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Danté’s Pokémon – Part 10
By Mega Raichu

“As a researcher I really must tell you the dangers of such a process.  Plus this is against all rules and regulations set forth by Pokémon League.”  Bill said.

“Look Bill.  You needed to do some research on this stuff and you have an opportunity to study a new Pokémon.”  I said.

“Well yes.”  Bill answered.

“So do please shut up.”  I said.

Bill shook his head and bent over a keyboard and began to type on it.

“Ready when you are.”  Bill stated.

A tube began to fill with a strange liquid.

“That’s where you’re new body will grow.”  Mewtwo said.

I remained silent.

“Here’s a stupid question.  What happens if something goes wrong?”  The Raichu asked.

I frowned.  That was a good question.  They tried several times to create Mewtwo.  What if they couldn’t recreate me?  Mewtwo noticed the expression on my face.

“What’s wrong?”  Mewtwo asked.

“What if something goes wrong?”  I asked.

“Nothing will go wrong.”  Bill said.

“How can he be so sure?”  The Raichu asked.

“We are making a duplicate of your body.  In Mewtwo’s case, they were enhancing his genetic structure.  Those ‘enhancements’ sometimes led to defects that were fatal, except for one instance where Mewtwo was successfully created.”  Bill said.  “For you, we are not changing anything in your DNA.  It will remain as it was given to us.”

Relieved, I let out a soft sigh.

“How long will this take?”  I asked.

“About a day or two.”  Mewtwo said.

“Sufficient time.”  The Raichu said.

“For what?”  I thought.

“For you to decide if you want to go back.”  The Raichu responded.

“Why would I need to decide?”  I thought.

“For her.”  The Raichu said.

He was right.  I was a very important person to Electra.  And now that I had the chance to be with her on a deeper level, she didn’t want me to go back.  I had to talk to her.  She was outside.  Mewtwo and Bill were so engrossed in their work that they didn’t notice me leaving the room.  I found Electra snoozing on a plastic lawn chair while the others were happily playing nearby.  I sat down next to her and she promptly woke up.

“Hey.”  I said quietly.

She sat up silently.

“How much longer?”  I asked.

She looked down at herself.

“Pikapikachu.  [Not much longer now.]”  She said.

“So what’s it gonna be?”  I asked.

“Pikachu. [A pichu.]”  She said.

“I mean, a boy or a girl?”  I said.

“Pi.  Pipikapikachu.  [Oh.  There’s no way to know.]”  She said.

“It’ll be an egg.”  The Raichu said.

“You stay out of this.”  I thought.

“Okay.  It won’t be easy but I like challenges.”  The Raichu said.

I ignored him and returned my attention to Electra.  She was holding the end of her tail.

“You don’t want me to change back do you?”  I asked.

“Pikachu?  [Is it that obvious?]”  She asked.

“Electra.  You’re very important to me, in more ways than one.  But, I can’t go on living as a Pokémon.  I have to be human.   It’s the only life I’ve ever known.  Please understand.”  I said softly.

“Pikachu. [I understand.]”  She said with a sad look.

“Don’t feel down Electra.  We’ll always be together.”  I said.

She nodded but said nothing. 

It was two days later when my body was ready.  There had been no complications and my body was alive.  My new body lay on a small bed.  Prof. Oak and Prof. Utsugi were called in to return my consciousness to my body.  I looked over my body.  It was being kept alive by life support systems of Mewtwo’s design.  I stared at my face.  My body seemed so lifeless.  It was almost as if I were looking into the face of a stranger.  But I reminded myself that soon I would be back in there soon.  Electra had perked up over the course of the last two days.  I wasn’t about to jinx that.  Once the apparatus was set up, Prof. Utsugi strapped me into it and placed the helmet on my head.  I closed my eyes.

“It’s been nice knowing you kid.”  The Raichu said.

“Likewise.”  I thought.

“Take care of her.  She needs you now more than ever.”  The Raichu said.

I lost consciousness as Prof. Oak started the machine.  I woke up in the black void again.  In the distance I could see my human body.  I ran towards it.  As I got closer to it, I felt myself part from the Raichu.  Then, when I was almost upon my body, I blacked out again.  After the eternity that was two minutes, I slowly opened my eyes.  I turned my head and saw the Raichu in the next bed.  I looked the other way and I saw Prof. Oak, Prof. Utsugi, an astounded Bill, Mewtwo, and lastly Electra.  I slowly sat up.  But I quickly became disoriented and fell back on the bed.

“You’ll feel slightly disoriented.  This new body hasn’t been alive before.”  Mewtwo said.  “Just give it time.”

I turned my head and looked at Electra.

“Electra.”  I said, surprisingly clearly.  “Say something.”  I said.

“Pikachu?”  She asked.

I couldn’t understand what she had said.

“Guess I can’t understand Pokémon language anymore.”  I said.

“You’ll need to rest for a short while before you can leave.”  Prof. Utsugi said as he returned the Raichu to a Pokéball.

“Yes indeed.  Bill, you should watch over him until he recovers completely.”  Prof. Oak said.

“Of course Prof. Oak.  May I show you to the door?”  Bill asked and ushered the two scientists out of the room.

“My work is done here.  I should go.”  Mewtwo said.

“Thank you Mewtwo.”  I said.  “I guess you really do know what it’s like to be alive.”

“Oh and don’t tell anyone, but you really can understand the Pokémon language.  It’s just another thing that will return in time.”  Mewtwo said.  “I detected it with my psychic powers.  You developed it while you were a Pokémon and it has embedded itself within your consciousness.  It’s better that no one knows or they may try to harvest that ability, which will be bad for you.”

Mewtwo took one last look at Electra and then left the room.  Electra came up to me.

“Pipikachu.”  Electra said.

I had no idea what she had said, but I guessed it was something along the lines of “Welcome back” as she licked my face.  My arms felt like lead and I became really tired.  I closed my eyes and fell asleep.  It would be several hours before I would wake up again. 

            Electra was sound asleep when I woke up.  Bill came into the room with my mom and dad close behind.  I sat up.  This time I was successful.  Electra woke up.  Mom hugged me while crying.  My dad looked at me with a smile on his face.  I smiled back.  Bill was obviously thankful for us to leave, though he tried his best not to show it.  But he was openly eager to get back to studying Prof. Utsugi’s apparatus and Mewtwo’s cloning device.  We left him to his work and went back home.  The trip home was quite enjoyable, and when I got home, my mom and dad had invited all my friends for a welcome home party.  It was a pretty wild party.  Loud music, good food, and good friends.  The only one who didn’t seem to be enjoying herself was Electra.  She retired up to my room early in the party.  When she didn’t come down to get some dinner, I became worried and went up there to see how she was doing.  She was in my bed when I got there.  She was curled up, but she wasn’t asleep.

“Come on Electra.  The party’s just starting.”  I said.

“Pi…. Pipikachu.”  [I… I think it’s time.]”  She said.

A thousand thoughts shot through my head at that moment.  But one thought stood out from the rest : “GET HER TO THE POKéCENTER YOU IDIOT!!”  I quickly, but carefully, picked her up and rushed her out of the house.  Several people were wondering what I was in such a hurry about, but they went on partying.  Mom followed me to the Pokécenter.  When she arrived I was handing Electra to Nurse Joy.

“Is everything okay?”  Mom asked.

“Electra’s having a baby.”  I said.