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Name: Dark Tsunami

IC Age: 17

Weapon Name: Kikuichimonji and a dagger hidden in his boot.

Weapon Description: Strapped over his shoulder, its an ancient blade that seems unremarkable in all sense except for a white jewel embedded in the hilt. It's magical in the fact that it harbors the soul of a being mastered in white magic. His dagger is about as ordinary as a sharp, pointy object can be. It was made by his father before the day of reckoning.

Species: Elemental Black Panther

Description of Character: A tall yet somewhat wiry youth who's dressed in a long coat. He has long white hair that's tied in the back. His fur is black except for the bluish-white stripes that streak over him. On his arms he wears bluish-gray Adamantium-mithril re-enforced gauntlets, while on his foot he wears brown, thick boots that reach half-way up his shins. His ice-blue eyes look kindly around as he walks along. He has an enchanted plank strapped to his back. It has a purple crystal embedded on the metal tip, feeding magic to a hover spell he cast on the board.

Story: 16 years ago, a nearby mountain exploded in a cataclysm of flames and destruction, emptying its contents across the lands, raining enchanted crystals down to Earth.

A mother feral cat leaves her babies in search of food. She never returns. The baby kittens meow into the night as the shower of crystals came down. One crystal bounces off of a tree branch and strikes the older of the feral kittens in the back of the head. Another crystal bounces off of a nearby tree and smacks the younger kitten on the forehead. The feral kittens lie there, unconscious in the radiance of the two crystals. Soon, their own bodies start to radiate with a dim light.

A few of the nearby townsfolk, who have been wandering the forest before, come across two glowing baby furres. Seeking shelter from the rain of stones, the folk find a small cave and hide out in there. They look at the two babies, sleeping, huddled together as if they were feral kittens. The leader of the group makes a brave decision and decides that she along with her husband will raise these two babies.

Seven years pass and the youngest of the two brothers, Denethon T'Elonaire, wanders into an alley. He was happy, for he had just had his seventh birthday and was on his way home. He stops when he hears talking up ahead and hides behind a crate. What he sees is burned into his memory. One of his peers is standing there, when a thief jumps out and stabs the young lad to death. DT watches the scene unfold before his very eyes, and watches as someone he'd known for his entire life die. As the gore and violence break down, the thief picks through the fallen body's pockets, looking for anything worth selling. Rage and hatred build up as Denethon feels the loss of a friend. DT just remembers feeling sparks in his hands as everything blacks out.

He wakes up in a bed. He looks over as he's suddenly face to face with the leading Elder. The old furre's face has a serious look etched into the deep lines of his aged face. He looks DT straight in the eye and tells him that he's been banished. DT just blinks his young, innocent eyes, wondering what the elder meant. The old furre speaks again, asking DT if he had any last words before he had to pack up and leave. DT just blinks and asks why he's banished. The elder chuckles and says why does DT want to know. The boy shrugs and says that all he remembers is a murderer and then waking up in bed. The elder seems to think a bit. Then he says that there were two murders that night, DT's friend and the murderer. People reported seeing lightning strike over the alley. The elder pointed out that Denethon was seen running away, a bright purple aura burning around him. The murderer's body was found black and burnt, apparently flash-fried. The elder told him that the village council had declared that DT was a threat and had to be removed from the village as soon as possible. DT closes his eyes as tears run down his face.

DT walks away from the village, remembering the amount of people who had shown up to bear him farewell. His father gave him a dagger as a means to protect himself. His mother gave him a musicbox that he was told to treasure forever, to remember those who had raised him and his brother. His brother, however, was nowhere to be seen. Only 7 years old, he now had to fend for himself in a rough world. As DT reminisces, he feels a sudden dread pass through him. He had just passed that first ridge, which was about a mile from his village. He ran to the ridge and looked down upon his village. His eyes widen in horror as he sees not his village, but an ever expanding crater, dark magic crackling at the edges as the village disappears from sight and into the darkness. When light returns, his sees that the massive crater now covered the entire area where his village once stood. He hears laughing and sees a distant figure above the village, surrounded black energy. His hands crackle with electricity as he blacks out.

DT wakes up in the bed of a healer. He feels the wooden walls of the carriage shiver against the wind. He asks the healer what happened. The healer said that a terrible storm broke out and he was caught outside in it. The healer smiles and says that he found DT lying on the ground, unconscious. The healer gets up and leaves the room of the carriage, leaving Denethon to himself. DT bursts into tears, the sheer weight of the day's events bearing down on him.

The healer waves as DT walks away. Having been taught a simple healing potion, the healer told DT to carve out a path in life and learn to survive. DT continues to walk, the only thought on his mind being what had happened to him. He wanders off, only hoping to survive out in the wild world.

A cheerful, happier DT walks down the pier, heading for the little cottage he had built himself in an open field. Now 17, he's a long cry from the sad 7 year old orphan.