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Name : Main reaper grim merc

IC Age : Roughly 20000

Weapon Name : Unnamed Golden Long Sword

Description of Weapon : Golden Long Sword is Magical has the Golden dragon of power living in the sword that gives it its glow and power is enchanted by light and the will to exact revenge at times has had his Sword ever since he can remember contains the power of fire and lighting can summon dragons can call upon the power of his 3 brothers to give him the power of wind earth and water can call a blue and yellow shield to his aid for the power of water and lighting has a many memories of his past

Species : Tiger

Description of Character : About 6'"3 and 240 a Tiger blue and yellow has a scar on his face from battles

Story : Main Reaper Grim merc is a solitary Warrior mostly staying to himself and keeping out of evil ordeals and trying to help those in need yes he’s a mercenary and trains warriors at LOD has many jobs has many goals in the strange world of furc first getting his name heard by fighting in furrnam killing tons of enemy rebels in the small town of Kushi witch is pronounced Kushay there he met a Dark furre named Dark War Lord also known as DWL the dark master but at that time he was just a captain in the army of furres and he served his nation well almost as well as main then later in the war Dark betrayed his best friend his comrade main and there it started all the bloody battles all the hatred and all the pain and misery as someone said once we will never make it out alive so they all thought until main completely destroyed the army of rebels hiding deep in the forest with there new leader who died that fateful day Dark War Lord but as he was presumed dead he was not he had been cursed to be resurrected for every time he was killed and the wizard lived up to the curse granting him basically immortality by reviving him time after time and it was in hell hole bomb bard later that main discovered Dark was still alive in furrnam Main was still young how ever hell hole bomb bard is after he had come back home and found his family dead not knowing who done main was not sure who to exact revenge on then in hell hole bomb bard he met up with the ones involved in all the major conspiring Shadow clan who by now was being run by the same wizard who put the curse on dark and then Main found Dark to still be alive up to his old tricks of slaughtering whole platoons at his hands Mains platoon was the last one in this artillery war a lot of the time they didn’t even make it three feet and BAM, somebody was in a instant grave by a cannon ball of fire from a mage or a tree truck blaster a hollowed out tree made to shoot projectiles with magic other times you might walk into an ambush but if you where lucky you might be the furre in the back of the line where you might live Main was on the front lines fighting off the hordes of the enemy one after another they kept coming he kept fighting until he was the last furre standing his platoon all dead Darks army all dead and then Dark was stabbed in the heart presumed dead once again but forever to be revived main not knowing this just kept killing him later on after hell hole bomb bard main joined a kingdom this kingdom was called the kingdom of Artishare there main got that tattoo of a special forces Knight where he defended the kingdom but then again no matter who’s in charge dark is always going to get his chaos to run over the place after it was all over Main was the only survivor yet this time there was a young girl who Main had saved from the wrath of these beast as Main prepared to go look for the rest of Darks army the young girl called him daddy and Main stopped dead in his tracks and thought to himself for a minute and found a home for the little girl that he thought would be safe for her, after doing this he went to find the forces of shadow clan who dark war lord was in charge of by now as he set off down the road it wasn’t to long before shadow clan hit the village he just left the girl at and as Main from a few miles away seen the smoke and fire in the night sky he ran back as fast he could but wasn’t fast enough killing a few infantry here and there that where still looking for gold and such but the little girl was dead already and that is the moment of Mains life of swearing to put an end to the violence of these furres who where hell bent on ruling everything after the fall of shadow clan at the hands of main dark war lord disappeared again hiding in the shadows until his return after this main found a brother named Toshimu and started his own merc training center then got a job at LOD he has always had his magical golden long sword for as long as he can remember never letting up on those who inflict pain on the innocent never showing mercy to those who show none to others and never running from anything and later on Main finds dark this is when dark steps out of the shadows for the first time and shows his ugly face again then main over hears furres in LOD talking about attacking a guild known as Shadow Haven not knowing this is one of Dark war lords evil schemes main tells Cyrus of the plan and dark war lord waits in hope as darks brother goes to Main and ask him if he needs help and main excepts this considering he trained the young lad many years ago not knowing he was dark war lords little brother only knowing he was a quite furre named snake plysk and dangerous at that then after all goes to hell Main is banished from Shadow haven and dark begins to think of his plan then pursuing it further but it is shut down by the power of the wizard who has grown sick of Darks intolerance and his secretive ways paranoid that Dark is probably plotting against him he ask Main for help and Main has told him if a civil war breaks out then he shall aid the ranks of shadow clan but mains plan is to just to lead Dark war lord for his final fall if this happens... but Main is always looking for ways to take his mind off the pain and to keep his eye on everyone around him at whatever time and place constantly haunted at night and when he sleeps.