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Danté’s Pokémon – Part 11
By Mega Raichu

             I stood in front of the doors that led to the emergency room.  We were really cutting it close for this so they had no time to take her to the maternity ward.  Mom had called the house and told my dad about what was happening.  My dad had rushed to the Pokécenter.  A few of my friends tagged along but the rest had either stayed at the party or had already gone home.  Time seemed to drag on as I waited for news.  Mom and dad and my friends waited with me.  Just then, the two doors opened and Nurse Joy stepped towards us, holding a small bundle.  She turned to me and handed the bundle to me.  It was a small, warm egg.  It had many little electric bolts on it, as though they had been painted.  Nurse Joy had told me to keep the egg warm and to be very careful with it.  She let me see Electra.  Electra was laying in a bed.  She looked exhausted.  I sat down next to her and laid the egg next to her.  She smiled weakly.  After getting restored in the rejuvinator, she was released from the hospital.  It was three a.m. before we got home.  With mom’s help, I was able to construct a suitable “nest” for the egg.  Electra had already fallen asleep. 

            Electra and I spent the next two weeks caring for the egg.  It was summertime so I had a lot of time on my hands.  We kept the egg warm by wrapping it in an electric blanket and we kept it near my space heater, with both blanket and heater on the lowest settings as to not overheat the egg.  Whenever we would leave the house, we would take the egg with us.  The girls just flocked around us to see it.  Electra was happy that I was taking such good care of her egg.  But I knew that when it would hatch, the baby pokémon would have to see Electra first.  I wanted to see the egg hatch.  So when the time would finally come, I would have Electra in my lap, facing the egg.  I would be behind her.  That way, the first thing the baby pokémon would see, would be Electra.

            The big day finally came.  Electra and I were playing some TCG when the egg started to shake.  Electra quickly jumped into my lap as the egg started to crack.  A small piece fell off the top and a small yellow hand emerged.  I couldn’t believe that I was witnessing this.  The small hand pushed at the shell and a small black tipped ear popped up.  Electra stared in wonder.  Then, the entire top of the egg broke apart and a small round, yellow face appeared.  It stared directly at Electra.

“Pichu!  [Mommy!]” The little pichu said.

Electra was so happy, she cried.  The Pichu tried to break off the rest of the eggshell but fell over backwards.  I picked it up and peeled off the rest of the shell.  I placed the little Pichu in front of Electra.  The Pichu looked around my room with wide eyes.  Electra looked at the Pichu with a look of motherly love.  I lifted the Pichu and Electra and brought them downstairs to show mom and dad.  Mom was so happy, but a little disappointed that she didn’t see the birth.

            It took a little bit of adjustment, on everybody’s part, but the Pichu quickly became a part of the family.  She only told the little pichu that I was his “uncle”.  That was close enough.  He even called me “uncle Danté”.  He was full of questions about the world.  Questions about himself and other pokémon.  Questions about human beings in general.  We answered his questions to the best of our ability.  But now that we had a complete family, I saw no need to go back out for more training.  So I finished school, got a job, an apartment, a car, and a girlfriend who accepted Electra, and Electra stayed with me for as long as she possibly could, as did all my other pokémon.  It wouldn’t be long before I got kids of my own.  And once they reached fifteen years old, they wanted to go out on their own journeys.  But that’s another story.