forward, closed my eyes and accepted the darkness.