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In The Army Now
By Mega Raichu
Part 3

        There comes a time in every man's life when he has to tell the one he loves that he is going to do something that they might not agree with. War is one of those "disagreeable's". One of two things can happen here : one, they will totally side with you, or two, they won't accept it and if you don't do it, they may leave. This is the exact course of events that Surge must face now. How will Sophie react to the Major's decision to put Surge in this upcoming war? Only time will tell.

        Surge and Pikachu, having gotten a pass to leave the base, walked down the street, searching for Sophie. She wasn't at work or home and no one seemed to know where she was. Surge had a good idea of where she might be. He walked into an alleyway and hopped a fence at the far end. This put him at the edge of a small wooded area. He knew this area well. He and Sophie had blazed this trail several times in the past. In fact, walking through this place forced memories of their first meeting into his head.

        It wasn't that long ago, only a year, since he met Sophie. She was such a nice girl, even back then. They were the same age, but completely different in every single way, so nonetheless, they hit it off perfectly. They did have some things in common. A passion for pokémon training, a love for books and movies and music. They even liked the same color : green. But he was practically a soldier when he met her and she had always been her free-spirited self. It was their difference in personalities that brought them together. Sophie took it as a personal challenge to turn this hardened soldier into a soft caring man. And eventually they learned to love each other. They first met at a party. Surge had snuck out of his home to go as he had heard about it at his school. He climbed out of his window, jumped the back fence and ran down two blocks before slowing to a walk. He quickly came upon the house that hosted the party. The house belonged to a classmate. He had been invited because everyone said that if you only go to one party this year, this is the one. Unfortunately this party turned out to be one of those party's thrown by a nerd to make some friends. Sophie was out on the balcony chatting with some friends, and she didn't even notice Surge standing right behind her. He was facing away from her and didn't notice her either. It was their conversation that caught his attention.

"Have you seen that Surge guy?" One girl asked.

[They're talking about me.]

"Yeah. He's like, a soldier or something." The second girl asked.

[Soon to be.]

"He's always so serious, I'd bet he'll never get a decent girlfriend." The first girl asked.

[Define "decent".]

"Is he that serious?" Sophie asked.

[Yeah, am I?]

"Oh absolutely. Always so stiff when he stands and he marches around." The first girl started doing a mock-march, then did a mock-salute. "Yes sir!"

[Don't mock me.]

Sophie flicked her hair back with her hand.

"Sounds like a real challenge to me." Sophie said.

[Is that so?]

"You actually think you could turn that...soldier into someone less tough?" The second girl asked.

[And the challenge is set...]

"Sure, I could do it." Sophie said.

[And accepted.]

"I'd like to see that." Surge finally spoke up.

The other two girls turned, saw him, then scattered back into the house, abandoning Sophie. He stared at her with a smile on his face. Her face was red.

[But can she live up to it?]

"So you think that you could change me from this 'soldier' to something 'less tough'?" Surge asked.

"I could do it." She said nervously.


"Then why don't you?" Surge asked with a smile on his face.

Sophie looked at him for a moment, relaxed and smiled.

"Sure. Let's blow this place. Such a dull party." Sophie said.

Then hand in hand, they blazed that trail into the wooded area at the edge of the city. They talked the entire way. Within a few minutes they found a small clearing. A fallen log, a boulder, tall grass, all surrounded by large trees. The moonlight shone down through the hole in the treetops as if it were meant to be illuminated by the heavens. That was where Surge was heading now. He somehow knew that he'd find her there. He stopped behind a tree, behind the fallen log. Sophie was sitting on the log, facing away from him. He smiled and snuck up silently behind her. He quickly put his hands over her eyes.

[Ahh, found you.]

"Guess who?" He asked.

She shot up and turned to face him. She had a look of anger etched onto her face. Surge reeled back by the sight of her fury.

[Uh oh.]

"How dare you came back here!" She said furiously.

[What the?]

"Wha... what..." He started.

"Don't act all innocent, you jerk!" She shouted.


"Sophie, what's with you?" He asked.

"You know damn well what's with me!" She shouted.

[She cursed. That's not a good thing. She only curses when she's really mad. What did I do this time?]

"Sophie, calm down and tell me what happened." Surge said calmly.

"You already know! You freakin' dumped me!" She shouted.

[I did? No way! I would remember!]

"No I didn't." Surge said.

"Your dad called my house and told me..." She started.

[So it's like that huh? Now it's personal.]

"Hold on. He told you that?"


[Confirmation. Just what I need. I'll get him for this.]

"He was lying."

"He was?"

[No doubt about it, now. He'll pay.]

"Of course. Why would I want to dump you? And if I were going to, I would at least be man enough to tell you in person."

"But, why would he do that?" She had calmed down by this point.

[Because he doesn't like you. Oh yeah, he'll pay.]

"He probably didn't like the fact that you helped me catch Pikachu." He pointed to the pokéball on his belt.

She stayed silent for a moment. Tears began to form in her eyes. He saw this and took her into his arms. She cried into his shoulder. Between sobs, she would blurt out an apology. He rubbed her back. When she was done crying, he sat her down on the log to give her the news.

"There's something I have to tell you, Sophie." He said.

"You're not really going to leave me are you?" She asked.

[Not in the way you're thinking.]

"Of course not." Surge said.

"Then what is it?" She asked.

[Here goes nothing.]

"There's a possibility that I might have to be sent off to war." He said.

She sat silently. She looked down at the ground.

[Not good.]

"Are you okay?" He asked.

She sat silently, her gaze unwavering.

[Red alert! Red alert!]

"Sophie?" He asked.

She stayed silent.

[Come on. Talk to me.]

She looked at him.

"I don't know what to say." She said.

[Just say its okay.]

"War's something terrible. I don't like it." She said.

[No one does.]

"Sometimes, war is inevitable. Sometimes, you just have to fight for what you believe in. Fight for your home. Fight for the ones you love." He said.

She looked at him and smiled.

[A good sign?]

"Then you'll be fighting for me?" She asked.

[Ding ding ding!]

"Absolutely." He said as he softly caressed her cheek.