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Name: Tuher

IC Age: 16

Weapon Name: Fire-blade (broadsword) & Coutan (Scythe)

Description Of Weapons: A broadsword forged with a bright red stone in the hilt which gives it fire attributes and a normal scythe.

Species: Feline

Description Of Character : Six-foot, average build, bright yellow eyes, black fur, black leather vest, black shirt, black pants, long black vest, black commando boots, white hair, blood red badge, black bracers, no markings.

Story: Almost 12 years ago, Tuher's parents were killed. She was not there when they were killed, so she does not know who killed them. She was extremely angry at first, but as days turned to weeks she calmed down. She started wandering after she had buried her parents. At first Tuher was trying to find who the murderer was, but soon saw she would never find the murderer and even if she did, she wouldn't know.  So she started being a wanderer, having no home for more than 2 or 3 days and learning the art of forgery and combat. A few days after she started wandering, Tuher found a small red egg. She waited in the bushes by the egg, waiting to see if the mother would come back. The mother never came back and the egg hatched. Inside the egg was a small red dragon! Tuher, feeling sorry for it, "adopted" it and named it Aura. Tuher became a hunter and warrior after that and made her own sword with the stone. She has got into many fights, which is how she got the scar on her face. In her travels she found a small realm, in fact, she found many small and big realms, and at one of the small realms she was given the scythe, Coutan. For years she has traveled through many realms, until, not too long ago, she stumbled into "The Realm" as it is known. She has only been there a short time and still wanders through other realms as well.