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Name : Churai Game
Age (IC) : 18
Weapon : Electricity
Description :
This Poké-morph stands proud, but the look in his eyes tells you that there is no one behind the wheel.  When he talks, you can definitely see that there is no sanity left in this young male.  His story is not a good one.  At one time he was a human.  But he no longer remembers who he was, nor does he care anymore.  He knows all too well that he is no longer the person he was, both physically and mentally, and thus cannot return home.  When he was a human, he had put in an application for a job that claimed no experience necessary and on-the-job training with great pay and benefits.  He thought is was too good to be true, but signed up anyway.  Little did he know that it was a terrible plot to gather specimens for human experiments.  When he appeared for the supposed interview, he was taken to a room that had a strange device in it.  The device created a dimensional gateway and he was thrown into it.  While falling through the vortex of the gateway, his body was bombarded by many different types of radiation, thus forcing his body to mutate into what you see now.  He awoke to find himself a prisoner of Team Rocket, an evil organization in the world of Pokémon.  He was put through rigorous training and painful tests.  Through everything they put him through, his body was sculpted to perfection, his powers became like nothing anyone in the world of Pokémon had ever seen, he became faster and stronger and smarter.  But the cost was high - his sanity.  His mind could not take everything that was being forced onto his body, and thus he lost his mind.  In a blind rage he broke out of his cell that TR kept him locked in and made his way to the device that had brought him to this place.  Not knowing how to operate the device, he kept pressing buttons until the gateway reappeared.  Not knowing where the device would take him, he dived into the gateway and left the rest to fate.  When he woke up this time, his body had not changed, but he found himself in a place called New Haven.  He carries a Pikachu doll which he claims to have the power to consume souls, though this has never been proven...