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Name : Luin [Bakason]

Age : 19

Weapon Name : Shatter Spike

Description Of Weapon : A large bastard sword that, when rolling a natural 20 on 1d20, will destroy an opponent's weapon.

Species : Equine

Description Of Character : A blue haired stallion at a height of 6' 2" with aquamarine eyes and wears a white trench coat.

Story : Luin grew up in a broken home with two brothers and two sisters. He was the second youngest. His father left his mother when he was five. Broken hearted, she sent each sibling to different family members, but no one was left for him to go to. Because his mother wasn't up to taking care of him, she got whatever money her husband hadn't taken and sent Luin to the monastery of St. Cuthbert. He lived there for twelve years. He was depressed and had several suicide attempts. But one night, he had a dream. St. Cuthbert came to him and 'saved' his soul. He told Luin to help others because no one was there to help him and to make the wrongs right in his mind. For the rest of Luin's time there, he learned the art of healing. After his training, he traveled the world helping others. Later, his mother died from poisoning. Luin brought her back. But because she was his first resurrection, it was such a strain on him that it almost killed him in the process. He has sharpened his skills as a healer since then.