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Name: Tiffani Lee

IC Age: 18

Weapon Name: Moonstaff, fists, anything really

Species: Egyptian Lapine

Description: You see a Lapine about 5'4", eyes of clearest blue. Her furre colors are Blue Fur and markings and a white vest and bracers.  She has had a tough life, a departure of a great friend recently. If she doesn't want to talk about it then don't expect her to.

Life Story: This bunny has been through a lot. She has a thing about her jealousy and to make herself renown, all starting at age 13. Her sister, Vannessa, had become world famous at age 15 . Tiffani began to envy her actions and decided to take up singing.  Vannessa began to tease her about her singing. Tiffani was talented at it, then, became known around her home town, New Haven. Her sister Vannessa couldnt care less, being world famous. Vannessa went off to perform in club, Dusk 2 Dawn in FurN, as a bouncer. Tiffani thought this quite funny and went to see. She managed to sneak by the guards and the ticket man. She had a cape on, her favorite addition to wear, so Vannessa couldn't recognize her. This was her plan coming into action. She had always wanted to say this ...." Oi,  VANNESSA THE UNDRESSER!!!". She laughed, eyes glowing yellow. Vannessa stopped. She realized the voice. Vannessa ran to strangle this caped stranger, but tripped over a stage light. Tiffani laughed as hard as she could at her sister, getting years of revenge, the audience joining her laughter.  To this day, ever since her yellow glowing eyes, she managed to learn to change them red too. She uses her red eyes most common. Her lover is Ryudo, loving him from since she met him. She's now married and living happily with her daughters, Cherry Lee and #SOCutie#SOPie#SOLee.