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These Fan Fiction Stories are written by me (Mega Raichu) and other people who submit stories to me. Feel free to send me your fan fiction and I'll gladly post it on my page. Click here to e-mail me your story.

My Fan Fiction

Fan Fiction written by others

Danté's Pokémon

Against All Odds By Jamie Reed
Dragon Rage Coming To Terms By mew_trainer_rose
In The Army Now

Hydro Strike By Mega Mewtwo

Memoirs of a Pokemon Master

Laura and The Growlithe
By Growlithe2000

Memoirs of a Pokemon Master 2002 New Friends, Old Memories Part 1
By mew_trainer_rose
Mistakes and Consequences New Friends, Old Memories Part 2
By mew_trainer_rose

Pichu and The Electric Gang of Raichu

No body Messes With Growlithe
By Flare2000

Pikachu's Wild Adventure

Number 19 'A Rattata's Tale'
By Darth David

Pokémon 2099 : A Space Opera

Poison Power By Growlithe2000

Solemnly Psychic

Poké-Mental Cases By Cullen Pittman

The Rainbow Gang : A Sequel To Pichu And The Electric Gang Of Raichu The Incredible Poké-Odyssey
By Cullen Pittman
  The Incredible Poké-Odyssey 2001
By Cullen Pittman
  The Little Pikachu By Growlithe2000
  The Other Side Of The Story
By Dr. Ultra and Car
  The Pichu Party By mewtwo443
  The Real Story of ELECTRANINE
By Growlithe2000