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Name : Ryudo Lee

IC Age : 22

Weapon Name : Luciendar

Description of Weapon : Broadsword (Light elemental?)

Species : Winged White Tiger

Description of Character : Six foot tall, lean muscular build, white fur, black stripes, tiger-yellow eyes, and tri-colored wings (white, blue, gold).

Dark Tsunami's rendition of Ryudo Lee
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By Dark Tsunami
Dragon warrior Masurei's rendition of Ryudo Lee
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By Dragon warrior Masurei
Fate Angel's rendition of Ryudo Lee
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By Fate Angel

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By Estetico Porter
Taski's redition of Ryudo Lee
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By Taski
Princess Rei's rendition of Ryudo Lee
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By Princess Rei
Ryudo by J3t, the artist of Lang-Lang
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By J3t
Ryudo and Koji, by Zero
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By Zero

Story : A long time ago the Einhander was forged by a being who was warped by the Demon, who wanted to use the powers infused into the blade for evil purposes. But the Powers-That-Be decided that someone with a dark heart such as the smith of the Einhander should never wield the weapon in the name of evil. So the soul of the smith was then entrapped within the blade. But the powers of the Demon still had its hold on the blade and thus the blade was cursed to bind itself to its next owner, and then wait until the owner dies so that the smith could be re-born into the owner’s body, into immortality. The sword was placed in a cave near the port town New South City in the country of Southera. There, a group of warriors lived within the town and guarded the cave with the utmost secrecy. The elders of that town were the ancestors of those warriors. This was the town of Ryudo Lee.
One day, Ryudo, being the rebellious youth that he was, found out that the elders of his town were holding a secret within a sealed cave on the mountain near his home. He was curious and inquired about the secret to the elders, but they forbade him to go to the cave. This only strengthened his resolve. He now felt compelled to enter the cave, and thus found an entrance into it. There he found the Einhander, placed on an alter made of gold like a holy relic. Something called out to him in an almost audible whisper. He grabbed the sword, and it immediately became bound to him. When he returned to the town, he was met with anger and fear at what he had done, though he did not know then what he did. He was exiled from the town, at age thirteen. Over time he eventually learned of his fate, and of the swords power. Even though he had yet to be able to bring forth the full power of the Einhander, it has still made him a formidable opponent. He vowed that he would never allow himself to be taken over by a being of pure evil and now seeks a way to destroy the soul trapped in the blade, even if it means destroying his own soul. His friends and enemies both know that if Ryudo ever drew the Einhander in anger, they were as good as dead. And Ryudo has only done so on two occasions. The first was against his own town, in which he killed all those responsible for his exile and damnation, and the fact that they were going to put his second ex-girlfriend to death. The second was against his first ex-girlfriend, who wanted to kill him for destroying the town.
Afterwards, he stumbled upon a town set in a forest that was gripped in chaos. A terrible red dragon was ravaging the town, killing warriors and stealing children. Ryudo took it upon himself to rid this realm of the dragon, and succeeded. But when the dragon was finally destroyed, most of the people in the realm had already been killed, or fled. The dragon had been corrputed by a dark power, and by defeating the dragon in battle, the darkness was expelled from the dragon. The dragon turned out to be a fairly decent dragon, and did not wish to die as he was. Ryudo allowed the dragon's essence to take refuge in his own body, and there it stayed, lying dormant for a time.
Ryudo then decided to make this place his new home, and thus has been trying to repopulate the realm ever since. He met the love of his life, Masurei, in this new town. After meeting her, the red dragon he had defeated attempted to take control over Ryudo's body, but he was able to hold the dragon at bay. But since the dragon had awakened, Ryudo found that he could in fact change his shape into that of a dragon. But the two could not stay in one body forever. With Masurei's support, Ryudo was able to merge with the dragon, and Ryudo's personality dominated.
But soon after that, the darkness in the Einhander began to overwhelm him and draw on his life energies. A new sword was forged from the same materials as the Einhander and the Einhander was broken destroying the darkness in the blade and breaking the bond between Ryudo and the sword, thus sparing Ryudo's life. Masurei then gave Ryudo the broadsword Luciendar, the Sword of Light. Though he does not yet know how to bring out the sword's full potential, he is eternally grateful to her. Even more so when she gave birth to their son Koji, who seems to have mysterious powers of his own.
But it seemed that Ryudo and Masurei's relationship was not meant to last, and so after over a year of marriage, they had to split up. Ryudo now tries to go on and raise his son, with the support of his father Kohei and his brother Hauru.