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There are several rules that need to be explained in order for the continuity of LOD to move smoothly.  NOTE : When I say "banned" I mean banned for two weeks for the first ban, and 2 years for the second.

Battling - Any battles done in the "Battle Circle" or Forest are deathmatches, which means death is NOT optional.  Any battling done within Turgon's Warrior Training are training matches, no death allowed.  Until a battle system can be worked out with the bot, all battles are done RP style.  But the consent rule remains in effect.  If anyone says that you have done something or they do something to you that you do not accept, you can pretend it didn't happen.  This rule will be enforced.  There will be no God-moding, or insta-kills.  Violators will be ejected, second offenders will be banned.  DYING - If you die in battle you will be banned for the day!  So if you die in a battle, you will be "death-banned", which means you cannot return to LOD until the next day, when you will be "resurrected".  The "next day" is defined as 12:01 am the next day, per Ryudo's clock which is set to the Central Time Zone.

Cursing - Mild cursing is allowed as long as it is not used excessively or used as an attempt to insult someone.  Violation will result in immediate ejecting, second offense means banning.

OOC Chat - OOC chatter must be kept within []'s.  Violators will be ejected.

Other Places - You may upload your dream onto a dream pad by permission of the Dream Owner ONLY!  Violators will be banned.  Staff may upload without permission as long as the dream is within the PG rating.

Spamming - Not allowed.  Violators will be banned.

Adult Content - There will be no sexual references within earshot of any other furre, and that includes the bot.  Violence and alcohol are the only acceptable adult themes in this dream that can be made "public".  Keep it to yourself, in private, or take it to FurN.  Once again, violators will be ejected.  Second offenders will be banned.