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Danté’s Pokémon - Part 2
By Mega Raichu

(Passage of time – roughly one year)

            Over time I had learned to get a rough understanding of what Electra says to me.  Through her tone of voice and body language I can most often correctly interpret what she is talking about.  We can usually have good long conversations and I’ll understand most of it.  She had really grown attached to me and wanted me to choose her as my starting Pokémon.  To get to Pallet we decided to take a local ferry to the mainland and then a plane to Pallet.  I packed my backpack with all my necessities such as clothes, a large beach towel, food, compass, canteen, cooking utilities, my pocketknife, bedroll, toiletries, and some provisions for Electra such as a smaller bedroll for her, some Pokémon food, and of course her favorite scented soap (hey even female Pokémon want to smell nice).  The ferry ride was a long one to the mainland.  We passed the time by goofing off with the other trainers that were leaving the island.  We had a few battles, played some TCG, and shot the breeze (Electra’s a good aim).  Once the ship made it to the mainland, we headed straight for the airport and arrived just in time.  We had gotten our tickets through the Internet so we had our baggage checked and boarded almost immediately.  They put little plastic covers on Electra’s cheeks so that she wouldn’t cause any electrical interference.  She didn’t like them one bit, but she didn’t complain.  Luckily, the flight was a short one, a mere hour to get to Pallet.  It would have been a three or four hour drive depending on traffic.  When we got to Pallet, Prof. Oak was out for the day, so we had to stay in the Pokémon Center.  We sat around and watched TV.  While we were sitting around, another kid walked in.

“What kept you?”  One of the other kids asked.

“I got my dad to drive me.”  The late kid said.

“You should’ve flown.”  Another kid said.

“No way.  Planes are sooooo unsafe.  They could fall out of the air and crash!”  The late kid said.

“Why not take a train?”  I suggested.

“Trains are just as unsafe!”  The late kid said.

“Why?”  The first kid said.

“Because a plane could fall out of the air and crash into the train!”  The late kid said.

On that note, I picked up Electra and went to bed.  This was going to be an interesting journey.

            The next morning I woke up later than usual and quickly headed to Prof. Oak’s lab as the other kids were leaving.  Prof. Oak led me into his lab.  The lab was pretty big, as his house seemed small.  There were lots of computers, and complicated equipment.  There were a few aquariums that held small Krabbys.

“I’m afraid that the others have already taken all my regular starting Pokémon.”  Prof. Oak said.

“Well… I do have Electra here.”  I said.

Prof. Oak thought for a moment.

“I have an idea.”  He said.

He led me into the back of the lab.  On a table were three Pokéballs.  Each one had a white star engraved on it.

“You can start with your Pikachu or you can try something a bit unorthodox.” Prof. Oak said.

I looked down at Electra.  She wanted to be my starter, but she was as curious as I was.

“I guess I’ll go for that unorthodox thing.”  I said.

Prof. Oak smiled and produced a Pokédex and some Pokéballs.  He instructed me on how to capture a Pokémon, using Electra as an example.  Electra allowed herself to be captured and I let her out afterwards.  He then motioned to the three other Pokéballs on the table.

“These are special types of Pokémon.  I received them from Prof. Utsugi just the other day.  You may have one.”  Prof. Oak said.

I had no idea who Prof. Utsugi was, but nonetheless, I chose a Pokéball.  I pressed the button and a small, round, blue mouse appeared.

“Marril!”  It said.

“I’ve never seen a Pokémon like this before.  What is it?”  I asked.

“Consult your Pokédex to find out.”  Prof. Oak said.

I pulled out my Pokédex.

“Marril.  A water mouse Pokémon.  A Neo-Pokémon.  This mouse is adept at swimming and many other techniques of water sports.”  Dexter said.

“Pikapi!”  Electra exclaimed.

“A Neo?  You’re giving me a Neo?”  I asked.

“Yes.  Don’t tell anyone about it.  Just say you caught it.  I can get a replacement for it later.”  Prof. Oak said.

I left the lab and headed onto the path to Viridian city.  Marril and Electra had struck up a conversation.  What it was about, I didn’t know.


“Marril. Marril!”

“Pi!  Pikachu.”

“Marril.  Marmarmarril!”

“Pi pi pi pika pikachu?”



We set down for a quick rest.  I began to think of a nickname for Marril.

“Hmmm… Marril needs a nickname.”  I said, thinking out loud.

“How about HydroStrike?”  I asked.

Marril shook his head no.

“Oh… I kinda liked that name.  How about Sea-d’Marril?”  I asked.

Marril shook his head.  Electra fell over laughing.

“I don’t see you coming up with any names.”  I said.

I sat in thought for a moment.

“How about Wett?”  I asked.

Marril nodded his head.  Electra liked the name too.  We got up to move on.  Marril… er… Wett and Electra got back into their conversation.  It would take us two days to reach Viridian City.  The record for getting to Viridian City from Pallet was less than a day, set by Ash Ketchum who in turn was being chased by a flock Spearows.  A lot of new trainers said that didn’t count, but the fact remains that he got there in less than a day.  I wasn’t out to set any records so I just took my sweet time.  As we walked into the PokéCenter, I stared in awe at how good it looked.  It was much larger than the one back home.  I began to wonder how much money had gone into restoring this place after Ash’s Pikachu nearly destroyed this place.  I made a mental note to ask as I approached the counter.  I chatted with Nurse Joy, who had recognized me because my mom had sent a picture of me to every Nurse Joy in every Pokémon Center through e-mail.  After Electra and Wett were done in the rejuvinator, I took them and went to bed.  One hundred, sixty-two thousand, four hundred eighty-two dollars, and thirty-five cents was how much it cost to fix this place.  They had done a good job and it had been done quickly.  Amazing what Pokémon League can do when they want to get things done.

            I had an odd dream that night.  I was in the Pokémon Center.  A voice was calling my name from behind me.  I turned around and I saw the most gorgeous woman I had ever seen.  She had on some of my clothes.  She was very, …ummm… shapely.  She had a kind face, and deep blue eyes.  Her hair was deep brown and was long enough to reach the small of her back.  She was the girl of my dreams.  Her face seemed familiar to me, like I had seen her somewhere before.  I tried to remember but my mind was a blank.  She was so captivating, so beautiful.  She almost looked like…. My alarm went off and I saw that Electra was sitting on my chest waiting for me to wake up.  It wasn’t so bad, waking up to Electra every morning.  I wouldn’t mind waking up to that girl in my dreams every morning though.

“Good morning Electra.”  I said groggily.

“Pika pi!”  Roughly translated, that was Electra language for ‘Good Morning’.

Wett was still sleeping.  I wanted to go back to sleep, but we had a long walk through the woods ahead of us.  I got up, got dressed, woke Wett, and the three of us headed out to the Viridian Forest.

            When you live on an island you learn many different things, since you’re not distracted by the hustle and bustle of constant traffic and people.  One of the things you learn is bird calling.  We were walking a good pace, and I wanted to see if I could fool some Pokémon with one of my birdcalls.  It was a clear day, so I decided to try it.  I looked around.  There were some Caterpie hanging around in a small clearing.  I hid behind a bush.  Wett and Electra huddled next to me.

“Watch this.”  I whispered to them.

Electra and Wett watched carefully.  I slowly stood up.  The Caterpie didn’t notice me.

“Pidgeoooooooooo!”  I hollered like a Pidgeotto.

The Caterpie scattered.  Some bumped into each other.  A few got trampled.  I threw a Pokéball into the chaos.  It came back, loaded with a Caterpie.  Wett and Electra were laughing at the chaos I had caused. 

“I guess I should name my new Caterpie.”  I said.

I thought for a moment.

“I got it!”  I said.  “Bugger!”

Wett and Electra smiled at the name.  We walked back down the path.  I kept a sharp eye out for another chance to wreak more havoc.  The chance never came and night soon came upon us.  The night air was quiet.  We walked by the light of the moon.  I decided for another try with my birdcall.

“Pidgeooooooo!”  I hollered.

The sound echoed into the night.

“Pidgeooooooooo!’  I hollered.

“Pidgeooooooooooooooo!”  Another voice answered.

It sounded again and again.  A Pidgeotto flew overhead.  As soon as it realized that we were not another Pidgeotto, it attacked us.  It dived down at Electra and Wett.  Electra responded quickly and ducked away.  The Pidgeotto missed Wett.

“Wett!  Watergun!”  I shouted.

Wett opened his mouth and a stream of water shot out at the Pidgeotto.  The Pidgeotto fell to the ground, soaking wet.  Electra didn’t need an order from me, so she quickly let loose with a thundershock attack, frying the Pidgeotto.  I quickly threw a Pokéball at the Pidgeotto and captured it.

“Look guys.  We’ve got a new friend.”  I said.


“Marril!  Marril!”

“I guess I should name you huh?”  I asked the Pokéball that held my new Pidgeotto.

I stood there in though for a moment.

“How about Wynd?”  I said.

“Pikapi!”  Electra said in agreement.

So now my team was really shaping up.  Electra, my Pikachu, Wett, my Marril, Bugger, my Caterpie, and now Wynd, my Pidgeotto.  Things were really looking up for me.