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Name : Estetico

IC Age : 33

Weapon(s) Name(s) : Just an unnamed dagger. Some magic.

Description Of Weapon(s) : Half-foot battered blade from long ago, with a graceful rosewood hilt, intricately carved with curls of ivy. She uses minimal feral magic for green healing.

Species : Feline

Description Of Character : A gentle feline, with messily cropped hair. She's a fairly inconspicuous creature, blending in to the shadows. She stands at a medium height, about five nine, and is edging towards the thin side. Her eyes are prone to shift colors depending on her mood. She had dark, brown hair, and soft purple fur streaked with an intense ivory. A tattoo of an ivy leaf is hidden in the small of her back, and a soft scar runs up her left thigh.

Story : Born in the far north of Kasuria, she long lived with her parents and four siblings, on a small raptor ranch bordering a small town. As time passed, overuse of natural resources caused the area to become poor. Houses became unheated and, subsequently, the raptors soon began to die. When she was thirteen, Estetico stole one of the raptors and migrated from her home farther south, in to the warmth of Theriopolis, where she dwelt for many years. When she was sixteen, she got a job at a small trading post town, where she lived for the next couple of years. When she was eighteen, impregnated as the result of a love fling with the town's barkeep, she was forced to move out of the town and find a job that would pay better. During the last fifteen years of her life, she has spent much of her time stolen out in the woods, in her own small raptor-ranch. Only three years ago did she move to the then-barren Legend of the Dragon, with her daughter Sonah.

Since, she has become Tannesta, and spends her free hours dwelling around the town, drawn in to the shadows, always watching.