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1. Guild’s Name: Legend Of The Dragon

2. Webpage URL:

3. Guild E-mail contact: (Rah's E-mail)

4. Rah’s Furcadia Name: Ryudo Lee

5. Tahneests’ (Tahneestas’) names: Hydina, Estetico Porter

6. Ten Founding members and their email addresses:

Ryudo Lee -
Estetico -
Hydina -
Luin -
Dark Tsunami -

Jordhan The Wizard -
Main merc -
Grant Defrancisco -
Kallen Renbauch -
Icicle Ivan -

7. Guild Dream title: Legend Of The Dragon

8. Guild dream location:

Coords - 90x, 46y in Imaginarium

9. How to Join: E-mail Rah with application set in the Join section of the website.

10. Your Guild's Continuity: Roleplay set in the medieval world of LOD

11. Style of play: Choose one:

  • Roleplay using Continuity and your Charter.

12. Continuity's Tech Level:

  • Medireview [Castles & villages. Steel armor and crossbows possible.]

13. Types of characters your Continuity supports: Any medieval fighter classes, any type of magic users

14. Combat: You need to decide if you allow combat and if you do what style is used. Suggestions for combat include:

  • Combat is done by mutual OOC Consent and posing (freeform), but with restrictions on death and dying (see Rules section for more details).

15. Backstory:

For several years a terrible dragon was maliciously attacking the town you now stand in.  Many brave warriors challenged this dragon, but all failed to defeat him.  He killed the warriors and stole the children from the town.  For the longest time, this realm was in a state of chaos.  That is until Ryudo Lee took it upon himself to train himself and defeat this dragon.  And so he did.  He slew the dragon and was able to rescue some of the children, but those he did rescue were scared deaf and dumb (could not hear nor speak).  And now, four years later, the town is all but deserted, but Ryudo remains to try and repopulate this area.  But the people have abandoned this place because they fear that the dragon may return.  But for the past four years, there has been no indication that the dragon will EVER return, but the monsters in the forest grow stronger and brasher.  They never enter the town, but threaten to.  The realm is still in chaos, but things are improving.

16. Geography and Biome: Forest at the foot of a mountain

17. Magic Items: None as of yet, but some will probably arise.

18. Roleplay positions: Warrior Trainers (Teach RP'ing), Barkeeps/Barmaids/Waiters, Shopkeepers, Bard

19. Factions: Soon to come - Knights, Thieves guild, Mages guild

20. Plot Assumptions: The Dragon is dead, slain by Ryudo Lee.  Monsters now inhabit the forest and become fierce at night.

21. OOC Areas: All OOC chatter is done in []'s.

22. Guild Positions:

  • Webmaster: Ryudo Lee (but help is appreciated)
  • Dream master: Ryudo Lee (all ideas are welcome)
  • Bot Master: Ryudo Lee (for now until we find someone better)
  • Patch Master: Position Available
  • Recruiter: Taneesta's
  • Training Master: Main merc
  • Advertising Agent: All Staff
  • Events Planner: Rah & Taneesta's
  • Dream Security: All Staff