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In The Army Now
By Mega Raichu
Part 8

What is it that brings about the most vile, evil, and despicable emotions in men? That one question is one of the questions about man that has yet to be answered. What caused Hitler to bring about the holocaust? What caused Stalin to order the purges? Why did the South believe so adamantly in slavery? Evil is one part of human nature that cannot be explained. It is just there. It needs no explanation. For the most part, because no explanation can be given. What Surge and his troops will find will both surprise them, and disgust them. And they too, will have no explanation for what they will see.

Surge and his troops marched along the corridors of the massive Rocket complex, until they were assaulted by a massive stench. The smell was so overwhelming, that Surge ordered a retreat.

"Man, what is that smell!?" Surge exclaimed.

"Smells like rotten meat, or growlithe dung, or both." Gentleman remarked.

One of the men produced a gas mask.

"I ain't going in there. Whatever it is, it smells worse than a Muk." The soldier with the gasmask said.

"I'll go." Gentleman said as he snagged the mask.

"Be careful." Surge said.

Gentleman pulled the mask over his face and brought his shotgun around. He unlocked a nearby door and pushed it open with the barrel of his gun. He suddenly stopped, turned and gagged loudly.

"OH GAWD!" Gentleman shouted.

"What is it? Is it a Muk?" Surge asked.

"Worse." Gentleman said as he made his way back to the group, gagging and coughing.

Gentleman pulled the mask off his face and promptly vomited in a corner.

"Well, what did you see?" Surge asked.

"Ugh." Gentleman said hoarsely. "Go see for yourself."

Surge took the mask from Gentleman, put it on his face and went to the door. He pushed the door open and gawked at what he saw. What he saw turned his stomach inside out. There must've been fifty of them. Five in each cell. It was a prison. Each cell, full of dead men. Their mangled corpses laid in a heap, probably in the same position when they died. Their twisted faces looked as though they had been screaming at death. A medic came up behind Surge with a rag over his nose. The medic looked around, at a loss for words. They were all dead, and laying in piles of their own excretions. Something began to well up inside of Surge. But it wasn't nausea. It was pure anger. Whoever, or more likely, whatever did this was not human. But a monster. The medics went to inspect each of the men in the cells. The report they gave Surge was not a good one.

"They were the soldiers from Kanto that we came to give back up to." One of the medics said.

"Damn." Surge said. "No wonder they weren't waiting for us."

"They've been dead for some time. I'd say, since before we even got here." The other medic said.

"What killed them? Torture?" Surge asked.

"No. But I was just about to get to that. You see, umm... I'm not sure how to explain this. You see, some of them are... well... different." The first medic said.

"Different? How?" Surge asked.

"Well, one man has, umm... wings." The other medic said.

"Wings." Surge said.

"Yes sir." The first medic said.

"Birds wings?" Surge asked.

"More like, a Pidgeot's wings." The other medic said.

"Wait, you're telling me that this guy has got Pokémon wings!?" Surge asked.

"Not only that, but some men have tails, some have horns, almost all of them have fur. It looks like that is what killed them. Their bodies did not accept the changes done to them. They all died excruciatingly painful deaths." The first medic said.

"What kind of monster would do that to these men?" Surge asked.

"I don't know. But whoever, or whatever has done this cannot be allowed to live. But that's just my opinion." The second medic said.

"Your opinion is shared." Surge said. "We need to get to that network and see what the Rocket's have in store for the world with this kind of experimenting. Then we kill whoever's in charge."

With that, Surge and his men marched down the hallways. The hallways were deathly quiet. Nothing was coming at them. No Rockets, no nothing. Surge ordered his men to stay alert. They came to a large set of double-doors. Surge opened them slowly and peeked through. There was a large stadium-like area beyond the doors.

"I don't like the look of this." Surge stated.

"But there's no other way to get through." Gentleman said. "Like it or not, we have no other choice."

Surge opened the doors and he and his men marched into the stadium, with weapons at ready. No sooner than all the men had entered the stadium, the two double-doors slammed shut. Two men tried to pry the doors open, but to no avail. A voice boomed throughout the room through a loudspeaker.

"So here are my little troublemakers! Ha ha ha! Can't those boys in Kanto send me a real challenge!?" The voice shouted.

"Ricardo Giovanni." Surge said. "I'd know that voice anywhere."

"Well, I suppose you can be the test subjects for my latest creation! Beta, go! Destroy them!" Giovanni shouted.

Suddenly, a patch of the floor popped up and a large Machamp popped up from the hole. Only it wasn't completely a Machamp. It had a human face. Some of it's skin was ripped and was swollen red. It had a cybernetic left upper hand and right leg. It's eyes glowed red.

"What the hell is that!?" Surge shouted.

Giovanni offered no answer as Beta launched himself at the group of men. Surge opened fire with his rifle as Gentleman fired off his shotgun at Beta. Beta was unaffected as he flew through the air. Surge and Gentleman dodged just in time. Some of the soldiers began throwing out their pokémon. An Electabuzz, two Magneton's, and a Magmar appeared. Surge threw Raichu's ball. Raichu appeared, noticed Beta and went right into his first attack, a thunderbolt. The attack seemed to do no damage. Beta leapt at the Electabuzz and lifted it into the air. The Electabuzz tried hard to electrocute Beta, but it's electricity was not doing any good. Beta leapt into the air and slammed the Electabuzz hard into the ground in a massive Seismic Toss. The Electabuzz fainted quickly.

"Buzz!" The Pokémon's owner shouted.

The two Magneton's were circling Beta, zapping it with their electric attacks, while staying out of reach. Surge brought about his crossbow, and took careful aim. The Magmar tried for a Fire Punch, but Beta caught the punch and threw the Magmar into a nearby wall, causing it to faint. Raichu let loose with another thunderbolt, but aimed his attack at Beta's cybernetic leg. The attack hit home and Beta suddenly collapsed. His cybernetic leg had become crippled. But Beta looked at Raichu, lifted his cybernetic hand and suddenly, five small missiles launched out of the hand. Raichu quickly summoned another electric attack, taking out all five missiles. One of the Magneton's shot a thunderbolt at the cybernetic hand causing it to short circuit and explode. Surge took that opportunity to fire his crossbow. The bolt flew through the air and into Beta's waiting neck. Beta collapsed to the ground, unmoving. Surge stood and went over to inspect the strange Pokémon.

"Wh.... who... who are... you?" Beta asked.

"You can talk?" Surge asked.

"Yessssss. I... talk. You... you come... to... ssssssave... usssssss?" Beta asked.

"Yes. We're here to save you." Surge said.

"Can't... ssssssave... ussssss. You.... mussssst... kill ussssssss." Beta said. "Kill.... Giovanni. Kill... me."

"But..." Surge started.

"KILL ME!" Beta shouted. "I... wasssss ssssoldier... from Kanto. Now... am monsssster. We... all... monsssssstersssss. Pleasssssse. Kill... usssss... all!"

"But you could be saved!" Surge shouted.

"NO! Imposssssible. Kill... me! KILL ME NOW!!!!" Beta shouted.

Surge brought out his pistol and aimed it at Beta's head. All the other soldiers turned away. A solitary gun shot echoed throughout the complex.

***Okay, so I got that last part from Metal Gear Solid.  That part where Snake puts Wolf out of her misery was just one of the best dramatic scenes in that entire game!***