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Name : Crashland

IC Age : 26

Weapon Name : Wolf's Fang (sword) ; Bardic talents

Description of Weapon : Shard is a four foot long sword, with serrated edges up the first half foot from the hilt. It's highly ornate, with a forward wolf profile painstakingly etched into the hilt. His bardic talents focus around his lute. He can play a number of tunes with various effects.

Species : Lupine (wolf) with a tendency to sneeze and change both species and sex.

Description of Character : Six foot tall, about 169 lbs, black hair, blue eyes, blue kept cape, green pants, orange vest. He's typically well kept.

Story :

Excerpts from Crashland's Diary:

April 4

Well, I'm assuming that it's April fourth. That's what the group who found me told me the day was. But that's not important right now. Right now, the only thing I'm worried about is this growing sickening feeling in my stomach. I don't know what happened, but when I woke, couldn't remember anything about my past. I couldn't even remember my name! To make matters worse, I was covered in and surrounded by blood. And I'm SURE it was not my own.

I was found wandering around the barren plains by a group of nomads. They said this was the "Crashlands", so I quickly adopted the name "Crashland". To be honest, it sounds kinda cool.

June 13

I've been traveling with the nomads for a little over two months now. They're a nice bunch, to be quite honest. They took a shine to me like I were one of their own. It was scary at first, but then again, I didn't have much choice. We've been traveling north from where they found me. Why? Who knows? The summer months are upon us, so I figure they want to return to somewhere a little less scorching than where they must spend their winters.

June 17

Hell broke loose today. We came upon a small cave today. A group, including myself, went in to investigate. There, we found an ancient alter with a sword on it. Naturally, it was well guarded. We lost half the group, and that was only because I was able to grab the bloody sword before we suffered any more losses.

The sword itself is a marvelous thing. It is well crafted, with a serrated edge by the hilt. The hilt itself is beautiful. It's a wolf's head with two gems set in its eye sockets. When I picked it up, it seemed to fit my hands perfectly! I would soon discover why.

That thing is enchanted.

June 18

The sword has done something to me. First off, I've now got this overwhelming feeling to leave my nomad company and go it alone. They were sad to see me go, but knew this time would come. Second, it's bestowed upon me a knowledge I would have never expected. It's taught me how to make a god damn nice wine! Oh, damn is this wine fine! And lastly, it led me to a small cave nearby. In this cave, I found a lute. For some reason, I know how to use it like I were...what do they call them...a bard.

Perhaps this is a view of my lost memories.

May 24

I've been alone for about a year. The sword, which I've nicknamed "Wolf's Fang" has done me well. I've suffered no crippling injuries or have had to suffer from hunger. Peculiar, if you ask me.  I've come upon a small valley. It's nothing fancy, just a small town, a couple of caves, a clearing, and a pond. Something is not right, though. There's something about this place that I'm not easy with. I get the feeling that I am not alone. Well, I'll find out tomorrow. I plan on visiting the local Inn there...what was it called? Oh yes, the Red Dragon Inn...