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In The Army Now
By Mega Raichu
Part 6

From the roll of the dice to the chance meeting of friendly natives, almost everything in life is based on luck. Good luck comes to those who either work for it or deserve it. Bad luck comes in equal proportions. Some say your luck can run out. Some say, good luck never leaves. But should you be in receipt of good luck, just pray that it holds up and hope that bad luck leaves quickly.

Surge and Fritz walked around the village. The natives were helping the wounded soldiers in Surge's team. Fritz was explaining to Surge about what had been happening before he had arrived.

"We have spies everywhere. We know this island. The Rockets have caused us nothing but grief. All the time, our numbers grow smaller, yet we will always resist them." Fritz said. "They are fortified in the mountain. It is almost impregnable."

"Then how are we supposed to get in?" Surge asked.

"I'm glad you asked that. You see, we have made several raids on the Rockets. We sabotage equipment, we steal weapons and supplies." Fritz said. "But even with our stockpile of weapons and ammunition, my people will not use them. They do not believe in such weaponry. You will stop the Rockets won't you?"

"Yes. That's why we're here." Surge said.

"Good. When your men are ready, I shall lead you to the stockpile. Take whatever you need from there." Fritz said.

"Excellent. I saw a satellite dish from our reconnaissance photos. Do you know where it is exactly?" Surge asked.

"Yes. There is a communications center just up the mountain. If you wish to go there, I can show you the way." Fritz said.

Surge and Fritz talked a little while longer before Gentleman came up to Surge with a status report.

"All the men are in fighting condition, and we have two extra men that came from our checkpoint in the northern forest. Everybody is set to go."

"Excellent." Surge said, then he turned to Fritz. "I'll get my men, then you can take us to the stockpile."

Gentleman and Surge then rounded up all the men. Including Surge and Gentleman, there were twelve men in all, and according to the other two men, there was more coming. Fritz led Surge and his men through the jungle to the foot of the mountain where a cave was hidden behind some thick vines. They cleared the vines away and entered. There were racks and racks of weapons and ammo and a pile of med kits.

"Take what you can carry! Every grunt should have a rifle and pistol! Load your weapons and take as many clips as you can carry!" Surge barked. "Medics should all have a pistol and some clips and as many med kits as they can carry!"

"This cave goes up the mountain and exits near the Communications Center. You will see the Center when you exit. The cave does not branch off and there is nothing living here." Fritz said, then he left.

Surge spotted a crossbow with a sniper scope hanging on the wall. He lifted it and it was surprisingly light. There was a strap on it, so he flung it over his shoulder. There was no ammo for it, but he figured he would find some. But in the mean time it would do for binoculars, as no one had a pair.

Surge led his men up through the cave. With everyone's wounds healed and their weapons loaded, everyone's spirits were up. Even Surge was feeling good about this. They soon came to the exit of the cave. Surge stopped all the men before exiting. He himself exited the cave and brought the crossbow around and looked through the scope. He could see the entrance to the Center, plain as day. No one was guarding it and there were no windows. Surge smiled at this. He looked around in the surrounding bushes and trees, but could not make out any kind of human life. Surge knew he had the advantage here. He put the crossbow back and went back into the cave.

"There are no windows and I don't see anybody. The inside of that place must be heavily guarded, but we've got the element of surprise." Surge said. "We'll move forward, but silently. Keep your weapons at ready."

Surge lifted his rifle and pointed it forward as he walked towards the Communications Center. As he got nearer to it, the satellite dish came into full view. It wasn't too large, but Surge figured it would do the job. They got to the Center without any kind of trouble. Surge motioned for some men to take positions on each side of the door. Surge stood in front of the door and slowly turned the doorknob. The door swung open silently. Surge peered in, with the barrel of his gun, pointing the way. Surge took point as he moved into the building. Surge motioned for three other men and for the rest to stay behind. Gentleman and two other grunts came up behind him. There were voices coming from the next room. Surge listened to the conversation.

"We got confirmation sir. The surprise attack went smoothly. But some of the Kanto soldiers escaped." On Rocket said.

"Well we have to find them! The boss won't be happy if he knew that there are some rouge enemy soldiers running around." Another Rocket said. "Kanto will most likely just send another garrison after us. They won't support these men. If they do send more men, we already know how to handle them. Either that, or Kanto may try to negotiate."

"NEGOTIATE THIS!" Surge shouted as he rushed into the room, Pokéball flying and rifle firing.

The other three men followed suit and released their Pokémon. Several Rocket soldiers heard the commotion and came into the room, with their Pokémon at point. The Pokémon were fighting in the center of the room, giving the Rocket soldiers sufficient cover. But Surge and the other men were already coming around the room and firing on the Rocket soldiers.

"Take prisoners!" Surge shouted.

Some of the men left behind began to rush into the room, firing on enemy Pokémon, causing them to faint and also firing on the enemy soldiers. Within moments, the attack was over. There were a few prisoners, and they were already being questioned. Surge approached the communcation console. He tapped on the keyboard for a few moments, entering Kanto's Communication's frequency. A screen popped up and showed the face of the communication's officer back at the Kanto camp.

"Corporal! How are you contacting us!?" The officer asked.

"That doesn't matter! We need backup! We ran into an ambush and we need more men and supplies and some air support!" Surge said.

"I'm sorry. But you've been declared expendable. Cutting connection." The officer said.

The screen went black. Surge stood there for a moment. Suddenly, the screen came to life. The Major's face appeared.

"Corporal! It's good to see you." The Major said.

"Did you know we've been declared expendable?!" Surge asked.

"What!? No! They did it again! They declared the last troops expendable and sent you to... I see. So that's their game." The Major said.

"What? What's their game? Surge asked.

"Nevermind. Where are you?" The Major asked.

"The Rocket's Communication Center." Surge said.

"Wow, you got that far. You need to keep going and hit them where it hurts! I need you to collect as much information about the Rockets as you can! And if possible, stop them." The Major said.

"Yes sir." Surge said.

"And son. Good luck." The Major said.

The screen went blank.

"He called me son." Surge said to himself.

"Sir?" Gentleman asked.

"What is it Gentleman?" Surge asked.

"We have the prisoners. We didn't have any casualties." Gentleman said.

Surge looked around. The prisoners were in another room. Most of the men had gathered and seemed to be very proud of the job they did.

"Men!" Surge shouted, all eyes turned to him. "Apparently, the top brass doesn't think we can cut it! We've been declared ...expendable. But that doesn't mean we have to stop. Our new orders are to collect as much information as possible and, if possible, put an end to the Rockets terrorism! And we're gonna do just that. Aren't we!?"

Several of the men cheered and whistled and hooped and hollered. But all Surge could think of was "He called me 'son'."