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In The Army Now
By Mega Raichu
Part 10

A final battle between the forces of good and the forces of evil, throughout history, has always been the ending point to a ferocious war. There were some pretty historic final battles in the past. For example, there was the final battle between King Arthur and his son, where both died on each other's swords. Other final battles never really happened, and thus make the evil leader look pretty pathetic. The best example of this was the ending of World War II, where Hitler shot himself in his bunker. Soon after that, his dreaded Nazi army would fall. A final battle is about to ensue here between the forces of good, Surge, and the forces of evil, Giovanni.

Giovanni stood high on his platform, looking down on the two Kanto soldiers that had invaded his control room. He smiled smugly to himself and dropped the sealed plastic vial of strange liquid into his pants pocket. 'A last resort', Giovanni thought to himself. Giovanni leapt from the platform down to the ground and hit the ground in a three point landing, keeping the rifle aimed at Surge. Giovanni slowly stood up, still keeping the rifle's barrel pointed at Surge. Surge, in turn pulled the crossbow off his shoulder and leaned it up against the doors. He then unstrapped his own rifle and brought it around and pointed it at Giovanni.

"Now we finish this." Surge growled.

"Yes, lets!" Giovanni shouted.

Gentleman ducked behind a large column in the room as Surge opened fire first. Giovanni ducked away and returned fire, which Surge promptly avoided. Surge quickly jumped behind the column to stand next to Gentleman, who already had his shotgun at ready.

"When you get a chance, grab the crossbow and get up on that platform." Surge said. "When I give the signal, give him a poisoned bolt."

Gentleman nodded as Surge whipped around the column and surprised Giovanni with a few quick shots. Giovanni was forced to duck behind cover as Surge leapt and rolled behind a large metal desk.

"This is getting us nowhere!" Giovanni shouted.

"So what do you suggest?" Surge shouted back as he reloaded his rifle.

"That we meet on even terms! No weapons! Just fists!" Giovanni shouted.

A bullet ricocheted off the top of the desk. Surge jumped up, shot off a few rounds and ducked back behind the desk as a few more bullets bounced off the top of the desk. 'Sturdy desk' Surge thought.

"Well?" Giovanni asked.

"You first." Surge shouted.

Surge heard a clatter and then he saw Giovanni's rifle slide into view. Surge stood up. Giovanni was in the center of the room with his arms outstretched to show he was unarmed. Surge tossed his rifle to the side. Through the corner of his eye he could see Gentleman making his way to the platform.

"All of it." Giovanni said.

Surge grunted and pulled out his pistol and placed it on the desk. He then plucked Raichu's ball off his belt and placed it on the desk. Surge could see Giovanni's pokéballs neatly placed on another desk on the opposite side of the room.

"Now we'll see what you are really made of!" Giovanni shouted.

Surge raised his fists in a combat position. He fell back into the fighting stance taught to all soldiers in the Kanto army. Giovanni made the first move this time. Giovanni leapt at Surge in an attempt to grab him, but Surge saw it coming and moved to the side. Once Giovanni hit the ground, Surge leapt and punched downward and struck Giovanni in the small of his back. Giovanni yelped in pain and scrambled to get away. He was too slow. Once he was on his feet, he turned and met a punch from Surge in the face. Another one quickly followed. Giovanni staggered back. Surge quickly spun around, bringing his right leg up in a spin kick. The steel toe of his boot struck the side of Giovanni's face. Giovanni flew into an empty desk. The desk collapsed under his weight. 'Not as sturdy as I thought' Surge thought. Surge was tempted to get his gun but Giovanni was already standing up. Giovanni swung his fist, catching Surge completely off guard. The blow struck Surge in the face, but Surge knew that another would quickly follow and blocked the next blow with his arm. Surge then returned with an upper-cut to Giovanni's chin. Giovanni was knocked back but he still stood. Surge then rushed over to Giovanni, reached down with both hands, interlocked his fingers and brought his hands up towards Giovanni's chin in a massive two handed haymaker. Giovanni was lifted off his feet by the sheer force of the blow. Giovanni was thrown back and fell onto his back. 'This guy is nothing' Surge thought. He was about to give the order to fire, when Giovanni started to laugh.

"Heh heh heh." Giovanni wiped the blood from his mouth.

"What's so funny?" Surge asked.

"It's been a long time since I had such a good fight." Giovanni pulled himself up. "You're a whole lot better than I anticipated."

Surge stood in silence, watching Giovanni's every move.

"But, that will not save you for what is to come." Giovanni said as he pulled out the vial.

Before Surge could react, Giovanni popped the seal on the vial and drank the liquid. Giovanni began to change. He grew larger, his skin turned scaly and red, his neck elongated, but his face remained the same, two large wings sprouted from his back, and a large tail with a flame grew from the small of his back. Both Surge and Gentleman were too shocked to react. Giovanni let out a loud roar. A charizard's roar.

"I've finally perfected it! I have made the perfect soldier!" Giovanni shouted. "I've combined my own genetic code with the DNA of a charizard! I have become something more than human! I am Giozard!"

"It's a monster!" Surge shouted.

Surge bolted for his gun. Giozard shot a fireball in front of Surge, creating a firewall. Surge took a step back and leapt through the fire. He got a little singed but managed to make it through. He lifted his pistol and grabbed Raichu's pokéball. Surge turned and shot at the monster, but the bullets merely ricocheted off of it. Giozard shot another fireball at Surge. Surge leapt out of the way as the fireball smashed into the desk, engulfing it and both rifles in flames. Surge ducked behind the column. He could feel his heart beating.

"Come on out and fight!" Giozard shouted.

Surge heard Giozard stomping around.

"You can't hide forever!" Giozard shouted.

Surge thought for a moment. His bullets had no affect. That meant that the bolts might not have any affect. 'But maybe if he was weakened...' Surge thought. Then he looked down at the pokéball in his hand. The light bulb in his head clicked on. Surge took in a deep breath.

"Giozard!" Surge shouted.

"There you are!" Giozard shouted back and shot a fireball at the column.

The column provided sufficient cover so Surge wasn't harmed.

"You're a pokémon now huh?" Surge asked.

"Yeah! So?" Giovanni replied.

"So you wouldn't mind finishing this with a pokémon battle would you?" Surge shouted.

There was a brief moment of silence.

"Fine then. I'll kill your pokémon and then you." Giozard said.

Surge took another deep breath and then came out from behind his cover. Surge dropped Raichu's pokéball, it popped open and Raichu materialized. Raichu looked over at his opponent and looked back at Surge, confused.

"It's gonna be a regular pokémon battle Raichu. Just think of him as a regular Charizard." Surge said.

Raichu gave Surge an affirmative nod. Surge looked up at the platform without moving his head, and saw that Gentleman was in position, waiting for Raichu to weaken Giozard. Surge then turned his attention back to Giozard, who was looking at Raichu and chuckling.

"This is all you have to offer me?" Giozard said.

Surge merely smiled.

"Alright! Let's go! Raichu! Use your mega kick!" Surge shouted.

Raichu leapt at Giozard and spun around for a mega kick. Giozard took the blow to the head. But Giozard wasn't even fazed.

"My turn?" Giozard asked.

Surge stood there speechless, Raichu watched and waited. Giozard pulled it's head back and let loose with a flamethrower attack. Raichu dodged at the last second. Surge regained his bearings and began to shout orders to Raichu.

"Raichu! Use your body slam!" Surge shouted.

Raichu charged at Giozard. Giozard tried to slash at Raichu, but Raichu dodged the attack and slammed, shoulder first, into Giozard's gut. Giozard roared in pain and was knocked back. Raichu wasn't sure at how he did it, but he was sure of one thing, he found a weak point.

"Raichu! Follow up with another mega kick!" Surge shouted.

Raichu charged towards Giozard. Giozard, still being winded from the last attack put up no resistance as Raichu planted a mega kick into Giozards abdomen. The large monster roared and was knocked over backwards.

"Now Raichu! Finish it with thunderbolt!" Surge shouted.

Raichu leapt back, to give himself some room, and charged up his electricity. Giozard groaned and tried to move. But Raichu was quicker and let loose with his electric attack. The electric bolt crackled as it flew through the air, seemingly in slow motion. It went up and then arched downward as it made its way towards the waiting Giozard. The attack made contact. Giozard's body was engulfed in electricity. When the attack subsided, Giozard's body lay motionless and smoking.

"Good work Raichu." Surge said as he walked over to the body of Giozard.

Surge knelt down by Giozard's head. Giozard's eyes slowly opened.

"Heh... heh... heh..." Giozard laughed.

"What's so funny?" Surge asked.

"I may... have lost, ...but you're... dead too." Giozard said.

"What do you mean?" Surge asked.

"You sent... all the data... we collected... to... your superiors." Giozard said.

"Yeah, so?" Surge asked.

"Heh. They won't... even... need a... BDA." Giozard said.

"A BDA?" Surge asked.

"This place... will be a... hole... in a few... moments." Giozard said.

"You're lying." Surge said.

"Try... me. Just ask... your... commanding officer." Giozard said. "Use that ...console... over there. Call... them."

Surge went to the console and typed in the Kanto army frequency. His father's face appeared on the screen.

"Major! What's going on over there?" Surge asked.

"I'm working on it! Since they found out that we got the data, they want to erase everything! They want to destroy every speck of evidence! Two B2's and three F-117's just lifted off from here and are headed your way! They're carrying some surface piercing tactical nuclear bombs on them!" The Major said.

"What!? Tell them that the base is shut down and Giovanni is incompacitated!" Surge said.

"I can't. They want to cover everything up. But I'll do my best to stop them." The Major said.

"What? I thought you said you couldn't stop them?" Surge said.

"I'll try and rescind the order. That'll confuse the chain of command and at least buy you some time. Try and get out of there as quickly as you can!" The Major said and signed off.

"Heh... heh... heh. You see... there's no... way out for us. We're... all dead." Giozard said.

"You're wrong Giovanni. I'm not about to die today. But you are." Surge said as he raised his hand.

The poisoned bolt flew through the air. It only took a moment for the bolt to make contact with Giozard's neck. Giozard began to cough and gasp for air.

"If.... you... really think... you can escape, ...there is... a chopper... outside. But... it is... futile." Giozard said. "Looks... like... you really... will... die... to...daaaaay."

Giozard took his last breath and stopped moving. Within moments, Gentleman was at a computer console, trying to get the doors open. He looked over at Surge with a look that told him he could do nothing for the others. Surge shook his head. He called Raichu back into his pokéball and bolted for the back door. Gentleman followed quickly. They found a set of stairs that led up to a door. Surge kicked the door open and emerged into the bright sunlight. A helicopter with a large red letter R on it rested on a landing pad. Surge and Gentleman piled into the helicopter, Surge in the pilot's seat and Gentleman in the co-pilot's. Surge fired up the rotors and lifted off. As Surge flew, he looked into the sky. None of the planes were in sight. Surge tuned his headset to the Kanto army frequency. The Major's voice came in through the headset.

"Corporal? Is that you?" The Major asked.

"Yes sir! Gentleman and I are in a helicopter, on our way back to the mainland." Surge said.

"Excellent work soldier." The Major said.

"Sir. What happened to the air strike?" Surge asked.

"The orders were rescinded. I happened to get into contact with Pokémon League. They took care of everything else. Well, I suppose it's time you fellows came back home." The Major said.

Suddenly, the sky was filled with a bright white light. It became so bright that Surge and Gentleman had to cover their eyes.